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East Village Neighborhood

East Village Neighborhood

The East Village is a neighborhood in the downtown area of Manhattan.  It’s location would be described as North of the Lower East Side, East of Greenwich Village and south of Gramercy Park and the Stuyvesant Neighborhood and it’s eastern boundary is the East River.  Essentially it can be found north of Houston Street, East of 4th Avenue, and south of 14th Street.

Originally the East Village was known to be a part of the Lower East Side, but it developed it started to be identified as it’s own neighborhood in the 1960’s as the birthplace for the counter culture movement.  With counter culture at the heart of the East Village’s identity, a distinctive music and art scene was able to develop.  Known for it’s diversity, welcoming nightlife and entertainment, the East Village is one of the most distinct Manhattan neighborhoods.

To fully understand the East Village, taking a look at the area’s cultural, musical, and artistic history is the key.  Starting in the 1960s the area that was soon to be known as the East Village became the home of more artists, counter culture including the Beatniks, musicians and performers.  The term East Village started to appear in magazines and different publications giving the area it’s unique identity.

In the past decade, the neighborhood has seen a large gentrification movement of new condominium development, restaurants, and shopping move into the area.  The East Village is on the same path that other New York City neighborhoods were on just decades before it, including, Soho, Tribeca, and the West Village.

The residential real estate in the East Village is going to be a reflection of both it’s past, present and future.  You will have a combination of the original tenemental style walk-up buildings that make up most of the apartments for sale and for rent.  These mostly pre-war buildings offer a style of architecture and way of life that is going to be distinct to the neighborhood.  Then mixed in you will the new construction condominium buildings built in the past 10 years.  These are a reflection of where the neighborhood and much of Manhattan has been going.  These condominiums offer a luxury lifestyle that is a somewhat juxtaposition from where the East Village came from.

What makes the East Village desirable is the unique characteristics of the neighborhood, the restaurants, shopping, nightlife, the way of life found there.  Whether you want to live in a new construction condominium or in a pre-war building you can find it in the East Village.

Greenwich Village NY Condos buyers MUST READ

Greenwich Village NY Condos buyers MUST READ

Have you been looking for a condominium for sale in the Greenwich Village neighborhood in New York City? If you have been looking for a Greenwich Village NY Condo than you have probably been seeing a couple of market activities happening quite consistently:

1. Multiple Offers on 1 Bedroom Greenwich Village Condos for sale. I have been working with multiple customer’s looking in the 1 Bedroom Condo market. If a newly renovated full time doorman 1 bedroom condo has come on the market for less than $1,000,000, the first open house is packed and multiple offers come in shortly. Most of the offers are cash, or non-mortgage contingent at or near the asking price.  

2. Almost no inventory for Greenwich Village apartments less than $600,000. The studio or alcove studio condominium market in not only Greenwich Village, but in the East Village or the West Village is quite limited. After a couple of afternoons you can see everything that is available. The well priced apartments are selling quickly and the apartments with more aspirational pricing are even getting more interest. This time of year see’s an influx of demand and the low supply creates an atmosphere where the best Greenwich Village condos for sale are moving quickly.

3. Greenwich Village Pre-War condo inventory is scarce. Building’s like 59 West 12th Street, 2 Cornelia Street, 115 Fourth Ave, 45 Christopher St, 299 and 302 West 12th St, The American Felt Building have very little inventory. The Bing and Bing Emery Roth designed pre-war condos are always desired and when priced well sell quickly. The unique apartments, such as duplexes, apartments with open views, recently renovated, don’t sit on the market quickly.

4. Larger Apartments Inventory Limited. In my database I see 12 Two Bedroom Condos for Sale in Greenwich Village right now, 10 Three Bedroom Condos for Sale in Greenwich Village and 4 Four Bedroom Condos or Larger in Greenwich Village. If you are entering this segment of the market, you will probably expand your search to the West Village, parts of the East Village and parts of Chelsea, but you will still have a small number of apartments to view.

Overall, the spring and early summer real estate market for condos for sale in Greenwich Village has been quite robust with multiple offers for apartments priced effectively for their individual part of the market. One Bedroom Condos in Doorman buildings have seen a lot of interest.

