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254 Park Ave South Condo for Rent

254 Park Ave South Condo for Rent

254 Park Avenue South located in the Flatiron district, a chic loft (one bedroom) is now available for rent at $4,300 per month.

Mint level renovation with over 13 feet ceiling height in the open living room makes this loft very special and perfect for Downtown lovers.

254 ParkAveSouth

The loft apartment is Southern facing with beautiful sun-drenched windows, brings in plenty of sunlight.


254 Park Avenue South, the sleeping loft conveniently fits a queen size bedroom with a comfortable ceiling height.


Perfect location near Union Square, multiple of New York City’s top universities, restaurants, shopping, and transportation options. 

Call us (917)837-8869 see this apartment today.

Available October 1st for move-in.

Greenwich Village Condos for Sale – What Can You Buy for Under $1,000,000?

Greenwich Village Condos for Sale – What Can You Buy for Under $1,000,000?

Have you been looking to buy a Condominium in or near the Greenwich Village Neighborhood in Manhattan? Have you had a hard time finding anything to purchase? I’d be surprised if your answer wasn’t a resounding Yes!!

Greenwich Village Condominiums for Sale under $1,000,000 has very limited amounts of inventory. The reason for this :

1. There aren’t that many condominium buildings in the Greenwich Village neighborhood, so the supply is always restricted.
2. When a condominium does become available for under $1,000,000 you will expect a lot of buyers demand, selling quickly.

As of September 9, 2015, we ran a search and see just Five (5) Condominiums available for under $1,000,000. The starting price range is $765,000. These are studio sized condominiums, average size about 500 sq ft.

If you were to increase your budget up to $1,500,000, there is still only the same Five (5) Condos available with no increase in inventory.

At $2,000,000 that you have an additional Four(4) Condominiums now on the market, and these are still just studio and one bedroom condos.
To buy a Two Bedroom Condominium, that is typically going to start around $3,000,000.


1. You should be open minded to expanding your search, start to include the West Village, the Flat Iron Neighborhood, the East Village, Gramercy Park and Chelsea. You will start to see more options as you go a few blocks outside of Greenwich Village. Those are still excellent neighborhoods, so looking in them makes a lot of sense.

2. Condominium inventory is seasonal. We see more inventory come on the market in the early fall and the spring. Those are the times of year with the most condominiums being put up for sale. So if you can time your search around then, you might have more to look at.

3. Become an Informed Buyer. The more you know about the sales prices, the types of buildings that you will be looking at, how quickly a condo will sell and the best way to position yourself to secure your very own condo here in Manhattan, the better off you will become.

This is where we step in to help you. We are experienced Real Estate agents who know the Condominium market here in Manhattan. We have helped many buyers purchase in Greenwich Village and surrounding neighborhoods.


If you are ready to start looking next week, or just started the planning stage and thinking of buying next year, we are here to help.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this blog post. Below are some similar market report about Greenwich Village. Or if you would like to have more in-depth conversation, call us (917)837-8869.

Greenwich Village Two Bedroom Condo Market Report:

Greenwich Village Condo for sale – Studio and One Bedrooms


Greenwich Village Condos for Sale – Two Bedroom Condominiums

Greenwich Village Condos for Sale – Two Bedroom Condominiums

If you have been looking for a Two Bedroom Condominium recently in the Greenwich Village neighborhood I’m sure you have been increasingly frustrated waiting for new inventory to come on the market and then when something does happen to come available in your price range it becomes a fierce bidding war for the best properties.
As of late August 2015, within the neighborhood of Greenwich Village, we are tracking just Six (6) Different Two Bedroom Condominiums on the market for sale.  And of those Six, three of them are in new construction condominiums and the other apartments are what we would describe as being in the Noho neighborhood, not within the traditional Greenwich Village border.
For a Two Bedroom Condo buyer looking to be in or around the Greenwich Village neighborhood, you have two routes the resale inventory or the new construction condominiums.

If you are interested in a new construction condominium, there are a few different buildings that have two bedroom inventory including the Greenwich Lane Condominiums and 37 East 12th Street, however the price point begins at approximately $5,500,000 and can go up to close to $10,000 for the larger apartments.

