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We are Manhattan Condo Specialists, Buying a Manhattan New York Condo as parents buying for children, you should understand the unique Manhattan housing market (condominium versus cooperatives), have a realistic budget and flexible time frame to start.

Mandarin-Chinese Speaking Agent specialize in Parents Buying for Children

Here in Manhattan New York, we work with both sellers and buyers depending on their motivation. We have different strategies and plans for sellers and for buyers to maximize their profit and finding the best home for them in this unique market place.

One of our special niche is working with parents buying for children, as Chinese-Mandarin speaking Real Estate agent, we are seeing many Chinese parents coming to Manhattan New York buying condos for their son or daughter that is either current in New York city or planning on coming to New York city in the near future.

As Chinese-Mandarin Speaking Real Estate agent here in NYC, when we work with buyers from out of town, we educate them about the market place and set the right expectation before we go out and see properties. Here are some some unique difference of Manhattan New York Real Estate that is different than other parts of U.S. and other parts of the world.
Housing inventory, we have condo, coops, some condops. For Chinese-Mandarin speaking buyers, it is hard to grasp the concept of cooperative. Each coop building has very different rules in terms of approving the buyers, if the parents would like to use the property as eventual rental investment properties, it may be more ideal to look at condos over coops.
All Cash with No financing offers, many of Manhattan New York buyers are All Cash buyers whether they are from New York, another state, another part of the world, it is very common to be competing with another buyer that is also all cash. All cash offer is more desirable than mortgage offers, but presenting an offer at fair market price and all cash will ensure you secure the property. We have completed all cash transactions at all range of price range from $500,000-$10,000,000 or more.
45 Days is the quickest timeframe to close if it is a standard re-sale condo if all parties prepare the documents in a timely fashion (other than New construction condo that is ready to be move in). This is a market place that there are condo board in place, there will be required application from the purchaser, and it takes usually 30 days or so for the board to approve it. So, if there is a specific timeframe or rental lease for the current son or daughter, it is important to plan early. If financing, the timeframe is conservatively 90 days – 120 days or more.
No offer is binding until both buyers and sellers SIGN and FULLY EXECUTE the contract, 10% deposit is clear. Here in Manhattan New York, the SELLER’S ATTORNEY draft the contract to BUYER’S ATTORNEY, buyer’s attorney complete his/her review, then BUYER signs the contract with deposit, then return to SELLER’S ATTORNEY and seller will counter sign. This takes 7-10 days if all parties are available and responsive. Anytime between there, another (#2)buyer can appear and present a higher/better offer, first buyer’s offer can be overbid and there is NO DEAL.

Here are just short list of important points of our unique market place, and this information may vary based on your individual scenario, you can contact us for a complimentary consultation today (646)644-6929.

If you are a Chinese-Mandarin Speaking parent that have young adult children living, working or moving to Manhattan New York, and you are thinking of buying a condo for them, we can help and work with you in an very efficient matter if you have a specific timeframe. Call today at (646)644-6929 to discuss your thoughts on buying a condo investment in Manhattan New York.



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Manhattan Condo Tour: We are Chinese speaking Real Estate Agents in NYC!

Condos near Parsons School of Design

Condos near Parsons School of Design- We have discussed many different condo options near NYU (New York University) and Condos near the Juilliard School, in this blog, we will discuss condos near Parsons School of Design.

Parson’s is located at 66 Fifth Ave, right in the hear of the Greenwich Village neighborhood in Manhattan. If you are looking for housing near Parson’s School of Design or condos near Parson’s School of Design then you will have many options.

Parson’s School of Design is going to share many of the same condominium housing options that NYU students are also looking for.  Condos near NYU and Condos near Parson’s are typically going to be some of the same buildings.  Parson’s is within walking distance to a number of different neighborhoods, first the Greenwich Village neighborhood, along with Union Square, Chelsea and the Flatiron District.  This crossroads will provide a variety of condominium for sale options near Parson’s.

If you are looking to buy an apartment while you attend Parson’s, a condominium will be your best option. Condominiums provide a flexibile method to purchase with the minimum amount of rules if you want to turn the apartment into a potential investment unt.  Condos near Parson’s will include One Irving Place, commonly known as Zeckendorf Towers.  If you are looking for a pre-war condo near Parson’s, you have a number of very fine options including 25 Fifth Avenue, 59 West 12th St, 299 West 12th Street, and even 2 Cornelia Street.