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TriBeCa – Manhattan New York

Tribeca was one of the first Manhattan neighborhood’s named after the area that it is located in.

The Triangle Below Canal Street is located between the Hudson River and Lafayette Street and running approximately from North of Battery Park City up to Canal Street it’s northern border.   The neighborhood was historically known for it’s light manufacturing and warehousing businesses.

Much like Soho, it’s very well known and desirable because these former industrial buildings were converted into residential apartments, most notably the loft apartments.  Behind the facade of these historical buildings are tremendous voluminous spaces with great ceiling heights, over sized windows and typically luxuriously appointed.  The unique nature of these lofts creates an open and airy feel that has been and will continue to be in high demand.   Desired not for just it’s architecture but Tribeca has a wealth of neighborhood amenities.  Popular shopping, restaurants, cafes are found throughout the area.

New condominium development such as One York, 200 Chambers, 101 Warren, Pearline Soap Factory, among others have been a draw for this neighborhood. With it’s general proximity to many other downtown neighborhoods along with the individual characteristics have made the neighborhood a very popular Manhattan residential neighborhood.

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Murray Hill-Manhattan New York

Murray Hill

The Murray Hill neighborhood located between 34th Street and 40th St between 5th Avenue and the East River is one of the most convenient neighborhoods in the Midtown area of Manhattan.  A combination of practical residential availabilities including high rise co-op and condominium apartments along with townhouse residences between the major avenues along with neighborhood restaurants and access to the midtown business district have made this a very desirable locale.

Murray Hill is an attractive neighborhood for not just the first time apartment buyer or renter but also for those residents that have lived in the community for years.  The Morgan Library and the Beaux Arts Building are the architectural center pieces of the area.  These architecturally significant and historically prominent buildings are a reflection of the neighborhoods rich past.  Originally named after the 18th century Quaker family, Murray Hill was named after the Murray Family that once had a prominent house formerly built on a since leveled hill site at Park Avenue and 36th Street.

A combination of different types of residential dwellings and neighborhood amenities have made Murray Hill a desirable neighborhood and will continue to be a sought after Manhattan location for years to come.

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Chelsea-Manhattan New York


What does Chelsea not have? From 14th St to 34th St, and from 6th Avenue to the Hudson River, Chelsea is one of Manhattan’s most diverse downtown neighborhoods.

Tree-lined Streets with brownstone residences, high rise luxury condominium development, pre-war art deco co-ops, Chelsea real estate has something for everybody.  A very convenient location with a lot of transportation choices, multiple restaurant choices, shopping and neighborhood services, Chelsea has become a highly desirable location.

Home to Chelsea Piers-one of Manhattan’s premiere physical fitness and entertainment locations, along with the High Line Park-the elevated park now one of the most popular destinations in the city for residents and tourists, Chelsea has something for everybody.

Real estate prices in Chelsea vary widely.  You will get more space for the money than in Greenwich Village or the West Village, but new construction condominiums along the High Line Park have shattered price records for the neighborhood.  West Chelsea has seen a resurgence as a destination for cutting edge architecture in buildings such as 100 Eleventh Avenue and 200 Eleventh Avenue, next door to the many art galleries and cafes that make up the neighborhood.  Highly desirable this part of Chelsea is of New York City’s best residential locations.

Located on the southern end of the Chelsea neighborhood is The Chelsea Market.  The Chelsea Market is a destination for the food lover, with both gourmet restaurants and shopping, home to the Food Network.

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West Village-Manhattan New York

West Village

The West Village has been considered a part of the Greenwich Village or “Village” neighborhood.  As it shares some similar characteristics to its more famous cousin, the West Village is a distinct New York City neighborhood with a huge popularity and following.

The borders of the West Village are roughly defined as the Hudson River on the West, Seventh or Sixth Avenue on the East, and from 14th Street to Houston Street. It’s bordered by Chelsea, the Meatpacking District, and Greenwich Village.