So if you see yourself looking at the resale condominiums, this is the segment where most buyers are looking because of the price range and typically more options to choose from.
Here is a breakdown of the activity since the beginning of 2015:
We tracked 16 Closed Sales.  A price range of $1,325,000 up to $4,995,000.  With a price per square foot around $2,000 depending on the type of building.  The median price point is essentially $3,000,000.
16 Closed Sales is simply a very low total volume of transactions.  This isn’t because of a lack of demand it’s simply a lack of inventory being put on the market.
Why such a big difference in price range? There are a handful of sales between $1,325,000 and $1,750,000 that are really Convertible Two Bedrooms.  Essentially a one bedroom with a dining alcove was converted to a 2nd bedroom.  There is a lot of demand for this entry level style of two bedroom because for a true two bedroom, most of the sales are occurring at $3,000,000.


So if you are looking for a two bedroom condominium in Greenwich Village, you can expect the price point to start around $2,500,000. 

What should you do if you are interested in a Two Bedroom Condominium in Greenwich Village?
Our advice is that because of the lack of quality inventory, you are going to see very strong interest once it comes on the market.  There could be multiple offers, there could be lots of people at the first open house.
1.Educate Yourself on what the market prices are going to be for what you are looking for?
Too often people come in looking in the rear view mirror of what sold last year or what is selling in a different neighborhood trying to get an apartment for a price that is just not reasonable. When you have so little inventory in such a high demand neighborhood as Greenwich Village you can expect premium pricing.
The Petersfield Condominium at 115 Fourth Avenue
2. Get Your Financing in Place and Attorney Ready
If you want to secure an apartment quickly, the owner will want to know you are capable of going through with the transaction.  Whether you are paying ALL CASH or you need a mortgage, you need to come prepared.  Also having your attorney picked out before you make the offer will help speed along the process giving you the ability to sign the contract as quickly as possible.
3. Once an Apartment comes on the Market, Act Quickly! Try to see it as soon as possible, make yourself available to the time the seller agent says works best to see the apartment.

If you are ready to start your search for a Two Bedroom Condominium for Sale in Greenwich Village, contact us (917)837-8869, we can discuss any questions you may have, and current availability on the market so you can find the perfect one for you without much of stress.

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Greenwich Village Studio and One bedroom Market Report Aug 2015

Greenwich Village Condos for Sale – Part 1 Studio and 1 Bedroom Condos : 2015 Edition

Greenwich Village Condos for Sale – Part 1 Studio and 1 Bedroom Condos : 2015 Edition

Greenwich Village Condos for Sale – Part 1 Studio and 1 Bedroom Condos

If you just started looking for a studio or 1 bedroom condo for sale in the Greenwich Village neighborhood in Manhattan, we will be candid to tell you that it will not be the most straight forward home search.  This Greenwich Village segment of the Real Estate market here in Manhattan that is one of the most highly sought after and competitive area’s of the market.  As we begin to work together, you will discover that there is extremely limited amount of inventory to choose with way more buyers demand than there is supply. We recently wrote a blog post about Two Bedroom Condo market in Greenwich Village, You can read it by click here (

The Greenwich Village neighborhood is one of the most well established, highly desired, historically significant, easy to live in neighborhoods in Manhattan.  You always hear the saying that in Real Estate, location is everything.  When you are talking about Manhattan downtown Real Estate, they are most likely talking about Greenwich Village.  Greenwich Village is at the epicenter of some of New York City’s finest and most populous universities.  Students from all over the world and country attending to New York University, NYU Law School or the Stern School of Business, or Parson’s School of Design, all of these students and their parents look for housing in or around the Greenwich Village neighborhood and even more specifically they look for studio and 1 bedroom condominiums.


The reason why all of these universities play a pivotal role in the studio and 1 bedroom condominium market in Greenwich Village is because there are a lot of parents buying for children to live in a studio or 1 bedroom condo while they go to school in New York. Many investor buyers that we work with also look for studio and one bedroom condo in Greenwich village because they know there is a high rental demand as well.  This type of purchase makes a lot of sense as the university provides a steady stream of demand side.

The desirability of Greenwich Village is multi-faceted, we often hear that people want that authentic New York City living experience, the tree-lined streets, pre-war architecture, walk to your favorite coffee shop or dinner spot.  Greenwich Village has all of those characteristics.  Many people want to live in Greenwich Village because its simply a fantastic neighborhood, there are a lot of people looking at the purchase as an owner occupied long term buy.  Even though we talk about the demand side of university students, we also work with people looking to buy and use the apartment as their primary residence or a second home or pied a terre when they are in Manhattan.

