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Beautiful Easter Sunday in Central Park

Beautiful Easter Sunday in Central Park
We love New York, and we especially love Central Park, the city oasis. We are full time Real Estate agents live only few city blocks away from this gorgeous park in the center of island of Manhattan.

Easter Sunday was a beautiful day, temperature was in the 60s, Manhattannites took the time to soak in the sun and relax on the green lawn whereever possible. We also took a stroll in the Park to catch some sun rays ourselves.

If you would like to find a home near Central Park and would like to work with neighborhood experts, we can help.

We are full time Real Estate agents live near Central Park in the Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan New York we invite you to give us a call today at (917)837-8869.

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Central Park New York Condos With Terraces

Central Park Apartments with terrace Have you been looking for a Central Park Condo with a terrace or outdoor space? There are very few buildings that have that rare of all Manhattan condominium features, your very own outdoor space. Having your very own private terrace or balcony is a highly desirable feature.

To begin with, there are very few condominium buildings that directly face Central Park. Now add in the combination of having outdoor space and you are looking at a very limited section of the market. To get a Central Park view, you either have to live in a building that directly faces Central Park, such as Fifth Avenue on the Upper East Side, Central Park South, or Central Park West on the Upper West Side. Or you need to find a condominium building that is tall enough to clear the buildings in front of it and still see Central Park, a building like 101 West 67th Street-The Millennium Tower, 25 Columbus or 60 Columbus Circle at the Time Warner Center, 1 Beacon Court or 721 Fifth Avenue, or the Park Imperial, just to name a few. The general room of thumb is that the higher the floor in a building, the more than likely you will not have accompanying outdoor space. Can you imagine being 60 stories up with a huge outdoor terrace?

To find a Central Park Condo with a terrace, you will probably have to live on one of the exclusive avenues facing Central park directly. A few examples of Central Park condos with terrace’s could be found at a building such as 160 Central Park South-The Essex House or 15 Central Park West, 279 Central Park West, on the Upper East Side at 1212 Fifth Avenue and other select Fifth Avenue Buildings.

Expect pricing to be quite specific to each building. Any apartment with direct Central Park views is not priced like other apartments that might be similar in size, they are priced and compared to other Central Park facing condos.

If you want the Central Park View but don’t absolutely need the terrace

and want to save on price then moving to a taller building that still has unobstructed views of the park is a great option. There will be more selection, compared to a search with outdoor space.

Overall, a search for Central Park Condos with a terrace will include some of the most exclusive apartments in all of Manhattan, having your very own apartment facing Central park is well worth the investment.

Contact us (http://manhattannycondosforsale.com/contact/) or call (917)837-8869 directly to discuss what exactly you are searching for in terms of the Central park apartment with terrace. These apartments are one of the kind and not always available, we can start the conversation early and we will put you on the list to contact as soon as one becomes available if they are not currently on the market.

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Central Park NYC after Hurricane Irene!

Sunday after Hurricane Irene, we decided to go for a walk in the park since the weather looks stable and there are many other Manhattanites out and about especially the mass transit is still shut off.

Central Park looks just like another Sunday with many joggers, bicyclists, strollers and tourists enjoying the scenery.