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Checklist for Manhattan New York Condo Buyers

We are Manhattan New York Condo specialists, we work with many out of town first time investors and buyers that would like to acquire a Manhattan New York condo as part of their investment portfolio.

We often have a check list of basic steps to educate the buyers as to how to get started. Here is a good check list:

  • Consult with a reputable lender or mortgage consultant to see how much can you finance in today’s market. In today’s market, lending guidelines are changing by the day, it is in your best interest to see what will it take to qualify for a loan.
  • Do speak to your banker if you have money in bonds and money market. Find out how many days will it take to liquidate your funds so you know once we have a verbally accepted offer. Often in Manhattan New York market place, the seller seeks 10% of the sales price as downpayment at the time of signing contract. With that being said, if you are buying $1M Manhattan condo, you will need $100,000. at contract signing.
  • Do your homework on finding an Real Estate agent to work with. What is it that you are looking to buy? You want to find an agent that is familiar with the product that you are interest in buying. We are very well versed in Manhattan New York market, we have sold many Manhattan New York condos to first time home buyer, first time investors, foreign internationals, parents buying for children and many serious and motivated buyers. A Condo or Co-Op? Uptown or Downtown? Do you speak specific language that you preferred the agent speaks your mother tongue? Do you need an agent that work specifically with foreigners? Go on a search engine such as Google, try type in what you are looking for, and see if any agent shows up on the search result.
  • Do Have a realistic budget of what you are looking for. Manhattan New York condo is approximately $1,000 per square foot, so unless you are looking for a 500 SF one bedroom, you will need more than $500K to buy a one bedroom condo. (the price will also depend on the building amenities, such as fitness center, residents lounge, roof deck, basketball court, swimming pools and etc.)
  • Do speak to an accountant to see if you need to structure the purchase in a specific way to enjoy the tax deductible benefits of buying a Manhattan Real Estate. If you are a first time home buyer, is it beneficial to co-purchase the condo unit with your parents or alone; If you are an foreigner, is it better to buy it under your own name or start an LLC?; If you are an out of town investor, is this purchase going to be an investment property or?
  • Do have a Manhattan New York Real Estate attorney ready. Manhattan Real Estate transaction requires each buyer and seller to have an attorney representing them in drafting and finalizing the contract. A good attorney can save you headachs, money and risks, ask your agent to refer you (3) attorneys so you can call and interview. Explain to the attorney what you are planning to do, and see which attorney you feel most comfortable to work with.

If you would like to find out more information or learn about more Manhattan New York investment opportunities, please contact me today.  Email us today (http://manhattannycondosforsale.com/contact/) call (646)644-6929 or (917)837-8869.

Manhattan New York condo buyers frequent asked questions:

Parents Buying for Children Manhattan New York condo MUST READ

We are Manhattan Condo Specialists, in our How to Buy a Manhattan New York Condo series, we talked about Know the Housing Product, Understand the Buying Power, Financial Report of the Manhattan Condo or Coop building, NYC Apartment Terminology, and this section we will talk about how parents can buy for children. We know the Manhattan Condo market and the specific needs of each type of buyers.

Buying a Manhattan New York Condo as parents buying for children, you should understand your budget and time frame to start. We work with many parents who are buying for their son/daughter that goes to New York University, Parsons school of design, School of Visual Arts, Columbia University, Jillards music school and other well known schools here in Manhattan New York.

Is this for your son or daughter that is currently working in Manhattan? Do they have a job stability or financial freedom? Are they currently renting and lease may be expiring soon or month to month arrangement? It is important for us to know the reason and timeframe so we can narrow down the search for you.

Buying a Manhattan New York Condo as parents buying for children, you should PLAN AHEAD, and speak with all the parties involved (not you and your child but rather the right mortgage consultant/banker, accountant, a knowledgeable Manhattan Real Estate attorney, but first, you should contact us (917)837-8869 to start the conversation early.)

