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2017-2018 EDITION

Manhattan New York is an international city, many of our buyers are parents of international students who come from other countries from Europe, Asia, Canada, Latin America and other parts of the world.

Manhattan New York has many distinguished universities and colleges that can offer undergraduate and graduate degrees. Many of our buyers study in New York University, Parsons School of Design, the School of Visual Arts, Columbia University, the Julliard school, Cooper Union and reputable academic institutions.

Here are several housing options for the newly arrived students:

College Housing: If the student new to New York and not familiar with the city, the first year is a good idea the student stay in the dormitory so that they make some local friends and have a good understanding of the city. Sometimes this is an option that can usually cost more than renting a non-dorm apartment in the schools’ surrounding areas.

Renting Off Campus-a non-dorm apartment: This is a slightly less expensive option than a school offered housing. It is also common practice that as an international student, New York city landlords require an extra security deposit or entire one year rent upfront to establish a good relationship as well as security. Especially if that student or parents do not have a Social Security number issued by the United States, nor US credit history, the parents are usually asked to pay for entire 12 months upfront to secure a rental property. If the apartment is $3,000 USD per month, the parents may be asked to pay $36,000 one year rent up front plus security deposit of $3,000. (this is not including any application fee or broker fee that may be associated with the property)

As of end of 2017 moving towards 2018 school year, current market condition, there are many competitively priced Manhattan New York condos that International students. International parents Buying a Manhattan New York condo: This is often the option for many of our international buyers.

As an International or foreign buyer, buying condo in New York is very different than the rest of the world. Our buyers rely on us to guide them through this process to make sure they select the best condo for their needs.

Each aspect of this is important as there are many details that an unfamiliar buyer can make the mistake. Such as how the offer are communicated (price and terms), contract details,
and final closing coordination and small details along the way, we have many years of experiences to ensure no mistakes is made and it goes smoothly.

We are experts in representing International foreigner buyers as Buyers’ agent. In the state of New York, there is NO COST for buyer use our services as your exclusive Manhattan New York Condo Buyer’s agent.

In all of our sales, Manhattan New York sellers pay for both sellers’ and buyers’ agent brokerage fee. Although there is no actual fee apply to you as a international buyer to work with us, we ask your exclusive working relationship with us, and allow us to be your exclusive buyer’s agent through out your NYC purchase. We have access to every property that is on the current market place and many times off market properties as well through our extensive brokerage relationships.

When we are working international buyers, we tour our buyers through different neighborhoods and NYC city blocks. By looking through different condo units with us, you will be consulted on each property we see together. Our international foreign buyers will get an overall feel for available condo inventory on the market in Manhattan New York, after seeing what is best suited on the market, then we work together with our buyers to critique each property to select what is best fit to the lifestyle.

We have a team of Real Estate attorneys, financial advisers, bankers, mortgage consultant or private lenders that specialized in International foreign buyers buy NYC condos. These are the market experts that can help an international buyer purchase New York city condos in a seamless manner.

There are lots of other agents who may have only sold one unit to International foreign buyers condos in their Real Estate career, but that does not mean they have the most experiences or intimate knowledge of this ever changing dynamic Real Estate market.

Call today at (917)837-8869 or Email us to work with an experienced team that specialized in working with international foreign buyers.




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