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nion Square Condos is in a area where Neighborhoods around the square are the Flatiron District to the north, Chelsea to the west, Greenwich Village to the south, and Gramercy to the east. Many buildings of The New School are near the square,as are several dormitories of New York University. Many of our buyers asks us about Union Square condos because they love the neighborhood and the convenience of the all the shops and transportation. When a buyer asks about a ‘Downtown’ condo, most of the time they means the Union Square neighborhood. We have helped a photographer finding his one of the kind loft Union Square condo, and we have also helped an out of state parents to buy a Union Square condo for their son that is going to New York University graduate school. We know Union Square Real Estate market, we sell Union Square Condos.

254 Park Ave South Condo for Rent

254 Park Ave South Condo for Rent

254 Park Avenue South located in the Flatiron district, a chic loft (one bedroom) is now available for rent at $4,300 per month.

Mint level renovation with over 13 feet ceiling height in the open living room makes this loft very special and perfect for Downtown lovers.

254 ParkAveSouth

The loft apartment is Southern facing with beautiful sun-drenched windows, brings in plenty of sunlight.


254 Park Avenue South, the sleeping loft conveniently fits a queen size bedroom with a comfortable ceiling height.


Perfect location near Union Square, multiple of New York City’s top universities, restaurants, shopping, and transportation options. 

Call us (917)837-8869 see this apartment today.

Available October 1st for move-in.

Greenwich Village Condos for Sale – What Can You Buy for Under $1,000,000?

Greenwich Village Condos for Sale – What Can You Buy for Under $1,000,000?

Have you been looking to buy a Condominium in or near the Greenwich Village Neighborhood in Manhattan? Have you had a hard time finding anything to purchase? I’d be surprised if your answer wasn’t a resounding Yes!!

Greenwich Village Condominiums for Sale under $1,000,000 has very limited amounts of inventory. The reason for this :

1. There aren’t that many condominium buildings in the Greenwich Village neighborhood, so the supply is always restricted.
2. When a condominium does become available for under $1,000,000 you will expect a lot of buyers demand, selling quickly.

As of September 9, 2015, we ran a search and see just Five (5) Condominiums available for under $1,000,000. The starting price range is $765,000. These are studio sized condominiums, average size about 500 sq ft.

If you were to increase your budget up to $1,500,000, there is still only the same Five (5) Condos available with no increase in inventory.

At $2,000,000 that you have an additional Four(4) Condominiums now on the market, and these are still just studio and one bedroom condos.
To buy a Two Bedroom Condominium, that is typically going to start around $3,000,000.


1. You should be open minded to expanding your search, start to include the West Village, the Flat Iron Neighborhood, the East Village, Gramercy Park and Chelsea. You will start to see more options as you go a few blocks outside of Greenwich Village. Those are still excellent neighborhoods, so looking in them makes a lot of sense.

2. Condominium inventory is seasonal. We see more inventory come on the market in the early fall and the spring. Those are the times of year with the most condominiums being put up for sale. So if you can time your search around then, you might have more to look at.

3. Become an Informed Buyer. The more you know about the sales prices, the types of buildings that you will be looking at, how quickly a condo will sell and the best way to position yourself to secure your very own condo here in Manhattan, the better off you will become.

This is where we step in to help you. We are experienced Real Estate agents who know the Condominium market here in Manhattan. We have helped many buyers purchase in Greenwich Village and surrounding neighborhoods.


If you are ready to start looking next week, or just started the planning stage and thinking of buying next year, we are here to help.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this blog post. Below are some similar market report about Greenwich Village. Or if you would like to have more in-depth conversation, call us (917)837-8869.

Greenwich Village Two Bedroom Condo Market Report:

Greenwich Village Condo for sale – Studio and One Bedrooms


Top Condos Near NYU New York University

Top Condos Near NYU New York University

Are you looking to buy or rent a condominium near NYU in Manhattan? You’ve come to the right place, we will educate you on the process and explain to you our unique Manhattan New York Real Estate market. We have helped many parents buying for son or daughter that is going to be going to NYU or currently attending NYU in finding the right condo for them.

First things first, when we are talking about NYU, we are focusing on the main New York University campus in Greenwich Village.  Within the main campus you will also find the NYU Stern School of Business and NYU Law School.

