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Manhattan NY Chinese Real Estate Agent help Parents Buy Condo for Children

Manhattan NY Chinese Real Estate Agent help Parents Buy Condo for Children

Manhattan NY Chinese Real Estate Agent help Parents Buy Condo for Children is one of our specialty, every year around graduation month of May to September, there are many new college university graduates relocating to Manhattan New York to pursue higher education or start their career path.

This past year is no different, many of the Chinese speaking parents travel internationally from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and other Asia locations to attend the graduation of their son and daughter. After the graduation ceremony, the parents along with the newly graduates travel to New York and many contact us to find their first home in Manhattan New York.

Manhattan NY Chinese Real Estate Agent help Parents Buy Condo for Children is one of specialt

Manhattan NY Chinese Real Estate Agent help Parents Buy Condo for Children is one of specialt

As Manhattan NY premier Chinese Mandarin Speaking Real Estate Agents team, we strive ourselves to provide the most comprehensive service to our buyers. Many of our buyers contact us before they arrive to New York, this is most recommended because it helps us to educate the buyers while they are still at home town, we can also advise some steps to prepare for the New York condo search.

Chinese Mandarin Speaking Buyers many times prefer to work with us Manhattan Mandarin Speaking Agents is because we not only speak the same language, we also are extremely culturally aware and savvy what they are looking for based on our years of experiences. We excel at what we do because we understand their needs and concerns when it comes to purchase Real Estate and secure their investment in Manhattan New York.

If you are looking to work with a Chinese Mandarin Speaking Real Estate agent team in Manhattan New York, contact us today at (646)644-6929 or Email us with your specific criteria at


Can I get more discount as an All Cash Buyer in NYC?

Can I get more discount as an All Cash Buyer in New York city? 

Many of our buyers are all cash buyers from local market or international buyers. Manhattan is very competitive market place and it is a city full very successful professionals and high income producing entrepreneurs of many industries such as finance, fashion, culinary and etc.

In today’s market place, we are seeing many sales are all cash in all price range.
A good percentage of our buyers are out of town parents buying for their son or daughter all cash one/two bedroom units at $1M-$2M range to international or foreign investor buyers investing over $8M all in cash.

To get a better idea, about 80% of our buyers are all cash with no financing needed, serious and motivated buyers. All cash buyers prefer to work with us because we are experienced and can negotiate ideal price or terms for our buyers in this highly competitive Real Estate market.

A fair question that asked a lot by the buyers are How much discount can they get since they are paying all cash? To be specific, here are several factors determined the amount (%) of discount a cash buyer can receive.

Ideal Condo neighborhood & location: We have many buyers interested in high demand and popular neighborhoods such as near Central Park, Union Square, TriBeCa, West Village or convenient locations that is easy to commute or travel to universities. These neighborhoods are internationally well known neighborhoods in Manhattan, therefore, there are many other buyers also on the market seeking the perfect home in those neighborhoods, there will always be more buyers than housing inventory in these specific neighborhood.  When and if a fair priced condo comes up on the market and it is in move in condition, there is a good chance that there will be multiple offers in place and other all cash offers, therefore, the seller will entertain and accept likely the highest price offer if all offers are cash.

Closing time frame: If this condo is a brand new construction and it is completed ready to move in, then the condo can close within 10 days if all parties are available. If the condo is a resale condo, with an all cash offer, the closing can take place 30-45 days. If the seller is motivated, they will be looking to close as soon as possible, this means if you are all cash, and your funds are ready, then there is a good chance of negotiating with seller an ideal price since it is an all cash and can close as soon as possible.

Terms of the offer: This sometimes apply to some new construction condos. Some new construction condos in Manhattan sometimes will offer buyers’ incentives. Some of the buyer incentives perhaps are giving buyer a gift card to a home decorating store or other form of gift cards, some will offer paying off part of the closing cost, this all depends on how the new construction condo is selling, if they are selling well, then most likely there will not be any incentive. With these incentives, they also count as part of the ‘discount’, even if the discount is not directly off the sales price, it is still a good way to receive some perks if the developer is motivated.
On the other hand, if you are flexible on your neighborhood preference, we do have a list of condos that have very motivated sellers that would be willing to entertain and negotiate with reasonable All cash offers. As of current day of market place, we are seeing many sellers are open to negotiation when it comes to all cash without mortgage contingency offers.

Many all cash buyers work with us because we are able to protect our buyers’ interests and negotiate many favorable terms for our buyer, our all cash buyers are always delighted with our savvy negotiation skills and refer their friends and families to us.

If you are an all cash buyer and would like to discuss how we can maximize your all cash offer, contact us today at or call (917)837-8869.

