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Manhattan Condo Investment Tips: From Landlord perspective

Manhattan Condo Investment Tips: From Landlord perspective

The Time of Year Plays a Big Role in Your Rental

Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with a lot of condominium owners who have decided to rent out their investment condos and here are some of tips that we can share to maximize your investment.

The time of year the rental condo comes on the market for rent impacts two significant market factors to you as an owner (landlord): The Rent you will Receive and Potentially how long the apartment will be on the market.

The Manhattan rental market in our experience is very seasonally driven.  The peak season with the most demand always to be a late Spring to early Summer time period, let’s say April-July.

On the other hand, the time of year with the lowest amount of demand is November-February, with a very noticeable drop from late November-the beginning of January.

For example, we have had rentals be available in December with almost nobody coming to see them, which is somewhat understandable given the time of year.  And then come mid-January, all of a sudden, multiple requests to come take a look at the apartment.

So the Question Becomes: What do I do as a landlord to prevent this from happening?

Sometimes there isn’t a whole lot you can do at first, if your previous lease is expiring this time of year and the tenant does not want to renew or if you are closing on a new condominium that you will be renting out afterwards, you will at least have the proper expectation of what is to come.

Our Tip and Strategy: If your building’s condominium by-laws permit and most often do, once we do find a tenant, have the lease be for 18 months, resetting the cycle.  Now the lease will expire in a much favorable time of year.

Most tenants will agree to this because the first 18 months of their lease is locked in at the same price, when it was usually 12 months.  And maybe they do not like moving this time of year either.

This is a simple solution, but one that is often overlooked by inexperienced real estate agents.

So let’s say your tenants give you notice that they are leaving and their lease October 31st, right when you will start to see the demand for rentals start to slow down.

You have a short window of opportunity to find a replacement tenant before the seasonality of the market takes hold.   Now is not the time to overprice your rental listing.  Renters are extremely price sensitive, they will shop around looking for the best deal possible, and this is especially true if there are other similar apartments available in your building or surrounding neighborhood.

If the market price let’s say for your one bedroom is $4000/month and your initial instinct is to push the price up a bit to $4200/month, thinking the apartment has unique features, which it could have, this strategy could back fire.

Our tip this time of year is make your apartment just a bit less expensive than the competition, you have to give a reason for a tenant to not want to lose out on your apartment and make a quick decision.  If they feel it is a bit overpriced, they will know they can circle around later and negotiate with you.

Because one month of vacancy plays a big part of your bottom line.  Let’s say the apartment goes vacant for 1 month, that is a loss of potentially $4000/month in rent, dividing that by 12 months, thats a monthly loss of $333/month.  Also, accounting for the common charge, real estate tax and if you a mortgage that is now out of pocket versus being paid for by the tenant’s rent.

Now let’s say you reduced the asking price to $3900/month, a bit under market, but not drastic.  You secure the tenant quickly,  You might feel that you are losing $100/month now, but compare that to the $333/month loss you would have been receiving if it went vacant for one month.  235East40thSt Vanderbilt Midtown Condos

Our Tip and Strategy: Market the Apartment just a bit under your competition, securing the tenant as quickly as possible, negotiate a longer lease and now when the lease comes up you will be in a much better position.  It will be Spring/Summer time, rental values are at their peak, so now when you negotiate your rental renewal you will be in a much better position in case you have to go back on the market to find a new tenant.

As a landlord, you need to work with seasoned agents like ourselves to maximize your condo investment. We work many investors that owned several condo units in different neighborhoods of Manhattan, we experienced first hand at how to handle each condo with different strategies. If you are a landlord and looking to rent out your condo unit, give us a call at (917)837-8869 and we can speak to you directly.