For those of you looking for condominiums near NYU School of Medicine or the NYU College of Dentistry take a look here. Or click on this link: (the School of Visual Art, SVA, is also in the same area as NYU Medicine school and NYU College of Dentistry)

If you are looking to buy a condominium near NYU here is a list of things you must know:

1. Most of the property surrounding NYU is either rental buildings or Cooperative buildings, there are very few condominium buildings that you can purchase in.  Meaning, expect a limited amount of inventory. There is very unique difference between a condo and a coop, this is a must know if you are looking to purchase for your son or daughter. To read more about the difference, you can click on the explanation link below.


The reason why a condominium building is much more preferred than a Co-operative is because condominium provides real ownership and much more flexibility and ease of purchase. To learn more about condominium owner versus cooperative ownership click here:


125East 12

2. The main NYU campus is found in the Greenwich Village neighborhood, however there are other wonderful Manhattan New York Downtown neighborhoods within very short commutes to the campus.  Meaning it’s worthwhile to look in the West Village, the East Village, parts of Soho, the Flatiron neighborhood and even Gramercy and Chelsea.

There are a lot of surrounding neighborhoods by the school that are fairly close, just depending on how close you want to be.

3. What is your timeline? The purchase process for a condominium even if you are an all cash buyer, can take 30-45 days once you sign a contract for sale.  If you are financing, add on additional 60-90 days at the very least.

This means if you are looking to close before school starts you will need to probably start looking 60 days prior to give you a chance to move in before school.


4. Condos near NYU are highly sought after, and the price reflects this.  Greenwich Village is one of the most desired neighborhoods in Manhattan and for good reason, extremely well positioned, a combination of historic value with neighborhood amenities, demand coming from both buyers who love the neighborhood and for buyers who are purchasing to just be close to the multiple university campus’s that are found within it’s borders.

We are experienced Real Estate agents who focus on the condominium sales market, we also work with many parents like yourself looking to purchase a condo for the son or daughter. If you are ready to start your search or simply want an idea of what condominiums are currently available near the NYU campus, call us at (917)837-8869 and we can discuss what your needs are and make recommendation to you.


The American Felt Building Condominium at 114 East 13th Street New York City – Pre-War Condominium Lofts New York City

The American Felt Building Condominium – 114 East 13th Street New York City –

Pre-War Condominium Lofts New York 

What is the American Felt Building Condominium Like?

The American Felt Condominium located at 114 East 13th Street is a very unique building.  It is one of the only pre-war full time doorman condominium loft buildings in downtown Manhattan and more specifically the Union Square/East Village neighborhood.
AmericanFeltCondominium_114East13thStreet-225x300Located on 13th Street between Fourth and Third Avenues, you are literally sitting at the crossroads of the Union Square, East Village and Greenwich Village neighborhoods.  A convenient and attractive location for so many reasons.

Originally built in 1909, the building was home to the American Felt Company which was the primary producer of the felt used for the world famous Steinway Piano Company.   Converted into condominiums in the early 1980’s, this was one of the very first condominium buildings to be converted in the gentrification of the Union Square neighborhood.  At the time, the neighborhood was considered “up and coming” and had a reputation as a more raw area, but buildings like the American Felt Building and other condominiums such as 115 Fourth Avenue the Petersfield, the Zachary at 125 East 12th Street and the neighborhood defining Zeckendorf Towers at 1 Irving Place established the neighborhood and started to turn it into what it is today.  These Union Square condominium buildings are now some of the most desirable and respected buildings in downtown Manhattan.

Making the American Felt Building so desirable are the apartments themselves, taking advantage of it’s factory heritage, ceilings are tall, typically 11-12 feet high, expansive windows bring in tremendous light, layouts are open, and apartment sizes are generous.  Some of the higher floor apartments will have wood burning fireplaces, double exposures, balconies and open views of the East Village and Greenwich Village neighborhoods.  These features are extremely unique and the major reasons why there is so much desirability when an apartment comes for sale at the American Felt Building Condominium.

The building itself has a full time doorman, a roof deck, storage and is both pet friendly and investor or pied a terre friendly making the building a very flexible type of purchase. There are approximately 40 apartments in the building, spread out over 12 floors, most floors only have 4 apartments per floor.