New York City First time Condo Buyer and Investor Part 3 New Construction Condos – What I don’t Know

New York City First time Condo Buyer and Investor Part 3 New Construction Condos – What I don’t Know

  1. What is the Condo Market
  2. Getting a Mortgage Is Not All About You
  3. New Construction Condos – What don’t I know
  4. Buying as an Investment
  5. How do I figure out if this is a good deal or not in 2017/2018?

New Construction Condominiums are definitely some of the most popular projects in all of New York City Real Estate, whether it’s the record breaking height of a new skyscraper, the innovative architecture from world renowned architects, or one of the new mega projects transforming a neighborhood, new construction condominiums are at the forefront of most Real Estate conversations.  

Did you know that as of end of 2017, that approximately 25% of condo sales are made up of New Development, so despite the headline generating buzz it creates, new construction condos are just a fraction of the overall condo market.

What’s important to understand is that the New Construction Condo market shares a very important similarity to all other condominiums in New York City, which is that it is is made up of specific segments with their own unique characteristics.  

You have the top end of the luxury segment of new construction market, that gets all of the headlines, so people think that all new construction is mirroring those headlines.

What’s important to understand with new construction is that new construction buildings whether they are in Park Slope Brooklyn, along Billionaire’s Row across 57th Street, the Financial District or any other neighborhood, has their own market dynamics at play and you need to understand what they are before purchasing.  

When you are buying New Construction Condominiums there are a couple of definite Must knows and especially if you are an investor

  1. Closing Costs for New Construction Condos – Often the sponsor will try to have the buyer pay the Transfer Taxes which are approximately 1.825% of the Purchase Price
  2. Paying for Sponsor Attorney Fees
  3. Paying for a portion of the Resident Manager (Superintendent) Apartment, varies but can be significant
  4. Capital Contribution – Paying Upfront Common Charge to Build Reserves for the Building
  5. Mortgages- Will Often be Non-Mortgage Contingent

Please note, the above bullet points are not hard rules, but common practices and are definitely market dependent.  Whether you are reading this now in May of 2017, or some time in the future, the new construction marketplace will have changed.  

So What are some things that you probably don’t know about New Construction Condominiums: If you are closing in the first wave or batch of apartments, that they may not be  finished with the amenity spaces or all the floors when your apartment closes, so you could be living through construction or not have full access to the amenities .

Something that we saw and continue to see in the current phase of New Construction Buildings that should be especially important to an investor:

1-Some buildings are heavily marketed to overseas buyers or have large percentages of the building become investment rentals.

2-We have seen some buildings where 50-60% of the apartments instantly turn into rentals.  So you have large numbers of apartments hitting the market for rental all at the same time, all targeting the same tenants.  You have to put yourself in the tenants point of view, they are going to set up appointments to see all of the available inventory which is going to look the same because the building is brand new and they will decide on who will give them the best price.  

Pro Tip: If you are buying as an investment, ask about the mix of apartments, are their more 1 beds or 2 beds or 3 beds, so you can get an idea of the potential competition you may have when you close.  If you are buying in a building that is a majority of a certain type of apartment, you know that its likely that type of apartment will have the most competition.  

As an investor, if you are in the first wave of closings and the building construction and amenities isn’t finished yet, that will hurt your marketability to find a tenant.  Tenants want to have access to everything and often will ask for a better price to compensate the disruption.  

New Construction Contracts are routinely very straightforward – often there is limited room to negotiate, whether you accept the terms or not having an experienced attorney that is familiar with new construction condominium contracts is very important to understand what is the common practice what is not.  

Usually the initial contract deposit at signing is 10% and often a second deposit is required, often another 5-10%.  The timing of the 2nd deposit varies from project to project.

When you close on the apartment, you will often get about a 30 day lead time, so you will want to have the rest of your funds in place, whether its a cash purchase or a mortgage.

If you are obtaining financing, most new condominium projects will require a non-contingent mortgage, so you will have to be confident that you can obtain that mortgage before you sign the contracts.  

So you have your closing date scheduled, you are close to the finish line, it’s time for the walk-through of your new apartment.  So what exactly is a walk through? The walk through usually happens the day of or day before of the actual closing.  You will get to go through the apartment with the developers representatives and they will show you how everything works in the apartment and if any touch up or fix up needed, then there will be a “punch-list” which will be completed by the developer’s team in a reasonable time frame.

We’ve been selling new construction condominiums for over 15 years now, since they become really popular in the mid-2000s.  Each experience and building is different but we wanted to lay out for you some of the pitfalls, questions, and scenarios that many of our buyers have faced.  

