Use Local Experts for your Manhattan New York condo purchase

Manhattan New York is an international city, we work with both buyers and sellers are from another state or country. In a typical Manhattan Real Estate transaction, there are many parties involved in a transaction: 2 or more attorneys, 2 Real Estate agents, Buyers and sellers, Title company, Mortgage professionals, and etc. At the closing table, often there are almost 10 people attending one closing.

In many occasions, our sellers or buyers often have previous work or business contacts that they prefer to use from another part of the world, country or even state (sometimes, it is a family relative, friend, or someone referred by someone they know.)

CAUTION! Every local Real Estate market has its own rules, laws and policies, by using the local experts, it will benefit you as the buyer or seller to have the most smooth transaction without stress or unexpected obstacles.

In a Real Estate transaction in Manhattan New York, below two are the key experts that you absolutely should use an local expert.

  • Attorney PLEASE use a Manhattan New York based REAL ESTATE attorney (this means not just any attorney can do the job, Real Estate attorney that is currently practice in New York is a must) that is familiarize with the type of property you are purchasing. Whether is condo or co-op or townhouse, be sure they have a stellar reputation and track record in representing clients. Many buyers use the amount of fee the attorney charge as a way to chose the attorney, it is good to be frugal, but their track record should be the most important thing and not the fee they charge. A good attorney can minimize your risk in the transaction, protect you from many unknown.
  • Mortgage Consultants – Buying in Manhattan New York is unique and very different than buying in any other state, county, or country. Mortgage consultants who has experiences working in Manhattan New York market will know how to navigate through the co-op or condo management to obtain the information they need in order to push your application through. They will also have a keen sense of the deadline in the contract and work with the Real Estate agents to get the coop or condo board package together.
  • Real Estate agents – As Active and full time Real Estate agents, we pride ourselves in working efficiently with our buyers and sellers to maximize their Manhattan investment. When working with buyers, we discuss the overall goals and timeframe, explaining the different housing inventory and expected price range, recommend appropriate mortgage consultant, accountant, attorneys(if needed), select the best suited property, negotiate essential terms for the buyer, facilitate the contract signing, working on condo/coop application, final walk through checklist, and eventual success sale. When working with sellers, our interest is always to maximize the seller’s profit in the most current market, set the price ahead of the market, creative and aggressively market the property, qualify buyers and negotiate favorable terms for the seller and facilitate the sale to closing table. To benefit your purchase or sale of your property, call us at 917 837 8869 so we can discuss strategies in detail.
Call us today (917)837-8869 to find your perfect Manhattan New York investment.
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