The American Felt Building Condominium at 114 East 13th Street New York City – Pre-War Condominium Lofts New York City

The American Felt Building Condominium – 114 East 13th Street New York City –

Pre-War Condominium Lofts New York 

What is the American Felt Building Condominium Like?

The American Felt Condominium located at 114 East 13th Street is a very unique building.  It is one of the only pre-war full time doorman condominium loft buildings in downtown Manhattan and more specifically the Union Square/East Village neighborhood.
AmericanFeltCondominium_114East13thStreet-225x300Located on 13th Street between Fourth and Third Avenues, you are literally sitting at the crossroads of the Union Square, East Village and Greenwich Village neighborhoods.  A convenient and attractive location for so many reasons.

Originally built in 1909, the building was home to the American Felt Company which was the primary producer of the felt used for the world famous Steinway Piano Company.   Converted into condominiums in the early 1980’s, this was one of the very first condominium buildings to be converted in the gentrification of the Union Square neighborhood.  At the time, the neighborhood was considered “up and coming” and had a reputation as a more raw area, but buildings like the American Felt Building and other condominiums such as 115 Fourth Avenue the Petersfield, the Zachary at 125 East 12th Street and the neighborhood defining Zeckendorf Towers at 1 Irving Place established the neighborhood and started to turn it into what it is today.  These Union Square condominium buildings are now some of the most desirable and respected buildings in downtown Manhattan.

Making the American Felt Building so desirable are the apartments themselves, taking advantage of it’s factory heritage, ceilings are tall, typically 11-12 feet high, expansive windows bring in tremendous light, layouts are open, and apartment sizes are generous.  Some of the higher floor apartments will have wood burning fireplaces, double exposures, balconies and open views of the East Village and Greenwich Village neighborhoods.  These features are extremely unique and the major reasons why there is so much desirability when an apartment comes for sale at the American Felt Building Condominium.

The building itself has a full time doorman, a roof deck, storage and is both pet friendly and investor or pied a terre friendly making the building a very flexible type of purchase. There are approximately 40 apartments in the building, spread out over 12 floors, most floors only have 4 apartments per floor.

What is the neighborhood like?

Located Between Fourth Avenue and Third Avenue on 13th Street, the American Felt Condominium Building is located in the East Village, but within immediate distance to Union Square, Greenwich Village, and NYU.  The location is a crossroads of what makes downtown Manhattan so desirable, the combination of neighborhood amenities including dining, shopping and transportation all at your fingertips.

Being within immediate proximity to the East Village, Union Square and Greenwich Village, you have the best of all worlds.  The Farmer’s market located at Union Square, the restaurants and energy of the East Village, the ambiance and historic charm of Greenwich Village, you get to take your pick of any of the attributes that makes all of these neighborhoods stand out as some of Manhattan’s best places to live.

What are the apartments like at the American Felt Condominium at 114 East 13th Street?

One of the most unique pre-war condominium buildings in the East Village and Union Square neighborhoods, almost no where else can you find the combination of loft characteristics that you will have at the American Felt Building.

When you first walk into any of the apartments you will notice the tall ceilings, typically 11-12 feet depending on the floor.  Then you will notice the spacious layouts with very little columns or obstructions.  This combination of tall ceilings and open layouts creates a volume of space that is extremely unique for a Manhattan apartment.  What I consider over-sized windows bringing in maximum amount of light into the apartments is another wonderful feature.  Depending on the exposure some apartments will have outdoor balcony’s, double exposures and fireplaces.  When adding these features to an already impressive base you now have a truly unique apartment.  Apartment condition and layout varies throughout the building because this is a condominium each owner has had the opportunity to renovate.  You will find some apartments customized to the personal tastes and decor of their owners, so often no two apartments are the same.

Most apartments I have seen are usually studio or 1 bedroom layouts, some larger apartments do exist but do not come on the market often.

Why Buy an Apartment at the American Felt Building Condominium?

If you are looking for a condominium loft with a full time doorman in the Union Square, East Village or Greenwich Village  neighborhoods then this will be one of the only buildings that fits the bill.  If you are looking for an apartment with features that match what is available at the American Felt Building including fireplaces, outdoor space, 11-12 foot tall ceilings, open layouts than you will be drawn to buying here.  The combination of location and the type of apartments at the American Felt Building really is unique and the demand always outweighs the supply for these apartments.

What do apartments sell for at the American Felt Building at 114 East 13th Street?

The standard layout at the American Felt Building in 2012 and 2013 has been selling for in the range of $1,195,000 to $1,390,000.  The more unique layouts with outdoor space, double exposures, found on higher floors can easily exceed this range.  Because the layouts are so unique at 114 East 13th Street, pricing apartments effectively will require looking at the many characteristics of each apartment and coming up a valuation that factors in specific renovations, layouts and unique apartment attributes.

Are you ready to buy or sell an apartment at the American Felt Building?

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