We believe an educated buyer makes a more confident owner, which is what we are always aiming for.  We’ve found that people assume that because they are buying new construction there is nothing to worry about, which we understand, although that is not always the case. We are in the market place everyday and see the different changes in each new construction, when we work with buyers, we ensure the buyer is well aware of everything we wrote about and any new addition of changes or must know that take place in the current market place.

Call us (917)837-8869 or email us and we can help you to buy the new construction you want with confidence. 


This is a five part series blog posts. You can read about by clicking on the links below:

  1. What is the Condo Market
  2. Getting a Mortgage Is Not All About You
  3. New Construction Condos – What don’t I know
  4. Buying as an Investment
  5. How do I figure out if this is a good deal or not in 2017?

Or see our testimonials from Happy and Confidant buyers and sellers click here:

155 West 68th Street #620 Furnished One Bedroom For Rent

155 West 68th Street #620 Furnished One Bedroom For Rent

Dorchester Towers Condo is one of the most popular condo in the Lincoln Center area of Upper West side. This one bedroom unit is on the sixth floor of Dorchester Towers condo with Southern facing, the living room and bedroom windows look out to the circular landscaped driveway.



Living room of apartment #620 in Dorchester Towers condo has a spacious living area and a dining area that can fit a entertaining dining table.


This furnished one bedroom apartment is available for immediate occupancy, including glassware, coffee maker, cutlery,television, stereo, and desktop computer can be included.


155 West 68th Street Dorchester Towers condo offers an full service amenities package including a Full Time Doorman and Concierge, Fitness Room, Roof Top Deck, Laundry Room on the floor, package room, management on-site, live in resident manager and garage parking.



This is a furnished rental, available immediately. Call us to schedule an appointment (917)837-8869 to see it today. 

To read about Dorchester Towers Condo market report:

We are Morgan and Eileen,  We are also full time successful Licensed Real Estate Salespersons with Douglas Elliman Real Estate. We have helped many owners sold and leased multiple condo units in Dorchester.

We sold and rented multiple Dorchester Towers condo units because of our intimate knowledge of Dorchester such as past building history, most recent sales or rental market, updated building rules, upcoming renovations, detail financial building information, familiarity of the neighborhood, and most importantly our creative methods to showcase this wonderful building we live in. If you are a Dorchester Towers Condo owner looking to SELL OR RENT out your Dorchester apartment. Call us so we can discuss in detail with most current market data (917)837-8869.

Dorchester Towers Condo 155 West 68th Street #1204 JUST SOLD

Dorchester Towers Condo 155 West 68th Street #1204 JUST SOLD.

Dorchester Towers Condo is located in the heart of Lincoln Center area of the Upper West Side. The Dorchester Towers is one of the most well established condominium buildings in the Lincoln Square neighborhood.  You will be greeted by a full time doorman and concierge upon entering the recently renovated lobby from the buildings circular driveway.  Amenities include a landscaped roof deck, laundry rooms on every floor up to the 22nd Floor, a newly built fitness room, meeting room, on-site management and available storage.


Apartment 12-04 at the Dorchester Towers is a corner apartment with both a South and West Exposure.  Upon entering the apartment you instantly see the tremendous light from the southern exposure and an expansive living room that has very unique proportions for this segment of the condo marketplace.  Corner exposures are always desired because you gain multiple exposures and the privacy of having fewer neighbors.  This double exposure brings in the always abundant southern light along with the western exposure which primarily brings in afternoon light.



Some unique features to apartment 1204 include a real abundance of closet space, probably about double the amount of closets you see in a typical apartment this size.  This is also an apartment that can be easily converted to a Two Bedroom.  A dining space directly off the kitchen and bedroom has its own HVAC unit, closet space, and windows making it a perfect candidate to be turned into a second smaller bedroom, perfect for guests, a home office or additional bedroom.

Dorchester1204LivingRoom Dorchester1204View

Tremendous flexibility with the kitchen space, the possibility to renovate and open the kitchen up to the living room could be a fantastic layout choice.  Putting your personal touch on the renovation of this apartment, ready to be enjoyed for years to come.

Apartment 1204 at Dorchester Towers sold for over asking price, closing for $1,015,000.

Dorchster Towers Condo is a very popular building among home buyers looking for condos near Upper West Side. If the unit is well priced, it is sold within a week or less on the market. If you are looking for a unit similar to #1204 in Dorchester Towers Condo 155 West 68th Street, email us ( , we will put you on the “First to Know List” when another unit becomes available for sale.

Chinese Real Estate Agent Eileen Hsu successfully helped buyers buy their NYC condo

Chinese Real Estate Agent Eileen Hsu that is fluent in both Mandarin and English is always happy to assist buyers looking to purchase their Manhattan New York condo.