Or if you are looking for a new construction condominium near Parson’s, look at availabilities at Gramercy Starck-340 E 23rd Street over in the Gramercy neighborhood, 16 W 19th St-Jade NYC, or 122 Greenwich Avenue.

If you are interested in newly constructed buildings, there are a number of new construction projects available in the surrounding neighborhoods. The availability always changes and updates daily, so contact us at (917) 837-8869 and we can provide you with the most up to date information.

Apartments near Parson’s will give you many options, whether you are looking to rent or to buy. The question is how to figure out what is a fair market price and how to efficiently go about the purchase process as quickly and effortlessly as possible is where we will be able to help you.  If you are interested in renting or buying a condo or apartment near Parson’s School of Design, contact us at (917) 837-8869.

Before buying in New York city Cooperative Must Know

Before buying in New York city Cooperative Must Know

Whether you are international foreigner or United States citizens, before considering in buying in a co-op, here are few items one should consider in buying in a coop.

Buyers or Investors to buy an apartment in a co-op building are not easy for several reasons:

  1. Co-op purchaser approval takes weeks — if not months — and is a rigorous and notoriously difficult process. The majority of co-ops only approve buyers with New York employment, US income tax and excellent credit history in the US. The law does not require a co-op to provide an explanation for a potential buyer’s rejection.
  2. There are often restrictions on how much financing a buyer can use (for example, no more than a certain percentage of the unit price).
  3. Almost all co-ops restrict the right to sublet your apartment, which makes it unattractive to investors and many buyers. Usually, co-op apartments cannot be rented out at all or can be rented out for one or two years after a certain number of years of owner occupancy.
  4. Co-ops regulate your use of the apartment in many other ways, including having guests or performing renovations.
  5. When selling (or renting it out when allowed) a co-op, the next buyer or perspective tenant will be subject to co-op approval AND interview as well, which reduces the number of qualified buyers and therefore reduces the price of your investment.
  6. There are often additional “flip taxes” on the resale of a co-op to discourage speculators.
  7. Regardless if this is an ALL CASH or FINANCED purchase, full financial disclosure is required. This means perspective purchaser will have to provide tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements and other supporting documents to verify the assets and meet the requirement of the coop.
  8. Every co-op is different in regards to if they will allow the apartment to be used as a part time residence(pied a terre), allowing a parent to buy the apartment with or for their own child, allowing a guarantor or co-purchase structure to buy the apartment.

Co-op buildings are governed by Co-op Boards where there is a Board of Directors reviewing, evaluating and discussing each decision made by the co-op. These decisions range from coop policy, budget expenses, future renovation/repairs, surround neighborhood concerns, maintenance fee projection and approval of other shareholders’ sale or lease of the apartment just to name a few.

With all that being said, some of the most prestigious buildings in Manhattan New York are cooperatives with similiar of rules or format as mentioned above. Each cooperative building has its own house rules and policies, many buildings along Central Park on Central Park West and Fifth Avenue are cooperative buildings. If you are looking to live on one of these prestigious and desirable streets, you will more than likely be looking at cooperative residences for sale.  There will be a few condominium buildings along Central Park West, Fifth Avenue, Park Avenue, but the supply is very limited.

If you are looking to buy an apartment in Manhattan New York and not sure where to start, I encourage to give us a call today at 917 837 8869 to strategically plan your search.

Condos near SVA(the School of Visual Arts)

Condos near SVA(the School of Visual Arts)
This is one of our series of Condos near different schools in Manhattan New York. We have wrote about condos near NYUcondos near Julliards, this blog post is about condos near SVA.
The School of Visual Arts, commonly referred to as SVA is one of the leading art schools in the United States. Originally founded in 1947 ast the Cartoonists and Illustrators School and renamed in 1956 to its present name and started offering degrees in 1972.  Condos near The School of Visual Arts or SVA can be a wide search because there are two campuses.

The main campus is at 209 East 23rd Street between Third and Second Avenue. This location is right at the crossroads of a number of different neighborhoods so a search for a condominium near SVA will come up with a number of options.

Condos near SVA in the Gramercy Park area come up with a couple of different buildings. Condominums for rent and for sale are available at340 East 23rd St-The Gramercy Starck. The Gramercy Starck was a new construction condominium in 2008, studios range in price around $550,000 for sale and approximately $2500/month for rent.  The Tempo at 300 East 23rd St is also a new construction condominium that is not completed yet but will by the end of 2011.  Another condo near SVA would be 121 East 23rd St the Crossing 23rd.  This is also a fairly recent condominium building, with different sized apartments for rent and for sale.  These are just a few examples of buildings in the area, whether you want to live in Gramercy Park, Murray Hill, Flatiron or the Union Square neighborhood we can help you find the right condo near SVA.