  • If Buying all cash, and you are buying a condominium, the quickest we can close would be 45 days. If it is a cooperative, then it can be 90 or more days subject to condo board approval. If it is new construction condo, it can be two weeks up to unknown period of time depending on construction stage.
  • Mortgage consultant: If you are planning to buy the condo all cash, that is always desirable when presenting offers to condo sellers. Keep in mind that you should have enough equity in case there is an increase in monthly carrying charge for this condo or other misc mishappens. If you are planning on financing this investment, be sure to speak to a local Manhattan lender that is familiarize with the market, the lending rules, and the mortgage products that may be suitable for you and your son/daughter.
  • Accountant: If you are planning to co-purchase the condo with your child, be sure to discuss the possible tax complication you may have with your accountant. Speak to your accountant prior to your purchase can be very helpful.
  • Manhattan Real Estate Attorney: In addition, speak to a local Real Estate attorney will be helpful as well since the local Manhattan Real Estate can also advise you what is the best way to structure the purchase and think about who/how should take the title of the deed.

Buying a Manhattan New York Condo as parents buying for children, the experienced Manhattan Condo specialists that can guide you through this process and navigate through the Manhattan Real Estate maze. Whether you are a first time buyer, or an investor that have bought and sold multiple properties in other parts of United States or country, we can help.  Understanding the local market with the market expert can maximize your investment and avoid any possible problems down the rule. Many of our past clients are first time investors, they have bought many Manhattan condos under our guidance and continue to do so because we have developed a Real Estate plan for them. If this is something you are interested in, contact us now at (917)837-8869.

Here are some very useful information about buying Manhattan New York condos:

Other Manhattan New York Frequent Asked Questions:

If you do not see your question being answer in any of our blog articles, call us directly (917)837-8869 or email us (http://manhattannycondosforsale.com/contact/) and we will reply promptly.

West 67th Street – Manhattan NY Condos

West 67th Street – Manhattan NY Condos

West 67th Street in the Upper West Side of Manhattan has some of the most popular Upper West Side Condos for sale available. This historic park block street is noteworthy for a number of reasons.  Bounded on the west by Central Park you will find the historically significant Hotel de Artistes residences, a co-op building, on Columbus Avenue you have ABC studios and 45 West 67th St.  The Millennium Tower at 101 West 67th Street and Park Millennium at 111 West 67th Street are found between Broadway and Columbus.  These two buildings have some of the most dramatic Central Park, Manhattan skyline, and Hudson River views available. These Lincoln Center Condominium Buildings make up three of the most desired buildings in the Upper West Side all conveniently located on West 67th Street.

101 West 67th Street commonly known as the Millennium Tower. Built in 1994 by the Millennium Partners Development Company. The residences at 101 West 67th Street have arguably some of the most commanding views of Central Park, the Hudson River and Manhattan Skyline from an Upper West Side Condo building. The Millennium Tower is a 56 story with a 80+ condominium residences, not too many apartments per floor.

111 West 67th Street known as the Park Millennium is the twin of the Millennium Building’s  at 101 and 111 West 67th Street.  These buildings have separate entrances with full time doorman and concierge services.  These are pet friendly buildings with on-site laundry facilities.  One of the defining features of these buildings is being so close to the Reebok Sports club.  The Reebok Sports Club is one of the finest exercise facilities in the entire of Manhattan. Features include a swimming pool, multiple floors of cardiovascular and weight training areas, multiple group exercise rooms with classes running throughout the day, basketball courts, rock climbing wall, an outdoor running track, outdoor deck along with personalized training capabilities.

45 West 67th Street was built in 1983 it is a 33 story, 175 apartment Lincoln Center Condo building.  One of the reasons why this building is so popular is because of the mix of apartments available within it, studios up to 5 bedroom combined apartments.  There are even some duplexes and penthouses with outdoor terraces available which is quite rare for a Lincoln Center Condominium residence.    There is a 24 hour doorman, concierge, valet services, laundry, private garden, and storage available in the building.

It’s no surprise that West 67th Street is home to some of the finest Lincoln Center condominiums for sale. This historic park block has access to everything the Upper West Side is known for.  Walking distance to the Lincoln Center, Central Park, shopping and restaurants are right at your fingertips.

