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Mandarin Chinese Real Estate Agent NYC-Eileen Hsu

I am a bilingual, Mandarin-Chinese speaking Real Estate agents here in Manhattan New York, I have worked with many international students in Manhattan New York in buying their NYC condo during their study or work duration in Manhattan New York. Before we begin home search, I make sure that both the parents and the children has a good general idea about the local Real Estate market, purchase procedure and the help them find the most suitable condo for their needs.

We work with many parents buying for children in Manhattan New York, not just Chinese buyers. Whether if you are looking for a Mandarin Speaking agent or NYC Condo agents that have experiences helping parents Buying a Manhattan New York Condo for children, we are the experienced Manhattan Condo specialists that can guide you through this process and navigate through the Manhattan Real Estate maze.

It is common that many of parents we have work with have purchased properties in other parts of the world or United States, but keep in mind that Real Estate is unique and local, each area has their own set of procedures when it comes to buying Real Estate.  Understanding the local market with the market expert can maximize your investment goal and eliminate any possible issues that may occur.

We thoroughly explain the process and prepare our buyers before begin home search, we have a team of attorneys, accountants, financial advisers and/or other parties to assist the purchase. If you are looking to have a smooth Manhattan Condo purchase, we can help. contact us now at (646)644-6929.下面是其他重要的文章中的信息:

Parents Buying NYC condos near NYU- New York University

International students’ parents buy Manhattan NYC Condos




大家好, 我是Eileen Hsu 許雅嵐, 你也可以稱呼 我Eileen. 我是在曼哈頓做地產的經紀人 (Chinese Speaking Real Estate Agent). 今天我們談一談父母親幫孩子買房子有什麼幾點要注意的.

第 一點是, 紐約這邊的房員有百分之八十五是合作公寓, 如果您在網上看到的話就是叫做coop. 另外一種是condo. 那condo是什麼呢? Condo的話,就是有產權的房子. 有產權的房子對我們華人來講是比較方便的, 因為可以自由的出租或者說是轉賣, 不需要委員會的同意或者批准, 只是有些表格要填, 讓他們通過而已. 那如果我們今天要來買房子, 幫孩子買, 大部分的華人是買condo的. 因為這樣子如果孩子以後就職在別州或者是離開紐約, 可以當作一個投資的機會來出租.

還 有,第二點是時間上的關係, 如果說今天您是, 現金買 成交最快也是要四十五到六十天, 四十五天是最快的, 如果你們今天錢已經準備好了在銀行在美國的戶頭. 如果說今天是要貸款, 貸款的話時間就不能掌握了! 因為現在紐約貸款是非常非常的麻煩, 除了貸款人自己要有資格, 第二點銀行還要審核每棟樓,每棟樓都要經過銀行的同意,或者是批准才能借錢. 像過去兩三年前,  只要是您要借款, 你要借錢 ,銀行就願意借給你.

今天您如果要在這裡投資, 或著說幫孩子買房子, 請您跟我來電, 我們可以詳細的談, 我的電話是646-644-6929. 也可以麻煩您打個 e-mail 給我 我會馬上給你們回電好嗎 謝謝!

Mandarin-Chinese Speaking Agent specialize in Parents Buying for Children

Here in Manhattan New York, we work with both sellers and buyers depending on their motivation. We have different strategies and plans for sellers and for buyers to maximize their profit and finding the best home for them in this unique market place.

One of our special niche is working with parents buying for children, as Chinese-Mandarin speaking Real Estate agent, we are seeing many Chinese parents coming to Manhattan New York buying condos for their son or daughter that is either current in New York city or planning on coming to New York city in the near future.