Eileen Hsu and her team are a award winning top producing team with company Douglas Elliman Real Estate for nearly 10 years, we have established many working relationships with our company agents, we always help other agents when we can. Few months ago, another agent asked us to help them with their Chinese buyers to closed on a property, we were happy that we can lend a helping hand.

Chinese Speaking Agent Eileen Hsu and Mr. and Mrs. Liu by the condo they purchase.

Chinese Speaking Agent Eileen Hsu and Mr. and Mrs. Liu by the condo they purchase.

The buyers are Mr. and Mrs. Liu that were interested in buying a central location condo in Manhattan that they can use it on the weekdays while they work in Manhattan and on the weekends they spend time in their home outside of the city.  In this case, they were able to find the perfect NYC condo near their weekday office.


At closing table, Mr. and Mrs. Liu happy posing with sellers of the condo they purchase.

At the closing table, there is the wonderful couple Mr. Liu and Mrs. Liu and sellers that were also pleased that they were able to sell to a wonderful couple. It was a great day.

Eileen Hsu and her team are bilingual Chinese and English speaking agents, we are happy to help motivated buyers and serious sellers. Our service is to connect serious sellers with motivated buyers, our buyers learn about the market place and as well as bridging the culture difference between East and West.

Our local sellers continues to refer their family and friends to us because we sell their high-end properties and Manhattan New York condos to many all cash buyers without financing.

If you would like to work with Chinese Speaking Real Estate Agent Eileen Hsu and her team. Call (646)644-6929 or email at

136 Baxter Street Condos for Sale – The Machinery Exchange Building – Little Italy Manhattan

136 Baxter Street Condos for Sale – The Machinery Exchange Building – Little Italy Manhattan

136 Baxter Street Condominium136 Baxter Street known as the Machinery Exchange Building has to be one of the very most intriguing buildings in this location where Little Italy, Chinatown, Soho and Nolita all come together.  Originally built in 1915 as a stable  for the police headquarters which was located just a few blocks north on Centre Street, which in itself has become one of the most unique residential buildings in downtown Manhattan.  About a decade later, the building was sold and shifted into a warehouse for machinery and where its current name originated from, The Machinery Exchange Building.

In 2007, the building was bought and the condo-conversion began.  The developers chose to highlight and focus on the downtown loft features that buyer’s are so often attracted to. A boutique building of just 14 residences spread out over 6 floors for Condos for Sale at 136 Baxter Street.

Features and Benefits at Condos for Sale at 136 Baxter Street , The Machinery Exchange Building

First, you have to start with the exterior of the building.  The red brick was handsomely restored and they left the faded painted name, a very smart aesthetic decision.  The exterior of the building epitomizes the pre-war condominium loft look that is so popular for downtown Manhattan buyers.

The apartments themselves have some very distinguishable features, probably the most noteworthy are the Yellow Pine Wood Ceilings with  exposed Timber Beams.  These are loft style apartments so ceiling height is what you’d expect, ranging from 11-13 ft tall, also combining exposed brick, you have this combination of features that is very beautiful and epitomizes the aesthetic of the pre-war Manhattan condominium loft look.  Lots of light, apartments have abundant windows.

Highlighting all of these pre-war elements you also have  luxury kitchens and bathrooms. Kitchens are outfitted with Valcucine brushed aluminum cabinetry, Bianco Luna countertops, Miele ranges and ovens, and Sub-Zero refrigerators. Bathrooms are beautiful with their glass and limestone tiles, soaking tub, walk in shower stall, and dual vanities in the Master Bathroom.

136BaxterStreetCondosforSalePricing for Condominiums for Sale at 136 Baxter Street, the Machinery Exchange Building

With just 14 residences, apartments rarely come up for sale in the building.  In 2013, a corner Two Bedroom 1500+sq ft, sold for just under $2,100,000.  And a Penthouse 3 Bedroom with private terrace sold for $3,800,000.

In today’s marketplace as of July 2013, I’d expect pricing to definitely increase from when the building was first sold out in 2008.

What to do in the Neighborhood around 136 Baxter Street?

Home to trendy boutique shopping, historic Mulberry Street just one block away, the energy of this downtown location is hard to beat.  This is a downtown Manhattan location that has a little bit of everything, if you want to go sit and relax in the cafes and restaurants of Soho and Nolita you are just minutes away, the kinetic energy of Mulberry Street and the the Lower East Side are also just minutes away.  If you are looking for multiple transportation options you are within minutes  of multiple subway lines.  A dynamic neighborhood that has the energy of downtown Manhattan and a building located on a tree-lined street that combines the very best of loft architecture with modern finishes and convenience, 136 Baxter Street Condominiums for Sale is a must see for any downtown Manhattan condominium loft buyer.