What is the neighborhood like?

Located Between Fourth Avenue and Third Avenue on 13th Street, the American Felt Condominium Building is located in the East Village, but within immediate distance to Union Square, Greenwich Village, and NYU.  The location is a crossroads of what makes downtown Manhattan so desirable, the combination of neighborhood amenities including dining, shopping and transportation all at your fingertips.

Being within immediate proximity to the East Village, Union Square and Greenwich Village, you have the best of all worlds.  The Farmer’s market located at Union Square, the restaurants and energy of the East Village, the ambiance and historic charm of Greenwich Village, you get to take your pick of any of the attributes that makes all of these neighborhoods stand out as some of Manhattan’s best places to live.

What are the apartments like at the American Felt Condominium at 114 East 13th Street?

One of the most unique pre-war condominium buildings in the East Village and Union Square neighborhoods, almost no where else can you find the combination of loft characteristics that you will have at the American Felt Building.

When you first walk into any of the apartments you will notice the tall ceilings, typically 11-12 feet depending on the floor.  Then you will notice the spacious layouts with very little columns or obstructions.  This combination of tall ceilings and open layouts creates a volume of space that is extremely unique for a Manhattan apartment.  What I consider over-sized windows bringing in maximum amount of light into the apartments is another wonderful feature.  Depending on the exposure some apartments will have outdoor balcony’s, double exposures and fireplaces.  When adding these features to an already impressive base you now have a truly unique apartment.  Apartment condition and layout varies throughout the building because this is a condominium each owner has had the opportunity to renovate.  You will find some apartments customized to the personal tastes and decor of their owners, so often no two apartments are the same.

Most apartments I have seen are usually studio or 1 bedroom layouts, some larger apartments do exist but do not come on the market often.

Why Buy an Apartment at the American Felt Building Condominium?

If you are looking for a condominium loft with a full time doorman in the Union Square, East Village or Greenwich Village  neighborhoods then this will be one of the only buildings that fits the bill.  If you are looking for an apartment with features that match what is available at the American Felt Building including fireplaces, outdoor space, 11-12 foot tall ceilings, open layouts than you will be drawn to buying here.  The combination of location and the type of apartments at the American Felt Building really is unique and the demand always outweighs the supply for these apartments.

What do apartments sell for at the American Felt Building at 114 East 13th Street?

The standard layout at the American Felt Building in 2012 and 2013 has been selling for in the range of $1,195,000 to $1,390,000.  The more unique layouts with outdoor space, double exposures, found on higher floors can easily exceed this range.  Because the layouts are so unique at 114 East 13th Street, pricing apartments effectively will require looking at the many characteristics of each apartment and coming up a valuation that factors in specific renovations, layouts and unique apartment attributes.

Are you ready to buy or sell an apartment at the American Felt Building?

If you are give us a call at (917) 837-8869 to discuss availability and pricing.

If you are interested in watching a video I filmed outside the American Felt Building click below:

If you are interested in buying or selling an apartment at the American Felt Building please call us today at (917) 837-8869 or email at Morgan.Evans(at)

View Greenwich Village Condominiums in a larger map

30 West 61st Street – JUST SOLD Studio condo USD$480,000.

30 West 61st Street New York New York 10023 – JUST SOLD, Studio apartment $480,000.

We work with many parents buying for Children for young adult son or daughter that either go to school here in NYC or work in NYC. This studio apartment is perfect for that purpose or an investor who is looking to park their cash in Manhattan New York Real Estate.

This studio apartment has South facing sunny exposure, open kitchen, plenty of closet space, it is perfect for someone who loves Upper West Side, or work/go to school near the neighborhood.

The Beaumont Condominium is a fantastic Condo building in the heart of the ever growing Lincoln Center and Columbus Circle community. 30 West 61st Street is a 31 story brick building, with 166 units including studios – 3 BR’s and 5 penthouses (each with its own roof top decks and fireplaces).

The building has 24 hour Doorman, Concierge, and a Superintent in the building. Laundry machine on each floor, the parking garage (separate monthly fee) is in an adjacent building, and there is a green landscaped courtyard for building residents to enjoy.