Greenwich Village Condos for Sale – Two Bedroom Condominiums

Greenwich Village Condos for Sale – Two Bedroom Condominiums

If you have been looking for a Two Bedroom Condominium recently in the Greenwich Village neighborhood I’m sure you have been increasingly frustrated waiting for new inventory to come on the market and then when something does happen to come available in your price range it becomes a fierce bidding war for the best properties.
As of late August 2015, within the neighborhood of Greenwich Village, we are tracking just Six (6) Different Two Bedroom Condominiums on the market for sale.  And of those Six, three of them are in new construction condominiums and the other apartments are what we would describe as being in the Noho neighborhood, not within the traditional Greenwich Village border.
For a Two Bedroom Condo buyer looking to be in or around the Greenwich Village neighborhood, you have two routes the resale inventory or the new construction condominiums.

If you are interested in a new construction condominium, there are a few different buildings that have two bedroom inventory including the Greenwich Lane Condominiums and 37 East 12th Street, however the price point begins at approximately $5,500,000 and can go up to close to $10,000 for the larger apartments.

So if you see yourself looking at the resale condominiums, this is the segment where most buyers are looking because of the price range and typically more options to choose from.
Here is a breakdown of the activity since the beginning of 2015:
We tracked 16 Closed Sales.  A price range of $1,325,000 up to $4,995,000.  With a price per square foot around $2,000 depending on the type of building.  The median price point is essentially $3,000,000.
16 Closed Sales is simply a very low total volume of transactions.  This isn’t because of a lack of demand it’s simply a lack of inventory being put on the market.
Why such a big difference in price range? There are a handful of sales between $1,325,000 and $1,750,000 that are really Convertible Two Bedrooms.  Essentially a one bedroom with a dining alcove was converted to a 2nd bedroom.  There is a lot of demand for this entry level style of two bedroom because for a true two bedroom, most of the sales are occurring at $3,000,000.


So if you are looking for a two bedroom condominium in Greenwich Village, you can expect the price point to start around $2,500,000. 

What should you do if you are interested in a Two Bedroom Condominium in Greenwich Village?
Our advice is that because of the lack of quality inventory, you are going to see very strong interest once it comes on the market.  There could be multiple offers, there could be lots of people at the first open house.
1.Educate Yourself on what the market prices are going to be for what you are looking for?
Too often people come in looking in the rear view mirror of what sold last year or what is selling in a different neighborhood trying to get an apartment for a price that is just not reasonable. When you have so little inventory in such a high demand neighborhood as Greenwich Village you can expect premium pricing.
The Petersfield Condominium at 115 Fourth Avenue
2. Get Your Financing in Place and Attorney Ready
If you want to secure an apartment quickly, the owner will want to know you are capable of going through with the transaction.  Whether you are paying ALL CASH or you need a mortgage, you need to come prepared.  Also having your attorney picked out before you make the offer will help speed along the process giving you the ability to sign the contract as quickly as possible.
3. Once an Apartment comes on the Market, Act Quickly! Try to see it as soon as possible, make yourself available to the time the seller agent says works best to see the apartment.

If you are ready to start your search for a Two Bedroom Condominium for Sale in Greenwich Village, contact us (917)837-8869, we can discuss any questions you may have, and current availability on the market so you can find the perfect one for you without much of stress.

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Greenwich Village Studio and One bedroom Market Report Aug 2015

155 West 68th Street Dorchester Towers Condo Market Report July 2015

155 West 68th Street Dorchester Towers Condo Market Report July 2015

In 2015, the sale of Dorchester Towers have been strong and steady. We are seeing both buyers and sellers have responded to the lack of supply within the condo re-sale market place.

Many buyers have been bidding away at prime properties once it is on the market and sellers have achieved good pricing with realistic expectations.

When we look at 2014, the past year market created a trend where some sellers and Real Estate brokers continued to push prices to a level where buyers backed away until either a realistic price adjustment happens.


When we look at Dorchester Towers market, the ‘Average Days on Market’ increased from 40 days to 54 days before a contract was signed.

The Price negotiability increased from 2.5% (2014) to about 5.4% (YTD 2015). This increase DOES NOT indicate prices are decreasing, in fact the prices are still holding and increasing in certain segments, this is indicating that we are seeing a more measured price appreciation.

Price Analysis

  • Alcove Studios: Up about $100 sq/ft since 2014
  • One Bedrooms: Holding steady since 2014
  • Two Bedrooms: Increased $200 sq/ft since the last sale in 2013

In today’s market, we are seeing the new construction condo market is the most popular segment of the market place.