Primarily a residential neighborhood with many restaurants, boutique shopping, and shops catering to residential living, the West Village is a fantastic neighborhood. Originally known as “Little Bohemia” this name is well deserved. A unique European style is easily observed in many of the cafes and shops that are found in the windy tree-line streets that make up the West Village.

One way the West Village distinguishes itself which is quite evident when you visit this neighborhood is the structure of the streets.  The West Village is “off the grid” it’s streets are laid out in an 18th Century pattern, named after original occupants or historical places.  The windy nature of the streets can be confusing to both tourists and residents, but this is just one of the features of the West Village that set it apart.

Another unique feature of the West Village is that it sits in a Historic Preservation District.  Much of the real estate is found in historic buildings, new development condominium buildings are rare and when it does come available is highly desired and the high prices are a reflection.  The real estate prices in the West Village are some of the highest and most stable in Manhattan.

The European feel, unique architecture, access to some of the best boutique shopping, cafes, and restaurants, make the West Village one of the most desired downtown Manhattan neighborhoods.

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Little Italy-Chinatown-Manhattan New York

Little Italy – Chinatown

Little Italy and Chinatown were listed in 2010 as a single district in the National Register of Historic Places. When you walk through both Chinatown and Little Italy there is an undeniable recognition of the cultural identity each neighborhood deserves.

Little Italy and Chinatown are some of Manhattan’s oldest neighborhoods.  Originally a destination that was built upon the traditions of the cultures that each is well known for.  Over time Chinatown has expanded street by street and Little Italy is relatively concentrated on Mulberry, Thompson and Sullivan Streets.

Old style tenements, mom and pop eateries, community based stores are the mainstay in this neighborhood.  Some of the best regional cuisines are found in Little Italy and Chinatown.  Fresh Produce, seafood, authentic deli’s, are found all along the side streets within these high energy neighborhoods.

With some of the most authentic Manhattan real estate you can find, you will have tenement style buildings right next door to a newly constructed condominium building in Chinatown and Little Italy.  Expect a wide variety of apartments available for the economical mindset and the luxury one.

Come down for authentic cuisine, some of the most quintessential New York experiences, and you will leave with a memorable experience.

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Lower East Side-Manhattan New York

Lower East Side

The Lower East Side is a reflection of Manhattan’s rich history.  One of the oldest neighborhoods in Manhattan, south of the East Village, east of Chinatown and bordering the East River.

The Lower East Side has a vibrant and authentic culture onto itself.  Known for it’s many walk-up buildings and community oriented complexes such as Seward Park, the Lower East Side has seen the start of a resurgence in the past couple of years.

New condominiums being built, hotels, and restaurants have started to sprout up, right next to some of the Lower East Side’s neighborhood institutions such as Katz Delicatessen, Eldridge Street Synagogue.  A neighborhood where new meets old, where you will find some of Manhattan’s best known bars, boutique shopping, mom n pop stores, cutting edge restaurants the city has to offer.

Prices for apartments either a rental or in a condo or co-op have always gone a long way in the Lower East Side.  Spacious apartments are common in the large co-op complexes, along with the comforts and nostalgia and always thrift of the walk-up buildings.

The Lower East Side is without a doubt a destination to visit, live and experience as the neighborhoods resurgence is going to continue.

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Central Park South-Manhattan New York

Central Park South

Central Park South is one of the premiere residential destinations in all of Manhattan.  Only three blocks long and located between Central Park West and Fifth Avenue.  With some of the quintessential views of Central Park, there are many residential real estate choices in some of the best condominium and co-op buildings.  You also have 5 star hotel accommodations at the prestigious Plaza Hotel, Ritz Carlton or Jumeirah Essex House.  Central Park South offers more than just world class views, one of the best destinations in all of Manhattan but also one of the most convenient locations in the city.

With Central Park at your doorstep, the shopping of both Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenues along with the shops at Columbus Circle, the arts at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, you will have the best that Manhattan has to offer at your fingertips.

Condominium residences at both the Plaza Hotel and Time Warner Center bookend Central Park South along with the Jumeirah Essex House condominiums whether you are looking for a pied a terre or full time residence, Central Park South is an ideal location.