Condos near the main campus SVA location will include a variety of locations in Gramercy Park, Kips Bay,Flatiron, and possibly Union Square.  There are different availabilities near the school depends what kind of apartment will work best for you, call us at (917) 837 8869 so we can discuss criteria and specific timeframe.

Condos near the School of Visual Arts Westside Location are going to include the Chelsea neighborhood. There is a variety of rental and condo buildings near SVA west campus.  If you want to live near the SVA western buildings we can recommend a number of different condo buildings that may fit your preferences.

If you find yourself looking for a condo near SVA, the School of Visual Arts, contact  us today at (917) 837 8869 or email us at or EHSU(@)

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Condos near NYU (New York University)

Condos Near NYU (New York University)

Are you looking for a condo near NYU (New York University)? You are probably not alone.  NYU is home to over 40,000 students, so you can imagine there is a huge demand for housing in the surrounding neighborhoods around NYU.  Located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood, NYU has a long history in the neighborhood and a large presence with it’s main campus in the Greenwich Village neighborhood.

With an estimated total number of students attending NYU in excess of 40,000 in any given year, the demand for housing is always going to be consistently high.  Outside of university housing options students will be looking for either a rental apartment or a condo near NYU.

To help parents to purchase a condo near NYU is something that we have lots of experience with.  A lot of parents decide to purchase a condominium for their child to live in while they are attending NYU and then most likely hold onto it as a long term investment, rather than pay rent for 4+ years. The condo market near NYU is rather limited.  Most of the building’s are co-ops which tend not to work as both an investment property and a parents buying for children situation.

For investors looking to purchase an apartment, condos near NYU is an excellent choice, as the demand is extremely high with the built in university market.

Most buyers looking to purchase or rent a condo near NYU start their search looking for condos for sale in Greenwich Village, then they expand to both the Union Square, East VillageSoho and West Village neighborhoods.  Any building within a 10 minute walk to NYU is going to see a high demand for potential housing.

Knowing which buildings would make the best long term investments is important, even if it’s a condo you need to understand each building’s policies to see if it will work for you.

If you are interested in purchasing a very established condo building like 1 Irving Place, or looking for a pre-war condo with lot’s of history and character like 59 West 12th Street or a

condo loft building like The Peterfield at 115 Fourth Avenue then you should contact us today to talk about what is available.  Whether it’s a studio apartment or a larger 2 or 3 bedroom condominium in a pre-war loft, condos near NYU is one of our specialities.

To understand about Manhattan Real Estate market, the Manhattan New York neighborhood of your choice and work with the market expert, call us at (917)837-8869.

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Manhattan Greenwich Village One bedroom Condominium Market Report

Manhattan Greenwich Village One Bedroom (1) Condominium Market Report
Greenwich Village is one of New York City’s most celebrated and desirable neighborhoods.
A rich cultural and historical tradition, Greenwich Village has some of the finest Manhattan condominium real estate for sale.  Most of Greenwich Village real estate is made up of cooperative buildings.  I would say that probably 85% of the building’s in Greenwich Village are cooperatives.  This makes the condominium market in Greenwich Village have a very tight amount of supply of available condominium apartments for sale.  There are a lot of reasons many buyer’s look for a condominium apartment, some being looking for the flexibility to buy it as an investment property and the relative ease of purchase without having to go through the cooperative process.
In Greenwich Village as of this blog post there are approximately 12-13 1 bedroom condos for sale in Greenwich Village.  That is a very small number, most buyers looking in Greenwich Village will also look in certain parts of the West Village, Soho, Chelsea, East Village and the Union Square area, but nonetheless that is a small amount of inventory to look at.
The price range typically starts around $850,000 for a true 1 bedroom in a condominium building, but for a full time doorman building in the heart of Greenwich Village, expect the price point to start around $1,000,000 and go up from there.
In the last 60 days, I see that 3 One Bedroom apartments sold and closed in Greenwich Village with a range in price of $1,110,000 up to $1,900,000.  The Average Days on Market for those Three Apartments from the time it went on the market to having an offer accepted was less than 45 days.  That means that the best priced apartments are seeing a lot of interest and are still going into contract very quickly.
If you are looking to buy a Greenwich Village 1 One Bedroom Condominium, you can contact me at (917) 837-8869 and we can discuss what your specific needs are and what is currently available.
If are the owner of a Greenwich Village condominium apartment and interested in selling, you can email
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Condos Near The Juilliard School

Many of our out of town and international buyers are parents buying for children that either work or go to school in New York. In our Manhattan New York Condos Near Universities series, we are discussing different condos near each universities. In this blog post, we will be discuss the condos near The Julliard School of music.