Carriage House Condos for Sale, 159 West 24th Street Chelsea New York

Carriage House Condos for Sale, 159 West 24th Street Chelsea New York

Carriage House Condominiums for SaleBoutique, new conversion, great layouts, fantastic Chelsea Location, Pre-War Feel but with Modern Convenience, What else could you ask For? The Carriage House Condominiums located at 159 West 24th Street in Chelsea is the perfect blend of pre-war features but all wrapped in a brand new package of modern conveniences and new construction materials.  Located between 6th and 7th Avenue, on 24th Street, in the fashionable Chelsea Neighborhood in Manhattan, the Carriage House Condominium is  a condo conversion property.  Originally it was a stable, then converted into a garage and finally made into luxury condominiums.  A boutique building with just about 25 apartments spread out over 8 floors, a part time doorman, very entertaining roof deck, storage cages, and private garage within the building.

Carriage House Condos for Sale Condos Blends Pre-War Aesthetic with Luxury Condominium Features

Most people who come and visit one of the Condos for Sale at the Carriage House say the apartments have a loft feel.  Ceilings are high, approximately 9.5 ft+, wide plank oak flooring, open layouts, but they also like that you have Bosch Washer/Dryers, Wolf Cook tops, Sub-Zero Refrigerators, a Wine Refrigerator, heated floors in the bathrooms, soaking tubs, and walk in showers.  When this building was converted, the developers definitely made sure the apartments were nicely appointed.

159 West 24th Street Condos for Sale Pricing 

A boutique building so condos for sale at the Carriage House do not come on the market too often. However, when they do expect pricing to reflect the high demand for this type of boutique building.

Chelsea marketLiving in the Chelsea  Neighborhood

Why is Chelsea one of Manhattan’s most popular neighborhoods? Centrally located, restaurants, shopping, charming with tree lined streets, nightlife, it basically has it all.  Living at the Carriage House you will be just one block from the 1-Train on 23rd Street, close to Madison Square Park, multiple bus lines running across 23rd Street or up and down the major avenues.

Want to know if any Condos are for sale at the Carriage House at 159 West 24th Street?

Contact us here or call me at (917) 837-8869.

Dorchester Towers Condos For Sale, Lincoln Square Upper West Side New York City

Dorchester Towers Condos for Sale, Lincoln Square Upper West Side New York City

Dorchester Towers Circular Driveway EntranceHow long have you been looking for a Condo for Sale in the Lincoln Square area, the cultural heart of the Upper West Side? Dorchester Towers Condominiums for Sale are an absolute must to take a look at if you are looking in this neighborhood.  Dorchester Towers at 155 West 68th Street New York, New York 10023 is one of the very most well established condominium buildings in the area.  Originally built in 1965 and converted into condominiums in the late 1980s, Dorchester Towers is a big building with approximately 680 apartments, comprised of a variety of apartment sizes including alcove studio’s, one bedrooms, junior 4’s(One Bedr0oms with a dining alcove, two bedrooms and a few larger combination units. A full time doorman building, with an expanding amenity package that includes a fitness room, renovated lobby, live-in super, laundry on every floor up to 22nd floor, roof deck, bike and storage rooms, garage, and wonderful staff. Dorchester Towers Condos for Sale is a definite must see for Upper West Side Condominium buyers.

Dorchester Towers Condominiums is a Great Location

Why are Dorchester Tower’s Condominiums for Sale such a popular segment of the market?  First, the location of the building at 68th and Broadway is prime Lincoln Square territory.  A few blocks north of Lincoln Center you are close but not right on top of the hustle and bustle of the Lincoln Center facilities, a few blocks to the East is Central Park, a few blocks West is Riverside Park, a few blocks to the popular PS 199 School, essentially you are within just a few minutes of pretty much everything that epitomizes living in the Upper West Side.  You can get to the restaurants on Columbus Avenue, grocery stores including Fairway, Trader Joe’s, Citarella, or Zabar’s is about 10 minutes away on 81st and Broadway.

 Dorchester Towers is in the midst of a Huge Renovation

Another reasons why now may be the right time to buy a Dorchester Towers Condominium for Sale. The Dorchester Towers is in the final stages of what was a complete renovation of the lobby level.  A complete transformation has occurred and was very tastefully designed.  The addition of a FITNESS ROOM/GYM was added to the amenity package as part of the renovation, this is a HUGE selling point. A gym was one of the missing pieces that we often saw buyer’s asking about prior to looking at the building.  Also in addition to the lobby renovation is a planned renovation of the hallways in the building.  As of the time of this posting, the hallway renovations haven’t started but they are definitely coming.  This combination of lobby renovation and hallway renovation will essentially give the Dorchester Tower’s a complete interior makeover and we expect prices to increase because of these capital improvements.