This describes the demand side of the equation for the Studio and 1 Bedroom condominium market in Greenwich Village, the other side is the supply side, what is actually available and this is a very strategic part of your search as well.  We wrote a similar blog to this one, back in September of 2010, nearly 5 years to the date, how time flys! In retrospect, anybody who bought in 2010 has scene a tremendous return on the equity of their purchase.  Back in September of 2010, we tracked Eight different studio or 1 bedroom condominiums being on the market for sale and the entry level pricing for a studio at the time was $575,000 and for a 1 bedroom condominium was $895,000.


Fast forward 5 years, the entry level pricing for a studio condominium in the same building(184 Thompson Street) as before is now asking $765,000, a 33% increase in price! We are curious in another 5 years, in 2020 when we do this report again what the price point will be?

Taking a snapshot at today’s inventory, we only see 6 One Bedroom Condominium Apartments for Sale within Greenwich Village and the price range is from $1,650,000-$3,650,000.  Not a lot to choose from with a significant increase in the entry price point now for a 1 Bedroom Condominium.

Looking at Closed Sales for One Bedrooms in 2015, it looks like the lowest priced one bedrooms are now at $1,300,000 with an average price per sq ft around $1700 sq/ft.  Back in 2010, the price per square foot was around $1100-1200 sq/ft.


So what is the difference in the price range, why does it go from $1,300,000 all the way up to $3,500,000 for a One Bedroom Condominium?

In Greenwich Village, you have a variety of styles of building, first being the doorman condominium versus no-doorman condominium.  No doorman is fairly self explanatory and these buildings tend to have the lower priced point apartments.  then within the doorman category, we track the postwar condominiums vs the pre-war condominiums and then the new construction condominiums in Greenwich Village at the time of the price pyramid.

The postwar buildings do not have all of the architectural details and historical significance that the pre-war condominiums do.  And the new construction condominiums tend to have a pre-war aesthetic built out with today’s luxury standards.

A very important factor in the supply of studios and one bedroom condominiums in Greenwich Village is also impacted by the very fact that there are just simply not that many condominium buildings.  The vast majority of the buildings in the neighborhood are co-operatives or rentals.  So you simply have a constrained inventory to choose from and it’s very difficult to add new condominiums into the marketplace, as development sites and building restrictions make new projects very rare.

The rarity of new construction is one of the reasons why that segment of the condominium marketplace is priced at a premium.  New condominiums being built at the Greenwich Lane on 12th Street, or the boutique new developments such as 12 East 13th Street or 17 East 12th Street have sold very well, and typically the apartments are bigger in size with very few if any 1 bedroom or studio condominiums.

So what to do if you are looking for a studio or 1 bedroom condominium?

To sum it up,  there is a ton of demand for them and basically not a lot available regardless of the high price point.

We’ve helped and continue to help many buyers who want to buy a condo in Greenwich Village, one of our first pieces of advice is to have an open mind.

Open mind, in that your budget will instantly dictate what is available for sale and second that you should be open minded to possibly look outside the Greenwich Village neighborhood.  Looking in certain parts of Chelsea, or certain parts of the West Village or the Flat Iron District may offer a bit more apartment for the money.

If you are ready to start your search, call us directly today at (917) 837-8869 or email at (

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Top Condos Near NYU New York University

Top Condos Near NYU New York University

Are you looking to buy or rent a condominium near NYU in Manhattan? You’ve come to the right place, we will educate you on the process and explain to you our unique Manhattan New York Real Estate market. We have helped many parents buying for son or daughter that is going to be going to NYU or currently attending NYU in finding the right condo for them.

First things first, when we are talking about NYU, we are focusing on the main New York University campus in Greenwich Village.  Within the main campus you will also find the NYU Stern School of Business and NYU Law School.

For those of you looking for condominiums near NYU School of Medicine or the NYU College of Dentistry take a look here. Or click on this link: (the School of Visual Art, SVA, is also in the same area as NYU Medicine school and NYU College of Dentistry)

If you are looking to buy a condominium near NYU here is a list of things you must know:

1. Most of the property surrounding NYU is either rental buildings or Cooperative buildings, there are very few condominium buildings that you can purchase in.  Meaning, expect a limited amount of inventory. There is very unique difference between a condo and a coop, this is a must know if you are looking to purchase for your son or daughter. To read more about the difference, you can click on the explanation link below.


The reason why a condominium building is much more preferred than a Co-operative is because condominium provides real ownership and much more flexibility and ease of purchase. To learn more about condominium owner versus cooperative ownership click here:


125East 12

2. The main NYU campus is found in the Greenwich Village neighborhood, however there are other wonderful Manhattan New York Downtown neighborhoods within very short commutes to the campus.  Meaning it’s worthwhile to look in the West Village, the East Village, parts of Soho, the Flatiron neighborhood and even Gramercy and Chelsea.