As Chinese-Mandarin Speaking Real Estate agent here in NYC, when we work with buyers from out of town, we educate them about the market place and set the right expectation before we go out and see properties. Here are some some unique difference of Manhattan New York Real Estate that is different than other parts of U.S. and other parts of the world.
Housing inventory, we have condo, coops, some condops. For Chinese-Mandarin speaking buyers, it is hard to grasp the concept of cooperative. Each coop building has very different rules in terms of approving the buyers, if the parents would like to use the property as eventual rental investment properties, it may be more ideal to look at condos over coops.
All Cash with No financing offers, many of Manhattan New York buyers are All Cash buyers whether they are from New York, another state, another part of the world, it is very common to be competing with another buyer that is also all cash. All cash offer is more desirable than mortgage offers, but presenting an offer at fair market price and all cash will ensure you secure the property. We have completed all cash transactions at all range of price range from $500,000-$10,000,000 or more.
45 Days is the quickest timeframe to close if it is a standard re-sale condo if all parties prepare the documents in a timely fashion (other than New construction condo that is ready to be move in). This is a market place that there are condo board in place, there will be required application from the purchaser, and it takes usually 30 days or so for the board to approve it. So, if there is a specific timeframe or rental lease for the current son or daughter, it is important to plan early. If financing, the timeframe is conservatively 90 days – 120 days or more.
No offer is binding until both buyers and sellers SIGN and FULLY EXECUTE the contract, 10% deposit is clear. Here in Manhattan New York, the SELLER’S ATTORNEY draft the contract to BUYER’S ATTORNEY, buyer’s attorney complete his/her review, then BUYER signs the contract with deposit, then return to SELLER’S ATTORNEY and seller will counter sign. This takes 7-10 days if all parties are available and responsive. Anytime between there, another (#2)buyer can appear and present a higher/better offer, first buyer’s offer can be overbid and there is NO DEAL.

Here are just short list of important points of our unique market place, and this information may vary based on your individual scenario, you can contact us for a complimentary consultation today (646)644-6929.

If you are a Chinese-Mandarin Speaking parent that have young adult children living, working or moving to Manhattan New York, and you are thinking of buying a condo for them, we can help and work with you in an very efficient matter if you have a specific timeframe. Call today at (646)644-6929 to discuss your thoughts on buying a condo investment in Manhattan New York.



許雅嵐 地產新聞

Manhattan Condo Tour: We are Chinese speaking Real Estate Agents in NYC!

Taiwanese-Chinese Speaking Real Estate Agent in New York city

Being a Chinese Mandarin Speaking Real Estate agent in New York is one of my biggest asset.  Manhattan is a city that has over 40 different world Languages spoken in this town. You could not walk around Manhattan without hearing a foreign accent on the busy street or on Subways.

As a Chinese Mandarin Speaking Real Estate agent,

I have learn majority of my mother tongue while I was growing up in Taipei Taiwan. I was born in Taipei Taiwan (Republic of China) 臺灣, The main island of Taiwan, also known as Formosa

(from Portuguese  Formosa, meaning “beautiful (island)”), is located in East Asia off the coast of China, southwest of the main islands of Japan but directly west of the end of Japan’s Ryukyu Islands, and north-northwest of the Philippines.

About 80% of the residents in Taiwan speak both Standard Mandarin (officially recognized by the Republic Of China as

the National Language) and Taiwanese Minnan (commonly known as “Taiwanese“; a variant of Min Nan spoken in Fujian province). Standard Mandarin is the primary language of instruction in schools; however, most spoken media is split between Mandarin and Taiwanese.  I SPEAK BOTH MANDARIN and TAIWANESE, thanks to my grand mother that only speaks Taiwanese so I had to learn the language as a young child to communicate with her. (Here is a photo of my mother and I.)

When our family moved to New York when I was a tennager, going to American schools, I often want to speak English more than Chinese so that I can fit in with others in the school. I often not want to speak much of my own language in school, partly because I was learning my way around how to speak like ‘an American girl’ with a proper accent. And I learn my English through ESL classes (English as Second Language class) Although my family have always remind me not to forget Chinese language as one day it will be very useful for me.

So far so true.  Being a Chinese Mandarin Speaking Real Estate Agent in New York, I have been reaping the benefits of being biligual, and working with many sellers and buyers who also share the same culture heritage. I have been servicing oversea investors that speaks Chinese and connecting sellers who would like to sell their property to oversea investors using my language and culture connection.

If you are a seller that would like to have your property showcase to our oversea buyer connection. Please contact us now at (646)644-6929. If you are a buyer that speaks Chinese and would like work with someone that speaks your Chinese dialect, call us now at (646)644-6929. http://chinesespeakingagent.com/contact/

We are both English and Chinese Speaking Real Estate agents under one of the most successful Manhattan Brokerage firm Prudential Douglas Elliman with extensive market knowledge. In addition, we specialize in connecting the local Manhattan sellers with both local and international buyers with our preferred buyer networks.