Condos Near The Juilliard School

Many of our out of town and international buyers are parents buying for children that either work or go to school in New York. In our Manhattan New York Condos Near Universities series, we are discussing different condos near each universities. In this blog post, we will be discuss the condos near The Julliard School of music.

The Juilliard School is one of the most prestigious and distinguished performing arts conservatories not just in New York City but the world. Typically referred to as Juilliard, and located at 60 Lincoln Square Plaza. Juilliard is located in the heart of the Upper West Side’s Lincoln Square neighborhood.  There are a number of different condos near Juilliard available. If you are looking for condos near Juilliard for sale or condos for rent near Juilliard you will have many options.

Apartments near Juilliard School, will depend on what type of condominium you are looking for. If you are looking for well established condominium full time doorman condominium buildings in the Lincoln Square neighborhood, you have a number of options including, Dorchester Towers at 155 West 68th St, One Lincoln Plaza at 20 West 64th St, 30 West 63rd Street or The Coronado at 155 West 70th Street.  For a luxury hi-rise building, look no farther than one of the Millennium Buildings at 1965 Broadway, 101 West 67th Street, or 111 West 67th Street.  Or for a luxury new construction building, look at 200 West End Avenue, 10 West Avenue, The Adagio at 243 W 60th St.

Apartments near Juilliard School are available just depends on whether you are looking for a condominium for sale near Juilliard or a condominium for rent near Juilliard.  If you are looking for this type of apartment near Juilliard contact us today at (917) 837 – 8869 or email at

Our Top 5 Condos Near The Juilliard School

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