This apartment is sold, but we do have other studios or apartments very comparable to this studio. Call us today at (917)837-8869 so we can discuss in detail what you are looking for and find the perfect fit for you.

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Parents Buying for Children Manhattan New York condo MUST READ
Call us today at (917)837-8869 so we can discuss in detail what you are looking for and find the perfect fit for you.

Greenwich Village Condos-How much is one bedroom in Greenwich Village?

Greenwich Village Condos for Sale are highly desired for a number of reasons.  First being that Greenwich Village is in the heart of downtown Manhattan.  A central location with a long established neighborhood community.  Greenwich Village is commonly the quintessential neighborhood when people think of New York City.  Greenwich Village Condos for sale are also highly desired because they are hard to come by.

The neighborhood itself is made up mainly of pre-war cooperative type buildings, meaning that the supply of Greenwich Village condos for sale is always limited.  This low supply of condominium buildings and consistent and high demand for condominium buildings has created one of the best long term investment purchases you can find in all of Manhattan.

One of the common questions we receive is “How much is a one bedroom Greenwich Village Condo for sale Cost?” It’s a fairly simple answer as there aren’t that many 1 bedroom condos for sale in Greenwich Village, however depending on what you are looking for the prices will vary.

If you are looking for a new construction or recently renovated building in Greenwich Village you are in luck.  New construction condominium and Greenwich Village is not something that comes up too often as it’s extremely rare.  But there are some recent buildings that have come available.  The two buildings that come to mind are 28 East 10th St-The Devonshire House and 130 West 12th Street-a recent condominium building.  Both buildings are going to have a distinct pre-war feel.  They are full time doorman buildings with top to bottom renovations.

One Bedrooms at 130 West 12th Street which just started selling are priced starting at $1,400,000 and went up from there.  Every single 1 bedroom condo for sale at 130 West 12th St that was made available by the sponsor is already in contract.  In fact most of the apartments made available by the sponsor have already gone into contract.

One Bedrooms at 28 East 10th Street-The Devonshire House, all sold out very quickly much like 130 West 12th Street.  At the time they came on the market the price range was approximately $1,150,000-$1,600,000.

If you are looking for a typical re-sale condominium 1 bedroom condo that is where you are going to find the majority of the inventory.   A number of factors make a lot of difference for pricing in a Greenwich Village condominium building.  The factors include condition-there is a large premium and demand for renovated apartments, pre-war or post-war buildings- Pre-War buildings are quite rare and the 1 bedrooms for sale in those buildings sell at a premium because of the built in scarcity, and always size and exposure of the apartment.  Higher floor apartments are always going to sell for more because of the quality views and light that comes with it.  Every square foot matters a lot in Manhattan, the larger the apartment the more expensive it’s going to be.

Pricing for a one Bedroom Condo in Greenwich Village is typically going to start around $800,000 and easily approaches $1,500,000 for the larger more renovated pre-war apartments.  The average price is going to be around $1,150,000 and will start to go up or down depending on what exactly you are looking for.

If you are looking to purchase a One Bedroom Greenwich Village Condo either for yourself, a child attending one of the near-by universities, as a pied a terre or investment property, you can contact me today at (917) 837-8869.  We are very familiar with the real estate market in Greenwich Village for condominium apartments and can help you with your search.

Greenwich Village 1 Bedroom condos for sale is a driven market, the best apartments are selling quickly, we can be contacted at (917) 837-8869 or email us by clicking this link