If you are intersted in knowing what is for sale in any of these West 67th Street – Manhattan NY Condos contact us today at (917)837 8869

Manhattan New York condo frequent asked questions:

Gramercy Starck Condo Spring 2011 Report

Gramercy Starck Spring 2011 Report-340 East 23rd Street New York NY 10010

Gramercy Starck Condominium located at 340 East 23rd Street has been very active in the sales and rental market so far in 2011.  If you are interested in Gramercy Starck,  looking to purchase or sell a Gramercy Starck Condo than this report will be very informative.

At the time of the publishing of this report there are 15 active condos for sale at Gramercy Starck. The range of the apartments is everything from a studio apartment for $540,000 up to a possible combined Sky House duplex for $5,100,000.  You have studio’s, one bedrooms, two and three bedrooms, skyhouse duplexes and a couple of penthouse condos for sale at Gramercy Starck.

  • Right now there are Three (3) studio condos in Gramercy Starck for sale ranging in price from $540,000 to $580,000.
  • The last Gramercy Starck studio to sell was a 16th floor South facing studio for $575,000
  • There are Five (5) one bedroom condos for sale in Gramercy Starck ranging in price from $799,000 to $975,000.
  • The last one bedroom to sell was a north facing 5th floor for $787,500.
  • There are two and three bedroom apartments starting at $1,595,000 up to $2,000,000.

If you are looking for one of the highly desirable Starck Penthouse or Sky House (duplex) apartments the pricing starts at $2,500,000 for the larger 2 bedroom sky houses and penthouses.  Contact us if you are interested in receiving the most up to date condos for sale in Gramercy Starck.

We are Gramercy Starck condo specialists, if you are a buyer looking to purchase a condo for sale at Gramercy Starck contact us today to receive an in depth analysis of what is available, what has sold, and when a new available condo unit comes on the market. Email us or Call us 917 837 8869, tell us your specific needs and we will put you on list and you will be notify if a unit becomes available that is suitable to you.

If you are an owner at Gramercy Starck and would like to sell, lease or buy another unit in the building, we can help. Contact us as we have successfully sold and lease multiple units for several owners in the building with our aggressive and creative marketing plan. Call us at 917 837 8869 or email us today.

To read more about Gramercy Starck Rentals and Sales:

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Manhattan NY Condos FAQ: Does this Manhattan NY Condo have a Garage in it?

We are Manhattan New York condo specialists, we sell many Manhattan Condos to international and out of town buyers, a common Manhattan NY Condo question that always comes up is, “Does this Condo have a Garage in it?”

The answer is that not all Condominium buildings will have a garage, most will not. If  the Manhattan New York condo has a garage often the garage will be owned and operated by a separate company or vendor independent of the condo association. So if you own or rent an Manhattan New York apartment in the building, it DOES NOT automatically come with a parking spot.

In some Manhattan New York New construction buildings that have built in garages where you have had the opportunity to purchase your own parking spot.  When you buy a parking spot it will often be like purchasing any other “real property.” You will have monthly or yearly operating expenses to own it.  You could rent it out to other people just like an apartment depending on the rules of the garage.

Often what we find extremely useful is if you can gain access to the garage from within the building.  This is where we see some real utility of having a garage in the building.  Those days when you are dropping off groceries, luggage and you can go directly from the car to the condominium elevators and up to your apartment is a terrific convenience amenity to have at your disposal.

If there is a garage in your building but it is operated independently of the condominium association people ask if they get a discount for parking there. That answer depends on the arrangement the building has with the garage.  We would lean towards saying that probably not.  You will rent the space like anybody else, but the benefit is that being able to use a garage that is right next to or within your building will be very valuable especially on those cold rainy winter days when you are coming back from the airport or when your car is loaded with groceries.

