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We stand behind our professionalism and successful track record. We have helped a list of happy past clients in selling and buying their Manhattan New York condos. You can read about their satisfactory testimonials below:

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We love to eat, especially with buyers that we enjoy spending our time with. This is a wonderful family that we helped in buying a condo and here we are, enjoying some New York Italian food together.


Our favorite photo ever! This was taken after a closing for this motivated seller and her sweet baby. We were able to successfully sold their condo after almost an year with other agents! It was a very happy day!



Another great family who bought New York condos for their children who attend universities here in Manhattan. We were happy to celebrate this over brunch!

Call us today to join this list of happy buyers and sellers (917)837-8869.



Happy Doctor, happy us! Morgan enjoying a great Chinese lunch with Dr. Chan who we were honored to work with!


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Call us today to join this list of happy buyers and sellers (917)837-8869 or scroll towards to the bottom of this page to read MORE of our happy testimonials.

20 thoughts on “Testimonial-Past Clients

  1. Cheryl Yang

    Finding an apartment in Manhattan requires a lot of luck, not to mention if you are an international buyer finding your first home in this mega city. I was very lucky to have met Eileen. I had spoken with couple other brokers before contacting her. I decided to work with Eileen because she is among them all the most professional and efficient. She replied my emails promptly and provided me useful data on different Manhattan neighborhoods and inventory even before I arrived New York city. No time was wasted during my short stay in NYC. Eileen only showed me apartments that fit my needs and budget. She was also able to explain to my mother all the details in fluent Mandarin. I found Eileen more like a friend. She continues to offer help even after I moved in to the new apartment. I would recommend Eileen Hsu without hesitation.

  2. Marvin Eisenpresser

    I needed an experienced agent to sell my condo at the Dorchester Towers on W. 68th Street. After looking up several agents who specialized in the Lincoln Square area of Manhattan, I contacted Eileen and knew immediately she was the right agent to represent me. My intuition was proven correct, as she found a buyer within a week! One of the considerations that I felt was important was that Eileen is Asian and speaks Chinese. With all the Asian buyers coming to the United States, she is ideally suited to working with them. I heartily recommend Eileen and her team as an agent who will get the job done.

  3. 옥경석 Kyeong Seak Ok

    Thank you for your effort to close this transaction in selling our condo at 100 West 39th Street. Even though I did not meet with you in person, we finalized this transaction by cooperation each other and trust. You and your team were very professional communicate with us all the time especially we are in Korea. Thank you again for your effort to close this transaction. We will tell our family and friends about your good work. Kyeong Seak Ok 옥경석

  4. Mauricio Miranda

    One of the main concerns when selling my condo was finding the right realtor who was not only knowledgeable of the area (Union Square) and market but also easy to work with and professional. At our introductory meeting, Eileen arrived prepared having done the research on the building and clearly explained the multiple resources at her disposal by which she could effectively market my condo. I immediately knew Eileen and her team were the right group for the task. She wasted no time in listing the condo and scheduled an open house that same weekend for which there was a great turnout. In under 2 weeks Eileen has secured a couple of qualified offers which I attribute to effective marketing and more importantly setting the right selling price. Once an offer was accepted she didn’t miss a step and kept the momentum going from the time the condo was in contract through closing. My condo was on the market for under a month and closed in just under 2 months! It was a great pleasure to work with Eileen and her team. If you are in the market to sell your condo and are looking for a professional, efficient, effective and responsive realtor I highly recommend Eileen and her team.

  5. Lauren Ash

    I lived in my condo for five years – and throughout those years I would receive periodic postcards and letters from Eileen letting me know about other sales in the building. She was the only consistent face within the building, so I knew when it was time to sell, she was the right person to go to. She knew the building, the neighborhood and many comparable condos. She and Morgan arrived ready to review everything – pricing, comps, schedule – and we immediately set to work staging the condo for the open house. We discussed what pieces to remove and how best to de-clutter and freshen up the space. We had a successful first open house and within a week had multiple offers. We set up another open house immediately the following weekend and then were able to immediately pursue the offers they presented. Eileen and Morgan were very detailed and smart in their advice regarding the offers and we were in contract in what seemed like no time flat. Their communication was always great, their knowledge of the situation always on target and it was definitely a very smooth transaction. A great team to work with – thank you both!