The Juilliard School is one of the most prestigious and distinguished performing arts conservatories not just in New York City but the world. Typically referred to as Juilliard, and located at 60 Lincoln Square Plaza. Juilliard is located in the heart of the Upper West Side’s Lincoln Square neighborhood.  There are a number of different condos near Juilliard available. If you are looking for condos near Juilliard for sale or condos for rent near Juilliard you will have many options.

Apartments near Juilliard School, will depend on what type of condominium you are looking for. If you are looking for well established condominium full time doorman condominium buildings in the Lincoln Square neighborhood, you have a number of options including, Dorchester Towers at 155 West 68th St, One Lincoln Plaza at 20 West 64th St, 30 West 63rd Street or The Coronado at 155 West 70th Street.  For a luxury hi-rise building, look no farther than one of the Millennium Buildings at 1965 Broadway, 101 West 67th Street, or 111 West 67th Street.  Or for a luxury new construction building, look at 200 West End Avenue, 10 West Avenue, The Adagio at 243 W 60th St.

Apartments near Juilliard School are available just depends on whether you are looking for a condominium for sale near Juilliard or a condominium for rent near Juilliard.  If you are looking for this type of apartment near Juilliard contact us today at (917) 837 – 8869 or email at

Our Top 5 Condos Near The Juilliard School

To contact us for Condos Near The Juilliard School Call (917) 837 8869 today.

Riverside Blvd & Riverside Park Manhattan New York

RIVERSIDE BLVD Manhattan New York

Riverside Boulevard is the location of the Trump Park Buildings and now the Extell Development Buildings in the Upper West Side. Not to be confused with Riverside Drive which starts at 72nd St and goes north, Riverside Boulevard starts at 72nd St and goes SOUTH.  Right now it end at 62nd St, but will be lengthened as new development, specifically the Riverside South development project begins.

The Riverside South project was notably developed by Donald Trump and his partners.  Not an easy project that took some time to actually happen as it was a complicated and massive development deal.  The area was originally a freight rail yard owned by New York Central Railroad. Also complicated the development was the West Side Highway, which had to be buried for a certain amount of road.

After decades and many different configurations the project finally came to some fruition as a number of hi-rise condominium buildings were built under the Trump Place name and the Riverside Boulevard address was born. Riverside Blvd is home to the Trump Place buildings and now a number of Extell development buildings including The Rushmore and the new condominium the Aldyn.  There is still southern expansion of the area that is going to be the home of more condominium building’s along with planned parks, school, retail and community involvement.

Some of these buildings include 240 Riverside Blvd-The Heritage at Trump Place, 200 Riverside Blvd, Trump Place at 120 Riverside Blvd, 100 Riverside Blvd-The Avery, 80 Riverside Blvd-The Rushmore and 60 Riverside Blvd-The Aldyn.

Manhattan New York condo buyers frequent asked questions:

Other Upper West side Condo buildings:

If you are interested in purchasing, renting, selling or investing in any of the condominium buildings on Riverside Blvd contact us today at (917) 837-8869.

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East Village Neighborhood

East Village Neighborhood

The East Village is a neighborhood in the downtown area of Manhattan.  It’s location would be described as North of the Lower East Side, East of Greenwich Village and south of Gramercy Park and the Stuyvesant Neighborhood and it’s eastern boundary is the East River.  Essentially it can be found north of Houston Street, East of 4th Avenue, and south of 14th Street.

Originally the East Village was known to be a part of the Lower East Side, but it developed it started to be identified as it’s own neighborhood in the 1960’s as the birthplace for the counter culture movement.  With counter culture at the heart of the East Village’s identity, a distinctive music and art scene was able to develop.  Known for it’s diversity, welcoming nightlife and entertainment, the East Village is one of the most distinct Manhattan neighborhoods.

To fully understand the East Village, taking a look at the area’s cultural, musical, and artistic history is the key.  Starting in the 1960s the area that was soon to be known as the East Village became the home of more artists, counter culture including the Beatniks, musicians and performers.  The term East Village started to appear in magazines and different publications giving the area it’s unique identity.