There are a lot of surrounding neighborhoods by the school that are fairly close, just depending on how close you want to be.

3. What is your timeline? The purchase process for a condominium even if you are an all cash buyer, can take 30-45 days once you sign a contract for sale.  If you are financing, add on additional 60-90 days at the very least.

This means if you are looking to close before school starts you will need to probably start looking 60 days prior to give you a chance to move in before school.


4. Condos near NYU are highly sought after, and the price reflects this.  Greenwich Village is one of the most desired neighborhoods in Manhattan and for good reason, extremely well positioned, a combination of historic value with neighborhood amenities, demand coming from both buyers who love the neighborhood and for buyers who are purchasing to just be close to the multiple university campus’s that are found within it’s borders.

We are experienced Real Estate agents who focus on the condominium sales market, we also work with many parents like yourself looking to purchase a condo for the son or daughter. If you are ready to start your search or simply want an idea of what condominiums are currently available near the NYU campus, call us at (917)837-8869 and we can discuss what your needs are and make recommendation to you.


155 West 68th Street Dorchester Towers Condo Market Report July 2015

155 West 68th Street Dorchester Towers Condo Market Report July 2015

In 2015, the sale of Dorchester Towers have been strong and steady. We are seeing both buyers and sellers have responded to the lack of supply within the condo re-sale market place.

Many buyers have been bidding away at prime properties once it is on the market and sellers have achieved good pricing with realistic expectations.

When we look at 2014, the past year market created a trend where some sellers and Real Estate brokers continued to push prices to a level where buyers backed away until either a realistic price adjustment happens.


When we look at Dorchester Towers market, the ‘Average Days on Market’ increased from 40 days to 54 days before a contract was signed.

The Price negotiability increased from 2.5% (2014) to about 5.4% (YTD 2015). This increase DOES NOT indicate prices are decreasing, in fact the prices are still holding and increasing in certain segments, this is indicating that we are seeing a more measured price appreciation.

Price Analysis

  • Alcove Studios: Up about $100 sq/ft since 2014
  • One Bedrooms: Holding steady since 2014
  • Two Bedrooms: Increased $200 sq/ft since the last sale in 2013

In today’s market, we are seeing the new construction condo market is the most popular segment of the market place.

For brand new renovations or recent renovations, buyers will pay a premium and the likelihood of multiple offers is at its highest.


Continuing into the rest of 2015, with continued low Inventory levels, still historically low mortgage rates for those that need financing, and an overall confidence in New York City as a global safe haven, all indicators of a healthy and active Real Estate Market.

We are Morgan Evans and Eileen Hsu, residents of the Dorchester Towers and we the consistent top selling Real Estate agents for the Dorchester Towers Condominium.

We have the most thorough  track-record of results of any sales team, and we sell Dorchester for the best price and fastest compare to any other agent.

If you are an owner and are thinking of selling or renting your Dorchester Tower condo unit, Contact us for a confidential discussion of your Dorchester condo unit at (917) 837-8869.Or email us at or

Financial District One Bedroom condo with Home Office (JUST SOLD)

Financial District One Bedroom condo with Home Office (JUST SOLD)

40 Broad Street apartment #21E at The Setai Wall Street is a large one bedroom with home office offers a very flexible layout and one and half bathroom.

This apartment has high ceiling of 10’3″ heights with modern loft feel. The living room is also well layout to able to fit all the modern taste furniture with kitchen open to the entertaining area. The functional layout works well with any furniture arrangement.


The oversized master bedroom can have a seating area and as well as a King size bed set.


The kitchen is upgraded with glass back-splash and high-end appliances. This is an additional upgrade, no other unit in the building has it.


The Setai Wall Street located at 40 Broad Street offers great amenities such as full time Doorman and a full-service concierge, wonderful rooftop terrace with city and water views, social lounge, 6,000 square feet state-of-the-art fitness center and access to the Setai Spa.

This 40 Broad Street unit is now sold, please contact us if you are an seller in Financial District and would like to sell your Financial District condo unit. We maximize your profit and will bring you all cash buyers.

There are many comparable units such as this one, or if you would like to be on the VIP list to be on the first to know basis, please contact us at (917)837-8869. 

155 West 68th Street #620 Furnished One Bedroom For Rent

155 West 68th Street #620 Furnished One Bedroom For Rent

Dorchester Towers Condo is one of the most popular condo in the Lincoln Center area of Upper West side. This one bedroom unit is on the sixth floor of Dorchester Towers condo with Southern facing, the living room and bedroom windows look out to the circular landscaped driveway.