 Pricing for Dorchester Tower’s Condos for Sale

  • The last studio sold for $709,000, $20,000 over the asking price.  This sets a new price point for alcove studio’s in the building
  • No One Bedroom’s have sold in 2013, but I’d expect a huge turnout when we get our next one bedroom listing, expect pricing to start in the $750,000 range if its decent condition.
  • Junior 4 Bedrooms have sold over $1,000,000 recently and are asking up to $1,400,000 for the most well renovated and high floor units
  • Two Bedrooms will be selling for somewhere between $1,600,000-$2,250,000 depending on size, floor and condition

Great Closets, Efficient Layouts

You can never have enough closet space and something I always hear about Dorchester Tower Apartments for Sale is how good the closets are.  Dorchester Tower’s is a big building with a lot of different layouts, a few are sort of quirky but most are extremely efficient, with very little wasted space, easy to lay out to maximize every square inch of living space. There are a lot of apartments with conversion potential, turning an alcove studio into a Junior 1 bedroom, a dining alcove space into a second or third bedroom, lots of flexibility exists with many of the layouts.

 Living in the Lincoln Square Neighborhood and at Dorchester Towers

A sign of a good building is when people who already live there never move out and just hop between apartments when they’ve outgrown their current space, Dorchester Towers is that type of building.  I’m always talking to people who’ve lived in the building for 10, 20, 30+ years living in different apartments along the way.  The Lincoln Square neighborhood is so convenient.  For dog lovers, you have two major parks just minutes away, for the performance art lovers, you have the world famous Lincoln Center just minutes away.  For those who need to hop on a train or bus everyday for work, you have multiple subway lines and bus lines within minutes.  Grocery stores, dry cleaners, shopping , restaurants and places to catch a drink are all within just a few blocks of Dorchester Towers.

Want to know if any Condos are for sale at the Dorchester Towers at 155 West 68th Street?

Contact us here or call me at (917) 837-8869.

Gramercy Starck Condos for Sale, Gramercy Neighborhood New York City

Gramercy Starck Condos for Sale, Gramercy Neighborhood New York City

Find similar condos for sale to the Gramercy Starck Condos for Sale, Gramercy New York City Manhattan

Get the value of your Manhattan Condo in today’s market

The Gramercy Starck Condominium at 340 East 23rd StreetHave you been looking for new construction condos in the Gramercy Neighborhood, but can’t find anything, well your search has come to an end ! Gramercy Starck is one of the only new construction condos in the Gramercy Neighborhood.  Built in 2007, as a ground up new construction condominium and designed by the world renowned Philippe Starck. Gramercy Starck has distinguished itself as a destination condominium that must be seen. Located in the Gramercy Neighborhood, just blocks from the famous Gramercy Park, the building is located on 23rd Street between Second and First Avenues.  The building is made up of approximately 210 units, varying in size from studio, one bedroom, two bedrooms, three bedrooms, duplex and penthouse apartments.  There really is something for everybody at Gramercy Starck.  An expansive amenity package starts off with a full time doorman and concierge.  One of the cooler looking fitness rooms, a residents lounge including screening room, billiards room, kitchen for private parties and 2nd floor terrace with outdoor gas fireplace.  An amazing roof deck with cabanas and furniture with amazing Northern views of the iconic Empire State Building really highlights the amenity package. A great location for anybody looking for a condo to near NYU, The School of Visual Arts, the medical hospitals in the neighborhood, and Parsons.

Gramercy Starck Apartments are Stylish and Modern

There are a variety of units in the Gramercy Starck Condominium. Studios that rang in size around 440 sq ft, 1 bedrooms that range in size from 640-770 sq ft , 2 bedrooms that range in size from 1000-1300 sq ft  and 3 bedrooms that typically start in the 1600 sq ft range.  Duplex and Penthouse units are some of the most fantastic units in the building. When you walk into the building, you will instantly know where you are, Philippe Starck’s design is quite evident.  Very stylish, chic, clean lines, Philippe Starck furniture, over-sized pieces, the building definitely has a hotel feel and quality to it. The apartments themselves are a reflection of the design elements found throughout the building.  You can expect modern layouts with engineered hardwood  floors throughout the kitchen, living room and bedroom. The bathrooms are noteworthy for their large size and 1 bedroom and larger units have a stand alone spa like soaking tub. Walk in showers, beautiful vanities, pendant lighting, floor to ceiling tile all make the bathrooms at Gramercy Starck some of the most stylish for any condominium building.

