Chinese Mandarin Speaking Real Estate broker EILEEN HSU help Parents buy for Children

Chinese Mandarin Speaking Real Estate brokers help Parents buy for Children

We are a team of Bilingual Mandarin Chinese Real Estate brokers in Manhattan New York help parents buy condos adult children who go to school or work here. 

Chinese Speaking Real Estate Broker EILEEN HSU with her mother

Chinese Speaking Real Estate Broker EILEEN HSU with her mother

Our Chinese buyers are from both United States and international countries such as Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Canada, their main reason of buying is because their young adult children work in Manhattan New York or go to University in New York and instead of renting, culturally we believe it is better to own than pay rent.
As Chinese Real Estate brokers specialize in Parents buying NYC condos for Children, we facilitate the home search in many aspects, we bridge the culture difference by being Asian Americans ourselves and understand many fundamental of Asian beliefs and house hunting basic requirements, we help parents understand the complexity of Manhattan Real Estate market place by providing a comprehensive overview and basic market knowledge.  
Direct and clear communication is essential when working as Mandarin Chinese Real Estate brokers with Chinese buyers. Once we understand what our buyers parents buy condo for children are looking for, we will make our recommendation and suggestions based on their criteria. We will recommend the type of housing product, neighborhood, buildings that will work best for their needs, and connect them with trusted advisers such as accountants, lawyers, financial planners and etc to ensure their purchase is well and sound.
If you are a parent looking to buy condo in NYC and would like to work with a team of successful Mandarin Chinese speaking brokers in New York city, contact us today by email or call (646)644-6929 and we will reply to you promptly. 

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