Little Italy-Chinatown-Manhattan New York

Little Italy – Chinatown

Little Italy and Chinatown were listed in 2010 as a single district in the National Register of Historic Places. When you walk through both Chinatown and Little Italy there is an undeniable recognition of the cultural identity each neighborhood deserves.

Little Italy and Chinatown are some of Manhattan’s oldest neighborhoods.  Originally a destination that was built upon the traditions of the cultures that each is well known for.  Over time Chinatown has expanded street by street and Little Italy is relatively concentrated on Mulberry, Thompson and Sullivan Streets.

Old style tenements, mom and pop eateries, community based stores are the mainstay in this neighborhood.  Some of the best regional cuisines are found in Little Italy and Chinatown.  Fresh Produce, seafood, authentic deli’s, are found all along the side streets within these high energy neighborhoods.

With some of the most authentic Manhattan real estate you can find, you will have tenement style buildings right next door to a newly constructed condominium building in Chinatown and Little Italy.  Expect a wide variety of apartments available for the economical mindset and the luxury one.

Come down for authentic cuisine, some of the most quintessential New York experiences, and you will leave with a memorable experience.

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