  6. Derek Yuan

    Eileen was very helpful with selecting a condo in a short period of time, explaining everything to my parents and I since we were new to this process in NY, and working with all the relevant parties to expedite the offering and closing process. She was very fast and helpful, and a pleasure to work with. Eileen is very good with communication and with following up, making sure that every one of my questions was answered in a timely fashion. Great experience!

  7. David Hochman

    I recently sold my apartment in the Dorchester Towers (155 W.68th Street). I was extremely pleased with my real estate brokers, Morgan Evans and Eileen Hsu. They were very helpful throughout and the entire process proceeded much more expeditiously than I had expected. I highly recommend them to any prospective buyers or sellers.

  8. Nicole Silver

    From the moment we found Morgan’s real estate blog (http://manhattannycondosforsale.com/25-fifth-avenue-lower-fifth-avenue-condo/) we knew we were working with Greenwich Village expert. Morgan was incredibly helpful finding units that met our strict criteria and accommodating our schedules as we traveled in from out of town to see them. He quickly determined what we would like based on the units we had seen, and helped us jump on the one we ultimately purchased immediately after it went on the market. Morgan was incredibly helpful as we set up the closing and renovation plans as well. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a condo!

  9. Cheng Y. Chen

    What if …
    You need to buy a Manhattan apartment in less than three months, and you have no idea what the NYC market is, You don’t know any good broker, attorney, loan broker, insurance agency,
    Your Bank attorney is not available on the closing date,
    Your loan approval process is taking too long, and the closing date is near,
    You need to know a fair value market value of a broken kitchen appliance in minutes for the refund negotiation on the closing table ?
    Luckily, I did a Google search and found Eileen’s team, and was confident that Eileen will be the one that could solve all my problems but my down payment. Indeed, Eileen and her team helped me to resolve all the above unexpected issues that I had encountered during my Manhattan condo purchase.
    Thanks to Eileen and the team.

  10. Laura Garcia

    Eileen has been the perfect broker. We’re from Spain and often had difficulty understanding the complexities of the American real estate market. Thankfully Eileen helped us navigate it by providing us with all the information we needed and went above and beyond many times. In fact she’s more than just our broker now, we consider her a true friend. She was always on our side being proactive and is aggressive enough to make sure that the other side doesn’t get their way. Eileen will look out for your best interest. She’s got a strong character along with charisma and is very knowledgeable so she guides you and makes sure that you take all the necessary steps. Communication between us was impeccable, she was always there to help us when we needed her. The whole process was much easier thanks to her, especially taking into consideration that we were in our country for some time during this period and obstacles arose on an almost daily basis.

  11. Judith H.

    I was very fortunate to have found Ms. Eileen Hsu when I was trying to sell my condo on the Upper West Side. Of all the realty estate brokers that I had dealt with in previous years, I consider Eileen to be the best. She gave me good advice. She returned my phone calls and e-mails promptly, and kept me informed of every showing and open house that she did for me. Although the real estate market was lukewarm at that time, she managed to sell my apartment in four months. Thank you, Eileen.

  12. Julia L.

    Morgan and Eileen are a dynamic young team who really came through for us to sell an apartment. From the start there was no ego, no task too small, only hands, on dependable service. I appreciate that I could depend on Morgan to return calls promptly and explain (sometimes multiple times) the rules and quirks of NYC real estate. He was able to play some hard ball while remaining professional and collected. I recommend this duo.

  13. Jessica Tsai

    I contact Eileen because she came highly recommended. We live oversea and own a condo in Dorchester and needed to find a qualified tenant quickly, Eileen and Morgan responded promptly, very efficient and direct. We are very happy they found us some very qualified tenant within a week. We would recommend them to other friends!