In the past decade, the neighborhood has seen a large gentrification movement of new condominium development, restaurants, and shopping move into the area.  The East Village is on the same path that other New York City neighborhoods were on just decades before it, including, Soho, Tribeca, and the West Village.

The residential real estate in the East Village is going to be a reflection of both it’s past, present and future.  You will have a combination of the original tenemental style walk-up buildings that make up most of the apartments for sale and for rent.  These mostly pre-war buildings offer a style of architecture and way of life that is going to be distinct to the neighborhood.  Then mixed in you will the new construction condominium buildings built in the past 10 years.  These are a reflection of where the neighborhood and much of Manhattan has been going.  These condominiums offer a luxury lifestyle that is a somewhat juxtaposition from where the East Village came from.

What makes the East Village desirable is the unique characteristics of the neighborhood, the restaurants, shopping, nightlife, the way of life found there.  Whether you want to live in a new construction condominium or in a pre-war building you can find it in the East Village.

Where is Greenwich Village New York?

Greenwich Village is a historically rich and desirable neighborhood in the downtown area of Manhattan New York City. A residential neighborhood that was the center and home to 20th Century artistic and cultural movements.  Originally a rural area in the 18th Century, Greenwich Village was outside the more developed portion of what was known as New Amsterdam or New York to the south.

Boundaries have changed and more neighborhoods that were once part of Greenwich Village have now been designated and separated but a generally agreeable boundary designation for Greenwich Village today is that, the Northern Boundary is 14th Street, the Southern Boundary is Houston Street, to the west is 6th Avenue and to the East is Broadway or Fourth Avenue.

This area is referred to as the Central Village or Greenwich Village.  It’s western neighbor, The West Village, is sometimes referred to as a part of Greenwich Village, but it has it’s own neighborhood.  To the East, is NoHo, and the East Village.  Directly South of Greenwich Village is SoHo and to the North is the Union Square, Flatiron, and Chelsea neighborhoods.

Greenwich Village Real Estate for sale is some of the most desirable in all of Manhattan.  Desirable for many reasons.

  • Location-Literally in the middle of Downtown Manhattan. Close to restaurants, transportation, schools, and shopping.
  • History-There are many pre-war apartments in Greenwich Village. These buildings, some designed by Emery Roth, built by Bing and Bing are some of the most well established condominium buildings.
  • Investment-Greenwich Village has been one of the soundest areas for real estate investment in all of Manhattan.  Because of the desirable nature of the area pricing has been very consistent.
  • Character-The tree lined streets, neighborhood restaurants, public spaces such as Washington Square Park, The Gold Coast of Fifth Avenue, boutique shopping and cafes make Greenwich Village a unique neighborhood.

If you are interested in purchasing an apartment in Greenwich Village contact us today at (917) 837-8869.  If you are interested in purchasing a condominium in Greenwich Village for investment, email us here:

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Lincoln Square Neighborhood Manhattan New York

The Lincoln Square neighborhood is considered the gateway to the Upper West West.  At it’s core is Lincoln Center, considered one of the world’s leading performing arts centers and certainly the premier performing arts center in New York City. Lincoln Center includes the New York Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Opera, The Julliard School, the New York City Ballet, just to name a few of the organizations that call Lincoln Center home.

One of the aspects that sets the Lincoln Square Neighborhood apart is the Lincoln Square Business Improvement District. The goal of the Lincoln Square BID is to provide additional support to the business and atmosphere of the neighborhood.  They do this by having their own public safety officers patrolling and walking the neighborhood.  The Lincoln Square BID also provides additional services to keep the area clean and to provide an aesthetically pleasing streetscapes. They also provide support the neighborhood businesses and non-profits that call the neighborhood home.

Lincoln Square Neighborhood is so appealing to live in and also to visit is the close proximity to Central Park. Literally just minutes from Central Park, Lincoln Center provides a starting off point and ending point for many visitors to the area.  For the residents who call the neighborhood home, the access to Central Park is a major draw.  Being close to Central Park is one of the major advantages of living in the neighborhood.  There are many condominium buildings in the neighborhood that have views of Central Park and the Hudson River in the Lincoln Square neighborhood.

Along with the location, an attractive feature of the neighborhood is the combination of transportation options including multiple subway lines running along Broadway and Central Park West. There are also multiple bus routes that go right through the hear of the neighborhood providing easy access in and out of the area.  Being in close proximity to restaurants and shopping destinations including, the Apple Store, Lowes Movie Theater, Bar Boloud, among many others has made this area a highly desirable neighborhood to own a condominium apartment.