How much will a parking spot cost? That is a very typical question and it really depends on the location and demand for a garage in the particular area you are looking in.  The price typically has a strong correlation to the pricing of apartments in the area.  Typically areas with a high demand for apartments will have an equally high demand for parking and therefore the price will reflect that high demand.  I have seen parking spaces be as high as $1000/month and sometimes as low as $200/month in certain parts of Manhattan.  The best way to find out is to just ask and you will quickly see what the pricing for your neighborhood will be.

Other Manhattan New York Frequent Asked Questions:

If you have a specific question about Manhattan New York condos, email us directly on the form below or call us today at (917)837-8869.

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Manhattan NY Condos FAQ: Are the Manhattan New York condo Pet Friendly?

Manhattan NY Condos FAQ: Are the Manhattan New York condo Pet Friendly?

One of the most common questions we receive is regarding the pet policy in a condominium building.

The answer is that every building has a different pet policy. Most buildings will allow pets, but will have specific guidelines that outline if they allow both cats and dogs and the size and quantity of each.  Aggressive breeds of dogs are usually prohibited.

In Manhattan New York; if you have larger dogs(50 lbs+) there are only several buildings that will  be available to you. Some buildings do not allow any pets at all, but when you visit the building you will see some unit owners coming in and out of the building with their dogs.

This is typically because those pets had a “grandfather clause” and were already in the building prior to the most recent decision to change the pet policy in the building.

In looking to buy Manhattan New York condos, it’s very important to ask about a building’s pet policy before you start looking at apartments because a pet policy is not something that will be amended to your specific situation.  Unless the pet is a service pet that is required, no matter how much you like an apartment if the building has a strict no pet policy there is not much you can do to change it.

In Manhattan New York, most buildings will require you to use separate elevators and you must notify the building of the type of animal that you are have.  This is typically because of insurance reasons, but depends on building to building.

If you are looking at purchasing a Manhattan condominium and will be bringing your pet to the apartment even if its for just a few days a week, month or year let us know what type of pet and how many you have so that we can make sure the condominiums we will be looking at allow them.


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West Village New York Condos- Village Pointe Condominium

WEST VILLAGE CONDOMINIUMS- Village Pointe Condominiums Located at the corner of 14th and 9th Avenue, the Village Pointe Condominium is one of the most ideal locations to experience everything the Meat Packing District and West Village have to offer.

This West Village boutique elevator condominium building has a live-in super and centralized laundry facilities. Made up of mainly studio’s and 1 bedroom apartments, with a few two bedrooms this is an ideal location as you are steps away from the shopping and nightlife of the Meatpacking District, dining possibilities at the Chelsea Market, close by to the Highline Park and all the West Village has to offer.

Very low carrying charges and a flexible sublet policy make this building an ideal investment and also a smart purchase for those looking to live in the apartment. Transportation will never be a problem as you have multiple subway lines and bus lines nearby including the A/C/E/L/1/2/3 within minutes of the front door.

Studio apartments are priced starting at $495,000 1 Bedroom Apartments are priced starting at $595,000 Penthouses and 2 Bedrooms are priced starting at $995,000-$1,250,000

Look for your own West Village Condo? Email us your specific requirement and we will get back to you promptly.

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  4. Who can fix my Manhattan New York condo if something breaks?

If you or someone you know would like to buy or sell Manhattan New York condominiums, please call us directly today at (917) 837- 8869 or (646) 644- 6929. We specialize in Manhattan New York condominium market and have experiences selling Manhattan New York condos in different neighborhoods, we offer confidential consultation customize to your specific investment needs.

TriBeCa – Manhattan New York

Tribeca was one of the first Manhattan neighborhood’s named after the area that it is located in.

The Triangle Below Canal Street is located between the Hudson River and Lafayette Street and running approximately from North of Battery Park City up to Canal Street it’s northern border.   The neighborhood was historically known for it’s light manufacturing and warehousing businesses.

Much like Soho, it’s very well known and desirable because these former industrial buildings were converted into residential apartments, most notably the loft apartments.  Behind the facade of these historical buildings are tremendous voluminous spaces with great ceiling heights, over sized windows and typically luxuriously appointed.  The unique nature of these lofts creates an open and airy feel that has been and will continue to be in high demand.   Desired not for just it’s architecture but Tribeca has a wealth of neighborhood amenities.  Popular shopping, restaurants, cafes are found throughout the area.