Manhattan Greenwich Village One bedroom Condominium Market Report

Manhattan Greenwich Village One Bedroom (1) Condominium Market Report
Greenwich Village is one of New York City’s most celebrated and desirable neighborhoods.
A rich cultural and historical tradition, Greenwich Village has some of the finest Manhattan condominium real estate for sale.  Most of Greenwich Village real estate is made up of cooperative buildings.  I would say that probably 85% of the building’s in Greenwich Village are cooperatives.  This makes the condominium market in Greenwich Village have a very tight amount of supply of available condominium apartments for sale.  There are a lot of reasons many buyer’s look for a condominium apartment, some being looking for the flexibility to buy it as an investment property and the relative ease of purchase without having to go through the cooperative process.
In Greenwich Village as of this blog post there are approximately 12-13 1 bedroom condos for sale in Greenwich Village.  That is a very small number, most buyers looking in Greenwich Village will also look in certain parts of the West Village, Soho, Chelsea, East Village and the Union Square area, but nonetheless that is a small amount of inventory to look at.
The price range typically starts around $850,000 for a true 1 bedroom in a condominium building, but for a full time doorman building in the heart of Greenwich Village, expect the price point to start around $1,000,000 and go up from there.
In the last 60 days, I see that 3 One Bedroom apartments sold and closed in Greenwich Village with a range in price of $1,110,000 up to $1,900,000.  The Average Days on Market for those Three Apartments from the time it went on the market to having an offer accepted was less than 45 days.  That means that the best priced apartments are seeing a lot of interest and are still going into contract very quickly.
If you are looking to buy a Greenwich Village 1 One Bedroom Condominium, you can contact me at (917) 837-8869 and we can discuss what your specific needs are and what is currently available.
If are the owner of a Greenwich Village condominium apartment and interested in selling, you can email
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Where is Greenwich Village New York?

Greenwich Village is a historically rich and desirable neighborhood in the downtown area of Manhattan New York City. A residential neighborhood that was the center and home to 20th Century artistic and cultural movements.  Originally a rural area in the 18th Century, Greenwich Village was outside the more developed portion of what was known as New Amsterdam or New York to the south.

Boundaries have changed and more neighborhoods that were once part of Greenwich Village have now been designated and separated but a generally agreeable boundary designation for Greenwich Village today is that, the Northern Boundary is 14th Street, the Southern Boundary is Houston Street, to the west is 6th Avenue and to the East is Broadway or Fourth Avenue.

This area is referred to as the Central Village or Greenwich Village.  It’s western neighbor, The West Village, is sometimes referred to as a part of Greenwich Village, but it has it’s own neighborhood.  To the East, is NoHo, and the East Village.  Directly South of Greenwich Village is SoHo and to the North is the Union Square, Flatiron, and Chelsea neighborhoods.

Greenwich Village Real Estate for sale is some of the most desirable in all of Manhattan.  Desirable for many reasons.

  • Location-Literally in the middle of Downtown Manhattan. Close to restaurants, transportation, schools, and shopping.
  • History-There are many pre-war apartments in Greenwich Village. These buildings, some designed by Emery Roth, built by Bing and Bing are some of the most well established condominium buildings.
  • Investment-Greenwich Village has been one of the soundest areas for real estate investment in all of Manhattan.  Because of the desirable nature of the area pricing has been very consistent.
  • Character-The tree lined streets, neighborhood restaurants, public spaces such as Washington Square Park, The Gold Coast of Fifth Avenue, boutique shopping and cafes make Greenwich Village a unique neighborhood.

If you are interested in purchasing an apartment in Greenwich Village contact us today at (917) 837-8869.  If you are interested in purchasing a condominium in Greenwich Village for investment, email us here:

For more reading about Greenwich Village Real Estate:

Greenwich Village Apartments for Sale-Part 2 Prewar Condos

Greenwich Village Apartments for Sale Part 2 Prewar Condos

In this Part 2 series of Greenwich Village Apartment for sale, we will discuss some prewar condos within Greenwich Village. Greenwich Village Real Estate is known for many of its prewar buildings with classic layouts and architectural elements. The supply of prewar buildings in Greenwich Village like much of the rest of the city is overwhelmingly co-op.  Take for example that currently I see that there are about 120 Greenwich Village prewar apartments for sale in Greenwich Village and 20 of those are in condominium buildings.  If you have wanted to purchase a condominium in Greenwich Village you have been limited to a certain number of buildings including:

Greenwich Village Apartments for sale 25 Fifth Ave

25 Fifth Ave – Greenwich Village Prewar Condo

Located on the “Gold Coast” of Fifth Avenue and 9th Street this Greenwich Village Condo building was converted to a condominium in 2000. Like most prewar buildings most apartments in the building have wood-burning fireplaces, high ceilings, ornate architectural details accompanied with a 24-hour concierge, gym, laundry and storage. 25 Fifth Ave is going to be one of the few prewar condominium buildings on Fifth Avenue that will come up on your search for Greenwich Village Apartments for Sale.”