Living room of apartment #620 in Dorchester Towers condo has a spacious living area and a dining area that can fit a entertaining dining table.


This furnished one bedroom apartment is available for immediate occupancy, including glassware, coffee maker, cutlery,television, stereo, and desktop computer can be included.


155 West 68th Street Dorchester Towers condo offers an full service amenities package including a Full Time Doorman and Concierge, Fitness Room, Roof Top Deck, Laundry Room on the floor, package room, management on-site, live in resident manager and garage parking.



This is a furnished rental, available immediately. Call us to schedule an appointment (917)837-8869 to see it today. 

To read about Dorchester Towers Condo market report:

We are Morgan and Eileen,  We are also full time successful Licensed Real Estate Salespersons with Douglas Elliman Real Estate. We have helped many owners sold and leased multiple condo units in Dorchester.

We sold and rented multiple Dorchester Towers condo units because of our intimate knowledge of Dorchester such as past building history, most recent sales or rental market, updated building rules, upcoming renovations, detail financial building information, familiarity of the neighborhood, and most importantly our creative methods to showcase this wonderful building we live in. If you are a Dorchester Towers Condo owner looking to SELL OR RENT out your Dorchester apartment. Call us so we can discuss in detail with most current market data (917)837-8869.

Dorchester Towers condo 155 West 68th Street #1833 For Sale

Dorchester Towers condo 155 West 68th Street #1833 For Sale

This is a spacious one  Bedroom with home office at the Dorchester Towers. 155 West 68th Street New York NY 10023 is one of the most well established buildings in the Lincoln Square neighborhood.

The building is few blocks from culture center Lincoln Center, Central and Riverside Parks, multiple subway lines, restaurants and shopping.


Unit #1833 has South Western facing exposure providing all day bright sunlight into the apartment. The unit has renovated kitchen and bathroom. The oversized living room lays out perfectly for both dining and entertaining. An additional bonus space could be used as a massive walk-in closet, home office or sleeping area.

Dorchester apartment 1833 has open view from living room window

In addition, this unit has three large closets that includes a walk-in-closet that are very well structured for a lot of storage is a wonderful feature.


Great size of living room that fits a dining room table as well.



Functional layout makes this unit a great apartment for someone that is looking to have a spacious apartment in Lincoln Center Upper West Side neighborhood.

Dorchester 1833 Kitchen

Dorchester Towers Circular Driveway Entrance

155 West 68th Street Dorchester Towers Condo amenity includes a new fitness room, multi-floor laundry, landscaped Roof Deck, both bike and storage rooms, live-in resident manager and is Pet Friendly.

(This unit has Tenants in place until 6/30/2015 $3,375 per month)

  • Dorchester Towers, 155 West 68th Street, 1833

  • Price: $890,000

  • Monthly Maintenance/CC: $547

  • Monthly Real Estate Tax: $492

Assessment of $135 through July 2015, decreasing to $67/month until December 2016.

Please contact us to see (917)837-8869 today.

If you are a Dorchester Towers condo owner and consider in selling or renting your Dorchester Towers condo unit, we can certainly help. We have SOLD and RENTED many units in the building so we are familiar with each layout in the building as well as the most fair sale or rental price of your apartment. Call us, let’s discuss in details (917)837-8869.



New York City Luxury Chinese Real Estate Agent

New York City Luxury Chinese Real Estate Agent

Manhattan New York is the center of the world, everyday we are receiving phone calls and emails on qualified buyers from oversea asking about Manhattan New York properties. Our oversea buyers want to know the latest market trend and all the best options to invest in Manhattan Real Estate.

Our highly Qualified International Buyers

Our team, we are known as Luxury Chinese Real Estate Agent Team in New York city that have work with many Chinese Real Estate investor groups, Chinese top ranking financial companies and Chinese private equity group, many of these sophisticated investors rely on us to guide them through this complex Real Estate market.

Our investors have vast interest in overall Manhattan investments, they are interest in learning about residential condo units, they also like to know about purchasing office buildings, bulk condo sales, package of retail spaces, hotels, and/or any Real Estate that has optimal return on their capital.

Chinese Real Estate investors prefer to with our team the luxury Chinese Real Estate Agent as we speak the same language, we can easily discuss with them the difference in purchasing Real Estate here in Manhattan New York versus to their home country or province. In addition, which is essential is that we have the same culture, often there are many things that is unsaid but understood among us.