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Midtown-Manhattan New York


Midtown encompasses a number of different neighborhoods in Manhattan.  Spanning from 23rd St to 59th Street and from the Hudson to the East River, Midtown is home to Time Squares, the Theater District, the Empire State building and the primary business district in the city.

As New York’s largest business district and home to over 700,000 workers, Midtown is the most centralized and busiest commercial district in the entire United States.  An area known as the “Plaza District” used to describe an area between 42nd and 59th St from Seventh to Third Avenue is home to the most expensive commercial real estate in Manhattan.

Along with Times Square, the tourism center of Manhattan, the premiere Theater District can be found in Midtown Manhattan.  Walk over to Rockefeller Center and you will find yourself watching one of the premiere cultural centers in Manhattan.  On the west side of Midtown you will find what is commonly referred to as Hell’s Kitchen or now Clinton.  Midtown East is home to some of the finer high rise condominium buildings in the area.  Along Fifth Avenue you have a number of residential condominium buildings such as 325 Fifth Avenue, 425 Fifth Avenue, 400 Fifth Avenue and the Trump Tower at 721 Fifth Avenue.

Also home to Grand Center Terminal and Penn Station, your transportation options are plentiful whether you are just taking the subway around the city or if you are taking the train home to New Jersey or Connecticut.  Fifth Avenue runs through midtown where you will find some of the finest shopping possible, along with many Five-Star hotels.

Midtown will have a number of residential real estate options depending on whatever you need.  If you are looking for penthouse views, or a classic brownstone apartment they all can be found here.

Financial District-Manhattan New York

Financial District

Commonly known as “FiDi” the Financial District has recently become not just predominately a business district but also a neighborhood on the rise with a tremendous amount of real estate development of new condominium projects and high end rental buildings.  The neighborhood feel of FiDi has improved as farmer markets such as the New Amsterdam Market, both grocery and school districts are some of the best in the city.  High end shopping such as Hermes, Thomas Pink, Tiffany’s and Tumi can now be found in the area.

The Financial District is found on the southernmost tip of Manhattan.  Home to the original New Amsterdam settlement in the 17th Century, there is much history and time honored tradition.  Home to the financial centers of Manhattan, Wall Street remains an ever present engine of energy and commerce in the neighborhood.  With the development of the World Trade Center Site, you can depend on a tremendous amount of commerce and demand for residential real estate in the area.

The Financial District is home to a number of new development condominium and rental projects.  Converted office buildings into luxury residential condominiums is a mainstay in the area. New rental projects like the Frank Gehry designed 8 Spruce Street or Beekman Tower are giving the area some of most significant development projects in Manhattan.

The South Street Seaport and Brooklyn Bridge continue to be cultural attractions and the World Trade Center Site will be a focus in the neighborhood for decades to come.  Subways and transportation are plentiful as most of the city’s subway lines run directly through the Financial District giving its residents lots of options.

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Gramercy-Manhattan New York


Another New York City neighborhood named and defined by its mainstay feature, The Gramercy Park.

This downtown neighborhood feels more like a quiet neighborhood than the typical fast paced lifestyle that New York City is well known for.  The neighborhood spans from 23rd St on the North, 14th Street to the South, Park Avenue South to the West and First Avenue to the East.

Gramercy Park itself is found between 21st and 20th Streets and Gramercy Park West and East, approximately between Park Avenue South and Third Avenue.  Irving Place a very notable and famous street starts at the south end of Gramercy Park on 20th St.  Irving Place is home to some of the better restaurants, cafes, and entertainment in the neighborhood.

Real estate is diverse in the neighborhood.  Surrounding Gramercy Park are a number of historically significant town houses and co-op and condominium residences. Views of the park are highly sought after and with the limited frontage to the park, apartments are highly desired.

What makes Gramercy so desirable is its relative close location to a number of subways, walking distance to Union Square, the Flatiron District and Midtown offices, restaurants and nightlife.  The calm nature that the park brings with it, spreads itself to the many tree lined streets and pristine architecture in the neighborhood.