Greenwich Village Apartments for Sale

Devonshire House at 28 E 10th St – Greenwich Village PreWar Condo

The Devonshire House is the latest prewar condominium to be added to some of the most desired Greenwich Village prewar condominium real estate apartments for sale. This 1928 Emery Roth designed building, was recently converted from rental into condominium. The Devonshire House underwent a high end renovation including upgrading the plumbing, electrical and central air-conditioning and to the finishes in each apartment including radiant-heat bathroom floors, detailed moldings, and high end bathroom and kitchen finishes.  The apartments initially made available sold out very quickly, but more apartments are expected to be put on the market in the fall of 2010.

Greenwich Village Apartments for Sale

59 W 12th Street – Greenwich Village Prewar Condo

Built in 1931 by noted New York City architect Emery Roth and built by the equally notable firm Bing and Bing, 59 W 12th St is on of the most highly coveted Greenwich Village prewar condominiums. Located on 12th Street between 5th and the Avenue of the Americas, this location is considered to be one of the most attractive streets in Greenwich Village. Building amenities include 24 hour doorman bicycle and laundry room, and children’s playroom. Apartment features include fireplaces, spacious pre-war layouts, along with great southern facing views of downtown Manhattan from the upper floors of this respected building. When apartments come available in the building they are some of the most desired Greenwich Village Apartments for Sale.

Because there are fewer prewar condos for sale in Greenwich Village expect higher prices.  But your purchase will be well rewarded.  If you would like a complete list of Greenwich Village Apartments for Sale or Greenwich Village Apartments for sales (Prewar Condos), contact us today at (917) 837-8869 or email at

Greenwich Village Apartments for Sale – Part 1 What does $500,000 Buy Me?

Greenwich Village Apartments for Sale –  Part 1 What does $500,000 Buy Me?

Are you looking at Greenwich Village Apartments for Sale with a budget of around $500,000? Well if you are, you have come to the right place. Greenwich Village Apartments under $500,000 is a very competitive market.  Let’s look at what is available.

According to, as of today there are 45 Greenwich Village Apartments for Sale.  All of these properties are Greenwich Village Co-ops, none of them are condominiums.  To buy a Greenwich Village Condominium the price point starts at approximately $550,000.00 for a studio.

The median price is $399,000. The median size is 400 sq ft and the median price per sq ft is $967.00

At the higher end of the $500,000 price range for Greenwich Village Apartments for Sale, you are going to find a certain number of characteristics in common.  The full service doorman buildings, higher floors with better exposures, larger layouts-alcove studios, some junior 1 bedrooms, and often renovated kitchens and baths.

There are 18 Greenwich Village Apartments In-Contract right now. The median size is 500 sq ft and the median price is $437,000.00.  As I look at the specific properties I see that a common characteristic that the larger more renovated apartments are the ones that are selling the quickest as there is more demand for these types of apartments.

If you are looking for a Greenwich Village Apartments for Sale under $500,000.00 and would like to contact me, call me at (917) 837-8869 or email us. (

Greenwich Village NY Condos buyers MUST READ

Greenwich Village NY Condos buyers MUST READ

Have you been looking for a condominium for sale in the Greenwich Village neighborhood in New York City? If you have been looking for a Greenwich Village NY Condo than you have probably been seeing a couple of market activities happening quite consistently:

1. Multiple Offers on 1 Bedroom Greenwich Village Condos for sale. I have been working with multiple customer’s looking in the 1 Bedroom Condo market. If a newly renovated full time doorman 1 bedroom condo has come on the market for less than $1,000,000, the first open house is packed and multiple offers come in shortly. Most of the offers are cash, or non-mortgage contingent at or near the asking price.  

2. Almost no inventory for Greenwich Village apartments less than $600,000. The studio or alcove studio condominium market in not only Greenwich Village, but in the East Village or the West Village is quite limited. After a couple of afternoons you can see everything that is available. The well priced apartments are selling quickly and the apartments with more aspirational pricing are even getting more interest. This time of year see’s an influx of demand and the low supply creates an atmosphere where the best Greenwich Village condos for sale are moving quickly.