If you are a seller….

Manhattan New York condo owners and property owners work with us as they would like to work with Chinese Real Estate investors, Chinese buyers are now making headliners in purchasing some of the most expensive and prestigious properties and land in New York and across United States. We have a network of VIP Chinese Real Estate investors constantly search for the right projects, if you are a Manhattan Condo owner or have any exceptional properties and interested in selling to our network, contact us today.

You can contact us at (917)837-8869 or (646)644-6929.


340 East 23rd Street Gramercy Starck SKYHOUSE-A for Sale

Gramercy Starck One Bedroom Duplex for Sale

This One Bedroom Duplex is now available for sale at the Gramercy Starck Condominium.  One of only a few of the Sky Houses, these duplex apartments offer an incomparable indoor/outdoor lifestyle high above the city streets of Manhattan.


Enter this apartment and you will instantly recognize what makes this apartment special.  Southern facing with breath taking views of the downtown Manhattan skyline.  The living room opens onto the terrace with excellent proportions, over 9 ft deep and 20 ft wide.  The modern and very stylish kitchen features a Sub-Zero refrigerator, Miele Cook top and Stove, Fischer Paykel Dishwasher, sleek cabinetry and an open island perfect for cooking and entertaining.  A half bathroom and your own Bosch Stackable Washer/Dryer are all located on the main level of this duplex home.



The staircase leads you to the second floor with the master bedroom that features both an en suite bathroom and private southern facing balcony.  Wake up in the morning or fall asleep at night looking up at the sky with the floor to ceiling windows.  The master bathroom features a walk in shower and a soaking tub with amazing downtown views.  Other features include a huge walk-in closet, individually climate controlled HVAC units, hardwood flooring make this a must see apartment.


The Gramercy Starck Condominium, built in 2008, is full time doorman and concierge building.  An amenity package that includes a landscaped roof top deck with cabanas and beach chairs with fantastic views, the second floor houses the residents lounge including the library, screening room, billiards room, kitchen and outdoor terrace with gas fireplace and private garden.  The gym is huge, with an excellent amount of professional workout equipment all wrapped up in a cool design.  The gym also features locker rooms featuring steam, sauna, and shower rooms.


The combination of outdoor space, huge sun filled views, modern and stylish design make this duplex Skyhouse at the Gramercy Starck Condominium a must see.

Recently price adjusted to $1,495,000 make this a great buy!

Call us (917)837-8869 if you would like to see it today.



Dorchester Towers Condo 155 West 68th Street #1204 JUST SOLD

Dorchester Towers Condo 155 West 68th Street #1204 JUST SOLD.

Dorchester Towers Condo is located in the heart of Lincoln Center area of the Upper West Side. The Dorchester Towers is one of the most well established condominium buildings in the Lincoln Square neighborhood.  You will be greeted by a full time doorman and concierge upon entering the recently renovated lobby from the buildings circular driveway.  Amenities include a landscaped roof deck, laundry rooms on every floor up to the 22nd Floor, a newly built fitness room, meeting room, on-site management and available storage.


Apartment 12-04 at the Dorchester Towers is a corner apartment with both a South and West Exposure.  Upon entering the apartment you instantly see the tremendous light from the southern exposure and an expansive living room that has very unique proportions for this segment of the condo marketplace.  Corner exposures are always desired because you gain multiple exposures and the privacy of having fewer neighbors.  This double exposure brings in the always abundant southern light along with the western exposure which primarily brings in afternoon light.



Some unique features to apartment 1204 include a real abundance of closet space, probably about double the amount of closets you see in a typical apartment this size.  This is also an apartment that can be easily converted to a Two Bedroom.  A dining space directly off the kitchen and bedroom has its own HVAC unit, closet space, and windows making it a perfect candidate to be turned into a second smaller bedroom, perfect for guests, a home office or additional bedroom.

Dorchester1204LivingRoom Dorchester1204View

Tremendous flexibility with the kitchen space, the possibility to renovate and open the kitchen up to the living room could be a fantastic layout choice.  Putting your personal touch on the renovation of this apartment, ready to be enjoyed for years to come.

Apartment 1204 at Dorchester Towers sold for over asking price, closing for $1,015,000.

Dorchster Towers Condo is a very popular building among home buyers looking for condos near Upper West Side. If the unit is well priced, it is sold within a week or less on the market. If you are looking for a unit similar to #1204 in Dorchester Towers Condo 155 West 68th Street, email us ( , we will put you on the “First to Know List” when another unit becomes available for sale.