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West Village

The West Village has been considered a part of the Greenwich Village or “Village” neighborhood.  As it shares some similar characteristics to its more famous cousin, the West Village is a distinct New York City neighborhood with a huge popularity and following.

The borders of the West Village are roughly defined as the Hudson River on the West, Seventh or Sixth Avenue on the East, and from 14th Street to Houston Street. It’s bordered by Chelsea, the Meatpacking District, and Greenwich Village.

Primarily a residential neighborhood with many restaurants, boutique shopping, and shops catering to residential living, the West Village is a fantastic neighborhood. Originally known as “Little Bohemia” this name is well deserved. A unique European style is easily observed in many of the cafes and shops that are found in the windy tree-line streets that make up the West Village.

One way the West Village distinguishes itself which is quite evident when you visit this neighborhood is the structure of the streets.  The West Village is “off the grid” it’s streets are laid out in an 18th Century pattern, named after original occupants or historical places.  The windy nature of the streets can be confusing to both tourists and residents, but this is just one of the features of the West Village that set it apart.

Another unique feature of the West Village is that it sits in a Historic Preservation District.  Much of the real estate is found in historic buildings, new development condominium buildings are rare and when it does come available is highly desired and the high prices are a reflection.  The real estate prices in the West Village are some of the highest and most stable in Manhattan.

The European feel, unique architecture, access to some of the best boutique shopping, cafes, and restaurants, make the West Village one of the most desired downtown Manhattan neighborhoods.

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