Gramercy Starck Price ranges(Please note, pricing is always changing, so contact us for the current pricing and availability)

  • Studio’s are starting in the $590,000 and go up to approximately $700,000
  • One Bedrooms start around $900,000 and go up to $1,100,000
  • Two Bedrooms are starting at $1,600,000 and go up to $2,500,000 for the penthouse or duplex units

The Gramercy Starck is Investor Friendly

Roof Deck at Gramercy Starck Condos

Gramercy Starck is a condominium and an investor can purchase an apartment and rent it out immediately for however long they choose.  Lease length must be 12 month leases, and you can rent them furnished or unfurnished.  There is more demand for unfurnished.  There is an application process to rent an apartment and there are fee’s associated for both the owner and the tenant when renting.  As of June 2013, AKAM Associates is the management company.  Because the Gramercy Starck is condo near a variety of schools, hospitals including NYU, SVA – School of Visual Arts, Beth Israel, NYU Medical Centers there is always a large demand for rentals.

Living in the Gramercy Park Neighborhood

Gramercy is one of downtown Manhattan’s most desirable neighborhoods.  The location has the best of everything.  You have the ambiance of the tree-lined streets, along with a variety of restaurants, but still close to transportation, schools, and midtown Manhattan.

The Gramercy Starck Condos in the Gramercy Park Neighborhood will be  great place to call your home.  If you are looking for a stylish new condominium than Gramercy Starck is a must see for your search.  You can find condos for sale in Gramercy Starck (if there are any available today) as well as all available Manhattan NYC condos for sale on my website.

Would you like to know how much your Manhattan Condo is Worth?

Call us today at (917) 837-8869 OR email us at Morgan.Evans(at)

123 Baxter Street Condos for Sale, Little Italy New York City

123 Baxter Street Condos for Sale, Little Italy Manhattan New York City

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123 Baxter Street Condos For SaleYou can stop your search, stop walking into all of those open houses and looking at pictures on the internet that don’t look anything like the actual apartment! If you have been looking for an amazing downtown Manhattan condominium, you have just found it. 123 Baxter Street Condominium is one of the most conveniently located buildings in all of Manhattan.  You are literally at the crossroads of Little Italy, Chinatown, Soho, Nolita, and the Lower East Side in 1 location! Located at the corner of Baxter Street and Hester Street, you are one block from the famous Mulberry Street in Little Italy, one of the most historic and quintessential New York City streets.  123 Baxter Street is one of the only full time doorman new construction condominium buildings in this area, making it that much more appealing. For the discerning downtown Manhattan condominium buyer, 123 Baxter Street has all of the amenities that you have been looking for, doorman, one of the most amazing panoramic roof decks, fitness room and an automated garage for those who have a car in the city.

123 Baxter Street Condos are Spacious and Modern

Built in 2007, a ground up new construction condominium, only 27 units exist in the building. Some of the residences at 123 Baxter Street have their very own private key elevator access, so imagine the elevator opens up directly into your apartment!! Apartments are easily described as spacious with a variety of layouts including 1 bedrooms, 1 bedrooms with home offices, two and three bedrooms.  Most units have outdoor space that is a much desirable feature for any condominium in Manhattan. The kitchen and bathrooms were designed with luxury amenities in mind.  Kitchens have built in Miele coffee machines, 5 burner gas cook top, LG refrigerators with built in LCD screens, Miele dishwashers.  The bathrooms are massive, glass tiled walls, dual vanities, custom enclosed showers.  Convenient features such as Washer/Dryer’s, large walk in closets, open kitchens,  powder room’s for your guests, are some of the reasons why people love living at 123 Baxter Street.

123 Baxter Street Condominium Lobby123 Baxter Street Condominiums is a Full Time Doorman Building

One of the only full time doorman condo buildings in the neighborhood.  Do you worry about packages being delivered and signed for, you probably don’t have time to get your dry cleaning or how about somebody to help you with your heavy bags, well you don’t have to worry anymore.

  • The Roof Deck at 123 Baxter Street is a Must-See, 360 degree panoramic views
  • The Automated Garage is extremely unique, very cool and worth seeing

Living in the Little Italy Neighborhood

So many words to describe living in this neighborhood:Fun, energetic, historic, convenient. One thing for sure, you have no excuse to ever go hungry living at 123 Baxter Street.  One block from Mulberry Street and more options for Italian food than you can handle, just minutes to Chinatown and the various cuisines. If you want to be in Soho or Nolita, you are just minutes away.  Need to take the subway, most of the major lines are located nearby. If you end up living at 123 Baxter Street you will have the best of everything, an amazing downtown apartment within one of the most exciting downtown Manhattan locations.

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The American Felt Building Condominium at 114 East 13th Street New York City – Pre-War Condominium Lofts New York City

The American Felt Building Condominium – 114 East 13th Street New York City –

Pre-War Condominium Lofts New York 

What is the American Felt Building Condominium Like?

