Manhattan New York Street Fair on Spring or Summer weekends

We love Manhattan New York, it is a great city to be at!

One of the cool reason to love New York is its fun Street Fair when the weather gets warm in the Spring/Summer time on the weekends. Either on a Saturday or Sunday, the city of Manhattan shut down a part of the Avenue and city blocks for few hours to host street fairs. The street fair is packed with vendors with exciting ethnic or traditional eats (sandwiches, corn on the cob, barbecue or popcorn) or small stands that sells everything from iPhone cases, Music CD/DVDs, dresses, rugs to small handmade jewelry…array of little things.

Today we were running some errands and happened to walk into a street fair, weather was perfect for it. This particular street fair is the Sixth Avenue Chelsea Festival (Sixth Avenue between 23rd Street to 32nd Street).

(when we looked up, we can see the iconic Empire State Building.)

We live and work in Manhattan New York, we have true passion for this vibrant city. We know Manhattan New York neighborhoods and all the great things to do in the city. If you are thinking to relocate to Manhattan New York, contact us today at (917)837-8869.

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