  14. Cecilia & Steven Leung

    We were pleasantly surprised to find Eileen as our go-to agent for all our real estate needs in NYC. We found her through her blog, which is very informative. She is a very energetic person with a wealth of knowledge. She clearly sets apart from other agents. She is the expert especially when it comes to condo investment and for investment for people living away from the City. We barely had to do anything other than the first phone call telling Eileen what our wishes are. She knew exactly what fits us and did not waste a single minute of our time. It only took us one afternoon in the City to buy a property, she is THAT good! After the closing of our condo she immediately and successfully secured a tenant for us. She was able to negotiate for our asking price (which was actually much higher than we would have ever thought possible) PLUS a full year rent paid all cash up front! You couldn’t get any better. Thank you so much Eileen. We love working with you and we whole heartedly recommend you to anyone without hesitation.
    Cecilia, Steven and Jayden

  15. Anu and Shashi Gupta

    I’ve worked with Eileen and Morgan not once, not twice, but 3 times! Every single time they’ve shown excellent work ethics and expert knowledge. They are prompt and reliable, always returning emails immediately and efficiently. When we purchased a second home in 2009, we had zero knowledge of the complex new york city real estate market. Eileen helped us navigate the market and with her expertise we ended up buying an excellent condo. When we put the condo on the market for rent, Morgan and Eileen secured a tenant for us in just one week. I whole heartedly recommend this team to anyone.

  16. Lucia Shen

    For someone from out of the country and unfamiliar with the real estate market in Manhattan, my family had very little clue when we first decided to purchase an investment property in town. After some research and shop around for agents, we really appreciated Eileen’s professionalism and expertise in the industry. Not to mention her extensive understanding of Asian buyers’ needs and wants.

    Upon compiling a list of properties that perfectly suits our expectation, Eileen arranged a super efficient day for open houses to fit into our schedule and it only took us one weekend before offering the first bid. During the countering bidding period, Eileen was able to negotiate a final price that was even lower than our original offering bid! Given that this is an investment property and we are from out of the country, we were worried about taking care of the renting process. Eileen stepped in and before we know it, she’s already narrowed down a list of potential tenants and suggested a reasonable rental price. Because of the nature of our property (a cond-op), dealing with the paperwork can some times be daunting. Eileen made sure to push the management whenever she could and made the signing process and communication amongst all stakeholders as efficient and smooth as possible.

    All in all, we couldn’t be happier with the results and we would recommend Eileen to other potential buyers looking for investment properties in Manhattan.

  17. Santiago G.

    Eileen and Morgan were extremely helpful with us. First, 4 years ago they helped us to find our apartment in Union Square (Manhattan) after months of search, and when we had to move back to Spain a couple of months ago, they rented our place. We gave them a short notice, and they found qualified tenants extremely fast. They also maximized our investment. Also, during the buying process 4 years ago they found us to find a reliable lawyer, explain to us the buying process step by step and were very helpful during the whole process. Since we were very happy with their help during the buying process, we contacted them again for the rental, and will do it again in the future. They are very professional and nice people to work with.

  18. TJ Napoli

    I have had the pleasure of working with Morgan and Eileen for several years and have found them to be honest, hard working and reliable! The NYC real estate market is a tough business and their experience and professionalism are obvious from the start. They provide the right advice, even if it doesn’t immediately benefit them. They value having a long term partnership and I would highly recommend them to anyone..

    Thanks again Morgan and Eileen!

  19. Henry Hu

    Eileen is a professional in her field, I’m glad I have Eileen to help me on looking for an apartment in Manhattann. She is very nice and helpful, just tell her what types of apartment you are looking for and she will definitely do her best to help you find your dream place to live in! I’m very satisfied with my new apartment , and she is very kind to give you all the suggestions for the furnitures and stuffs to help you settle down !

  20. Jason F

    Morgan and Eileen were knowledgeable agents who helped us devise a strategy to sell our apartment quickly and securing a buyer that passed through a rigorous Board approval process with ease. They faithfully advised us from start to finish. This began with a thoughtful discussion of the the initial pricing. They brought in a talented photographer and created a professional floorplan when the one we had was old and not useful. Their experience was also useful as they helped us select which buyers would be most likely to pass through the Board approval process. The team approach worked very well as well, as they were always very quick to respond to questions or comments. You will be in good hands.


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