New condominium development such as One York, 200 Chambers, 101 Warren, Pearline Soap Factory, among others have been a draw for this neighborhood. With it’s general proximity to many other downtown neighborhoods along with the individual characteristics have made the neighborhood a very popular Manhattan residential neighborhood.

Other Fantastic Manhattan Neighborhoods:

Call us today at (917)837-8869 to find your perfect TriBeCa New York condo.

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West Village-Meat Packing District Condo for rent

Meat packing district West Village Condos for rent immediately located at 350 West 14th Street New York NY 10014. Available Immediately. $3,000 per month.

Heart of West Village New York. This is a Southern facing one Bedroom condo with stainless steel appliances kitchen in Meat packing district part of West Village neighborhood of Downtown Manhattan New York.

350 West 14th Street is an elevator building with central laundry.

This is a must see if you are seeking a condo in West village and Meat Packing district.

CALL 917 837 8869 TODAY.


CALL MORGAN EVANS at 917 837 8869 TODAY to discuss your specific questions.

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Manhattan NY Condos FAQ: What is a sales application for Manhattan NY condos?

We are Manhattan New York condo specialists, often we are asked by our buyers of series of questions that are regards to the unique Manhattan New York condo markets. We will be answering these frequent asked questions and hope to help other buyers who are interested in buying or investing in Manhattan New York condominiums.

In Manhattan New York, over 15% of the housing inventory are condominiums, when a buyer purchase a unit within the condominium community, there are application to be completed. (with the exception of purchasing new development condos from the sponsor prior to condo board formed and in place.) Each building and condo management has different applications and processing fees. Every buyer whether they are buying as primary residence, second home, investment, will need to complete the ‘sales or purchase application’ when purchase Manhattan New York condos. There are processing and application fees along with the applications as well.

Here is example of a Manhattan New York condo purchase application from a condominium unit that we sold recently.

There will be reference letters required from the buyer, two years of W-2 forms & tax returns, and bank verification letters along with other documents. The sales application must be completed according to instruction or the sales can not move forward. In case of oversea buyers, there may not be tax returns or W2 forms, we can then discuss in details with condo management to find other items or documents to suffice that request.

Other than providing all the paperwork documents, please take note that there are a list of checks that must be submitted in order to process the application.  Each condo building has different list of fees but this serves as a sample for your record.

Each Manhattan New York condos has different sales or purchase application. We are familiar with the sales application process. If you or someone you know would like to buy or sell Manhattan New York condominiums, please call us directly today at (917) 837- 8869 or (646) 644- 6929. We specialize in Manhattan New York condominium market and have experiences selling Manhattan New York condos in different neighborhoods, do not hesitate to call or email us to see if we can be of help to you.

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Manhattan NY Condos FAQ: Who can help me rent out and manage the condo once I own it?

We are Manhattan New York condo specialists, we work with many out of town and oversea investors often asked about Manhattan New York condos. Often we are asked by our buyers of series of questions that are regards to the unique Manhattan New York condo markets. We will be answering these frequent asked questions and hope to help other buyers who are interested in buying or investing in Manhattan New York condominiums.

One of the common asked question by our out of town investor buyers: Who can help me rent out and manage the condo once I own it? This is a good question, we work with many out of town and oversea investor buyers that also asked the similar question because they are not Manhattan New York based and would like a full range of service. We as Manhattan New York condo specialists, we not only assist our clients sell, buy, invest their Manhattan New York condos, we also facilitate in securing a qualified tenant for their investment property. Once the condo is closed and owned by our buyers, we begin to market the condo as a rental property, answer to rental requests and appointment, qualifying the perspective tenant to ensure they are financially qualified and suitable for the condo. The fee for this service will be case on case basis. Manhattan New York rental brokerage marketing fee is 15% of the first year rent, though depending on the location of the condo, rental price and other key factors, we can discuss in details.