Lincoln Square Condominiums Apartments for sale include apartments at The Grand Millennium-1965 Broadway, The Park Millennium-111 West 67th Street, and 101 West 67th Street New York NY 10023. Together those three highly desirable condos make up the Millennium Buildings.   Other very popular Lincoln Square Condominiums for sale include Dorchester Tower Condominium-155 West 68th Street, The Coronado-155 West 70th Street, 45 west 67th Street, 150 Columbus Ave, 200 West End Avenue, and others.

Whether you are looking for a view of Central Park in a luxury full time doorman condo, a starter studio to be used as a pied a terre when you are in Manhattan New York, an investment property, you can find it in this Lincoln Square neighborhood. The prices have remained very strong in the area due to the strength of the neighborhood.

If you are interested in purchasing a condominium for sale in the Lincoln Square neighborhood, contact us today as your resident experts.

Call us now at (917) 837- 8869 to discuss your specific Real Estate needs.

5 BIG tips for Parents Buying for Children in Manhattan New York

We are Manhattan Condo Specialists, we work many buyers in our market place that are out of town parents buying condo for their son or daughter that are in New York or moving to New York for either school or work. If you are a parent looking to buy a property for your son or daughter, not sure where to start, here are 5 big tips for you:

  1. Buying a Manhattan New York Condo as parents buying for children, you should understand your budget and timeframe to start. We work with many parents who are buying for their son/daughter that goes to New York University, Parsons school of design, School of Visual Arts, Columbia University, Jillards music school and other well known schools here in Manhattan New York. Is this for your son or daughter that is currently working in Manhattan? Do they have a job stability or financial freedom? Are they currently renting and lease may be expiring soon or month to month arrangement? It is important for us to know the reason and timeframe so we can narrow down the search for you. Buying in Manhattan New York is very different than the rest of the country or world, once we identify the property, it will take some time to actually close on the property.
  2. Manhattan New York is a unique market where about 85% of the housing products are ‘cooperatives’ and 15% are condominiums. Each building has different rules and guidelines, as parents buying for children, not every cooperative will accept this type of scenario since all sales are subject to board of directors review and interview. Even if it is an all cash purchase, cooperative still review and decide if the perspective buyer fits the building’s profile. Condominiums are essential real property, therefore, the board of directors will review the perspective buyer as a formality but no interview.
  3. If Buying all cash, and you are buying a condominium, the quickest we can close would be 45 days. If it is a cooperative, then it can be 90 or more days subject to condo board approval. If it is new construction condo, it can be two weeks up to unknown period of time depending on construction stage.  Mortgage consultant: If you are planning to buy the condo all cash, that is always desirable when presenting offers to condo sellers. Keep in mind that you should have enough equity in case there is an increase in monthly carrying charge for this condo or other misc mishappens. If you are planning on financing this investment, be sure to speak to a local Manhattan lender that is familiarize with the market, the lending rules, and the mortgage products that may be suitable for you and your son/daughter.
  4. Making offer and offer acceptance Unlike other parts of the country or world, when a buyer makes an offer on a property here in New York, the offer is made through us, the Real Estate agents and the buyers do not sign any contracts or purchase agreement nor any earnest money when making an offer. Buyers and sellers agreed on the price and then both parties enter into attorney contract review period. With that being said, until both buyers and sellers sign the contract and the 10% deposit is clear, the property is NOT off the market and there is NO BINDING CONTRACT. This means if sellers receive a higher or better offer prior to they sign contract, they can change their mind.
  5. Neighborhood safety – this is the #1 concerns for many of our parents buying for children buyers. In Manhattan New York, this is a city where many of the people work or social until late past 9pm or after, most of the Manhattan Streets are very safe to walk around and pedestrians friendly, this is truely a city that never sleeps! We encourage our buyers to walk around the neighborhoods in different time of the day or week to see if they feel comfortable living in that neighborhood. Many of the Manhattan New York buildings are also doorman buildings, so if possible, it will be a good idea to look buying in a full time doorman building.

As parents buying for children in Manhattan New York, we have successful experiences that can guide you through this process and navigate through the Manhattan Real Estate maze. contact us now at (917)837-8869.

Here are some very useful information about buying Manhattan New York condos:

Other Manhattan New York Frequent Asked Questions:

If you do not see your question being answer in any of our blog articles, call us directly (917)837-8869 or email us ( and we will reply promptly.