Manhattan New York Meatpacking District Neighborhood Spotlight

Manhattan New York Meatpacking District Neighborhood

The Meatpacking District Neighborhood in Manhattan New York is one of the most popular downtown locations. A historically designated and protected district, once home to the meatpacking industry in New York City, its heyday in the early 1900s has now transformed into a 24 hour destination.

Located in a small pocket between the West Village and the West Chelsea neighborhoods, running from Horatio/Gansevoort Streets on the South up to 16th Street to the north and from the Hudson River to Hudson Street/Ninth Avenue as its Western and Eastern borders. Not a huge neighborhood in total size, but what it may lack in size it packs a sizeable punch when it comes to the energy and ambiance when you step foot inside its borders.


Walking through the Meatpacking District you will see its history all around you. Including the awnings and canopies from the original meatpacking district businesses, the uneven cobble stone streets, the mixture of manufacturing warehouses, and most notably arguable they anchor attraction of the Meatpacking District as to the High Line Park. What was once an elevated train track that was built to transport the meatpacking manufactured products to all over New York City had become a derelict and eyesore of the neighborhood was transformed and restored into a Must See attraction for this neighborhood. What is now an open elevated park that runs along the Western side of the neighborhood and stopping in the low 30s in West Chelsea. The High Line Park is beautiful, a unique way to see New York City as you are about two stories above the street and literally snake your way through buildings, underneath them at time, its a great place to spend your time when visiting the neighborhood. The High Line Park is major attraction, both visitors and neighbors will be found there everyday of the week.

The other must see attraction in my opinion has to be the Chelsea Market. Once home to the National Biscuit Company, the birthplace of the Oreo Cooke, the Fig Newton, Vanilla Wafer and even the Saltine. Now home to one of the most trafficked food courts and concourses in all of Manhattan. This converted manufacturing facility has retail and food shops on its main floor and offices and studio’s on the upper floors including the Food Network and all of its tv shows. The Chelsea Market is the perfect place to go to eat, buy a gift, or just sit down and relax after a long day on the High Line Park.


The Meatpacking District Neighborhood has a double designation that protects its historical roots. It is still designated a manufacturing zone, making residential development extremely difficult to happen with its interior borders and it was designated a historic district, known as the Gansevoort Market Historic District, as established by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. This combination makes any type of new development whether residential or commercial extremely difficult. Because of this most condominiums for sale in the Meatpacking District or actually located along the borders of the neighborhood or within a block or so within the designated section that is protected.

Another reason why the Meatpacking District has earned the reputation as a 24 hour neighborhood is because its home to a collection of hotels including the Standard Hotel along the High Line Park, the Gansevoort Hotel, the Soho House and the newest entry the Dream Hotel along the northern border of the neighborhood. All of these hotels are well established to have many nightlife options, restaurants and are extremely popular.

The Meatpacking District neighborhood is home to a collection of condominium buildings that are extremely desirable. Meatpacking District condominiums for sale is a segment of the downtown Manhattan real estate market that has exploded in popularity with its neighborhoods prominence. Just a handful of buildings exist that are typically referred to as being Meatpacking District Condominium buildings. There is a variety of buildings for all different types of purchases, whether it is a new construction apartment for sale in the Meatpacking District, or a Meatpacking District loft for sale, there is a little bit of variety.

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