Managing the Manhattan New York condo, depending on clients needs, there are different options. Option one would be the owners manage the tenant and the condo by themselves, this is easy to do especially with Manhattan New York condo, there is a building staff and maintenance department a phone call or email away. Option two, we will be able to handle the property management in terms of being client’s contact person here in Manhattan New York, we will be collecting rent from the tenants, handling questions and inquiries and etc. There will be a fee in involved in this, as based on each clients’ need, we can discuss different packages we offer.


EMAIL US TODAY: http://manhattannycondosforsale.com/contact/

If you or someone you know would like to buy or sell Manhattan New York condominiums, please call us directly today at (917) 837- 8869 or (646) 644- 6929. We specialize in Manhattan New York condominium market and have experiences selling Manhattan New York condos in different neighborhoods, we offer confidential consultation customize to your specific investment needs.

Manhattan NY Condos FAQ: HOW TO MAKE OFFERS in Manhattan New York Condo?

Manhattan New York Real Estate market is an unique market place, we work with many out of town and international buyers who brings their own ideas and previous experiences of Real Estate transaction into this market place and realize that there is a different way to complete a Real Estate transaction in Manhattan New York. Working with us, we will educate you not only the market, we will also educate you through out the entire Manhattan New York condo buying process.

Unlike other parts of the country or world, when a buyer makes an offer on a property here in New York, the offer is made through us, the Real Estate agents and the buyers do not sign any contracts or purchase agreement when making an offer.

Real Estate professionals DO NOT WRITE the contracts here in Manhattan New York. Title companies DO-NOT schedule the closings here either. Manhattan New York is an Real Estate attorney state, therefore all closing arrangements are done through Manhattan New York certified Real Estate attorneys. Both buyer and seller will each need an attorney to represent each party. We work with experienced Real Estate attorneys that we will able to recommend you one that best suited for your purchase.

To make an offer here in Manhattan New York in the case of Manhattan New York condominiums, as a buyer you will need:

  • Proof of funds: if it is all cash, a bank or stock statement demonstrate that there is enough cash to make the purchase (ideally a United States bank or stock statement). If it is financing contingent, pre-approval from a United State bank is a must.
  • Any contingencies: in Manhattan New York, the common contingencies includes financing contingency to ensure bank will lend, funding contingency to ensure bank will fund(wire money) the transaction, and other sale contingency; if there any prior sale need to happen in order to make the new purchase. Manhattan New York Real Estate market usually do not have ‘INSPECTION’ period especially in Manhattan New York market place, most are condominiums or cooperative structure, inspection is often for Townhouses or single houses only, therefore, there is usually NO INSPECTION contingent as other parts of the country. Manhattan New York condominiums are purchased AS IS.
  • Closing date: This will depend on if you are buying a new condo or a resale condo. If it is a new condominium buying from sponsor, and the condo is ready, the closing date can be as soon as one to two weeks. If it is a new condominium and the construction is still on the way, then this time frame varies. If it is a resale condominium, if the owner is ready to move, and the transaction is all cash, then the time frame can be 45 days as soon as condo board approves the condo application. If financing for a resale condo, this time frame can be 60-90 days or more.
  • Personal Financial statement: This is sometimes required depending on the property (or if cooperative) and if there are other multiple bidding scenario. The personal financial statement includes all assets disclosure such as bank statements, 401K, retirement funds, other owned real estate, other mortgage or liabilities and etc. Full disclosure is a must if it is a Manhattan New York cooperative disclosure.

Once the offer is verbally accepted by the owner (seller), then we will have to provide a Real Estate attorney information immediately to start the contract. We work with a team of experienced Real Estate attorneys that we will able to recommend you one that best suited for your purchase.

If you or someone you know would like to buy or sell Manhattan New York condominiums, please call us directly today at (917) 837- 8869 or (646) 644- 6929. We specialize in Manhattan New York condominium market and have experiences selling Manhattan New York condos in different neighborhoods, we offer confidential consultation customize to your specific investment needs.