The American Felt Condominium located at 114 East 13th Street is a very unique building.  It is one of the only pre-war full time doorman condominium loft buildings in downtown Manhattan and more specifically the Union Square/East Village neighborhood.
AmericanFeltCondominium_114East13thStreet-225x300Located on 13th Street between Fourth and Third Avenues, you are literally sitting at the crossroads of the Union Square, East Village and Greenwich Village neighborhoods.  A convenient and attractive location for so many reasons.

Originally built in 1909, the building was home to the American Felt Company which was the primary producer of the felt used for the world famous Steinway Piano Company.   Converted into condominiums in the early 1980’s, this was one of the very first condominium buildings to be converted in the gentrification of the Union Square neighborhood.  At the time, the neighborhood was considered “up and coming” and had a reputation as a more raw area, but buildings like the American Felt Building and other condominiums such as 115 Fourth Avenue the Petersfield, the Zachary at 125 East 12th Street and the neighborhood defining Zeckendorf Towers at 1 Irving Place established the neighborhood and started to turn it into what it is today.  These Union Square condominium buildings are now some of the most desirable and respected buildings in downtown Manhattan.

Making the American Felt Building so desirable are the apartments themselves, taking advantage of it’s factory heritage, ceilings are tall, typically 11-12 feet high, expansive windows bring in tremendous light, layouts are open, and apartment sizes are generous.  Some of the higher floor apartments will have wood burning fireplaces, double exposures, balconies and open views of the East Village and Greenwich Village neighborhoods.  These features are extremely unique and the major reasons why there is so much desirability when an apartment comes for sale at the American Felt Building Condominium.

The building itself has a full time doorman, a roof deck, storage and is both pet friendly and investor or pied a terre friendly making the building a very flexible type of purchase. There are approximately 40 apartments in the building, spread out over 12 floors, most floors only have 4 apartments per floor.

What is the neighborhood like?

Located Between Fourth Avenue and Third Avenue on 13th Street, the American Felt Condominium Building is located in the East Village, but within immediate distance to Union Square, Greenwich Village, and NYU.  The location is a crossroads of what makes downtown Manhattan so desirable, the combination of neighborhood amenities including dining, shopping and transportation all at your fingertips.

Being within immediate proximity to the East Village, Union Square and Greenwich Village, you have the best of all worlds.  The Farmer’s market located at Union Square, the restaurants and energy of the East Village, the ambiance and historic charm of Greenwich Village, you get to take your pick of any of the attributes that makes all of these neighborhoods stand out as some of Manhattan’s best places to live.

What are the apartments like at the American Felt Condominium at 114 East 13th Street?

One of the most unique pre-war condominium buildings in the East Village and Union Square neighborhoods, almost no where else can you find the combination of loft characteristics that you will have at the American Felt Building.

When you first walk into any of the apartments you will notice the tall ceilings, typically 11-12 feet depending on the floor.  Then you will notice the spacious layouts with very little columns or obstructions.  This combination of tall ceilings and open layouts creates a volume of space that is extremely unique for a Manhattan apartment.  What I consider over-sized windows bringing in maximum amount of light into the apartments is another wonderful feature.  Depending on the exposure some apartments will have outdoor balcony’s, double exposures and fireplaces.  When adding these features to an already impressive base you now have a truly unique apartment.  Apartment condition and layout varies throughout the building because this is a condominium each owner has had the opportunity to renovate.  You will find some apartments customized to the personal tastes and decor of their owners, so often no two apartments are the same.

Most apartments I have seen are usually studio or 1 bedroom layouts, some larger apartments do exist but do not come on the market often.

Why Buy an Apartment at the American Felt Building Condominium?

If you are looking for a condominium loft with a full time doorman in the Union Square, East Village or Greenwich Village  neighborhoods then this will be one of the only buildings that fits the bill.  If you are looking for an apartment with features that match what is available at the American Felt Building including fireplaces, outdoor space, 11-12 foot tall ceilings, open layouts than you will be drawn to buying here.  The combination of location and the type of apartments at the American Felt Building really is unique and the demand always outweighs the supply for these apartments.

What do apartments sell for at the American Felt Building at 114 East 13th Street?

The standard layout at the American Felt Building in 2012 and 2013 has been selling for in the range of $1,195,000 to $1,390,000.  The more unique layouts with outdoor space, double exposures, found on higher floors can easily exceed this range.  Because the layouts are so unique at 114 East 13th Street, pricing apartments effectively will require looking at the many characteristics of each apartment and coming up a valuation that factors in specific renovations, layouts and unique apartment attributes.

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