3. Greenwich Village Pre-War condo inventory is scarce. Building’s like 59 West 12th Street, 2 Cornelia Street, 115 Fourth Ave, 45 Christopher St, 299 and 302 West 12th St, The American Felt Building have very little inventory. The Bing and Bing Emery Roth designed pre-war condos are always desired and when priced well sell quickly. The unique apartments, such as duplexes, apartments with open views, recently renovated, don’t sit on the market quickly.

4. Larger Apartments Inventory Limited. In my database I see 12 Two Bedroom Condos for Sale in Greenwich Village right now, 10 Three Bedroom Condos for Sale in Greenwich Village and 4 Four Bedroom Condos or Larger in Greenwich Village. If you are entering this segment of the market, you will probably expand your search to the West Village, parts of the East Village and parts of Chelsea, but you will still have a small number of apartments to view.

Overall, the spring and early summer real estate market for condos for sale in Greenwich Village has been quite robust with multiple offers for apartments priced effectively for their individual part of the market. One Bedroom Condos in Doorman buildings have seen a lot of interest.

For more reading about Greenwich Village Real Estate:

If you are interested in purchasing a Greenwich Village Condo or an apartment in the downtown area contact me today at (917) 837-8869 to discuss your specific needs.

Parents Buying for Children Manhattan New York condo MUST READ

We are Manhattan Condo Specialists, in our How to Buy a Manhattan New York Condo series, we talked about Know the Housing Product, Understand the Buying Power, Financial Report of the Manhattan Condo or Coop building, NYC Apartment Terminology, and this section we will talk about how parents can buy for children. We know the Manhattan Condo market and the specific needs of each type of buyers.

Buying a Manhattan New York Condo as parents buying for children, you should understand your budget and time frame to start. We work with many parents who are buying for their son/daughter that goes to New York University, Parsons school of design, School of Visual Arts, Columbia University, Jillards music school and other well known schools here in Manhattan New York.

Is this for your son or daughter that is currently working in Manhattan? Do they have a job stability or financial freedom? Are they currently renting and lease may be expiring soon or month to month arrangement? It is important for us to know the reason and timeframe so we can narrow down the search for you.

Buying a Manhattan New York Condo as parents buying for children, you should PLAN AHEAD, and speak with all the parties involved (not you and your child but rather the right mortgage consultant/banker, accountant, a knowledgeable Manhattan Real Estate attorney, but first, you should contact us (917)837-8869 to start the conversation early.)

  • If Buying all cash, and you are buying a condominium, the quickest we can close would be 45 days. If it is a cooperative, then it can be 90 or more days subject to condo board approval. If it is new construction condo, it can be two weeks up to unknown period of time depending on construction stage.
  • Mortgage consultant: If you are planning to buy the condo all cash, that is always desirable when presenting offers to condo sellers. Keep in mind that you should have enough equity in case there is an increase in monthly carrying charge for this condo or other misc mishappens. If you are planning on financing this investment, be sure to speak to a local Manhattan lender that is familiarize with the market, the lending rules, and the mortgage products that may be suitable for you and your son/daughter.
  • Accountant: If you are planning to co-purchase the condo with your child, be sure to discuss the possible tax complication you may have with your accountant. Speak to your accountant prior to your purchase can be very helpful.
  • Manhattan Real Estate Attorney: In addition, speak to a local Real Estate attorney will be helpful as well since the local Manhattan Real Estate can also advise you what is the best way to structure the purchase and think about who/how should take the title of the deed.

Buying a Manhattan New York Condo as parents buying for children, the experienced Manhattan Condo specialists that can guide you through this process and navigate through the Manhattan Real Estate maze. Whether you are a first time buyer, or an investor that have bought and sold multiple properties in other parts of United States or country, we can help.  Understanding the local market with the market expert can maximize your investment and avoid any possible problems down the rule. Many of our past clients are first time investors, they have bought many Manhattan condos under our guidance and continue to do so because we have developed a Real Estate plan for them. If this is something you are interested in, contact us now at (917)837-8869.

Here are some very useful information about buying Manhattan New York condos:

Other Manhattan New York Frequent Asked Questions:

If you do not see your question being answer in any of our blog articles, call us directly (917)837-8869 or email us ( and we will reply promptly.