For brand new renovations or recent renovations, buyers will pay a premium and the likelihood of multiple offers is at its highest.


Continuing into the rest of 2015, with continued low Inventory levels, still historically low mortgage rates for those that need financing, and an overall confidence in New York City as a global safe haven, all indicators of a healthy and active Real Estate Market.

We are Morgan Evans and Eileen Hsu, residents of the Dorchester Towers and we the consistent top selling Real Estate agents for the Dorchester Towers Condominium.

We have the most thorough  track-record of results of any sales team, and we sell Dorchester for the best price and fastest compare to any other agent.

If you are an owner and are thinking of selling or renting your Dorchester Tower condo unit, Contact us for a confidential discussion of your Dorchester condo unit at (917) 837-8869.Or email us at or

The Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center

The Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center

If you only have few hours to sight seeing in Manhattan New York, we would recommend you to go see “the tree”. Every year, many visitors come to Manhattan New York to see this Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center.

Here are some interesting fun facts about this spectacular tree:

  • It’s a Noweigan Spruce
  • The tallest tree on record was in 1999, 100 feet tall (2012 Height-80 ft)
  • The star on top of the tree since 2004 weighs 550 lbs
  • The tree is donated every year
  • The estimated cost of the tree is $73,500
  • The 2012 Tree survived Hurricane Sandy from Flanders, New Jersey

If you’ve made it to the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center you will also be able to see the ice skating rink, the window displays and decorations along Fifth Avenue, and will have the opportunity to do some world class shopping along Fifth Avenue.

Seeing the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center is also a FREE event, no admission necessary.

One Jackson Square at 122 Greenwich Avenue in West Village NY

One Jackson Square located at 122 Greenwich Avenue in West Village NY

One Jackson Square located at 122 Greenwich Avenue in New York City is a new construction condominium in the West Village.  Located at what would be described as the crossroads of West 13th Street, Eighth Avenue and Greenwich Avenue. One Jackson Square, received its name from the park it directly faces.  Jackson Square Park is one of the oldest and historic parks in New York City, with a history spanning the early 1800s. This beautiful triangular shaped park has a three tiered cast iron fountain as its centerpiece and is enclosed with stately wrought iron fencing.

One Jackson Square is one of just a few new construction condominiums in the West Village and Greenwich Village neighborhoods.
Construction started in 2007 on this boutique 11 story tall, 35 unit west village condos for sale building.  Designed by William Pedersen of Kohn Pedersen Fox, and developed by RFR Holding, LLC and Hines Interests.  One Jackson Square condos for sale is a LEED certified building with  “green” features such as improved indoor air quality, an energy efficient design and a partial green roof.  Thoughtfully designed and executed well, One Jackson Square apartments for sale has become one of the most desired buildings for anybody looking to purchase condos for sale sale in the West Village, Greenwich Village or Meat Packing Districts.

When first looking at One Jackson Square,
you can’t help but notice the undulating glass facade characterized by the glass panels and numerous setbacks at this Green condo building in the West Village. The curved facade has created a building where apartments are uniquely shaped and design elements have been creatively thought out.

Amenities at One Jackson Square Condominium include a full time doorman and concierge. A fitness room with accompanying spa treatment rooms, entertaining lounge for residents, storage, and roof deck.

Pricing for Condos for Sale at One Jackson Square for this West Village Green Condos for Sale Building:

One Bedrooms for Sale at One Jackson Square typically start in the $2,250,000+
Two Bedrooms for Sale at One Jackson Square typically start in the $3,350,000+
Three bedrooms for sale at One Jackson Square typically start in the $4,500,000+

Keep in mind that pricing varies for each type of apartment because there is a wide range of size difference between each category.  Pricing will vary, so if you are interested in knowing what Condos are for sale at One Jackson Square or want to know about other new condos for sale in the West Village we recommend to CONTACT US and call (917) 837-8869 or email us:

Condos for Sale at One Jackson Square at 122 Greenwich Avenue is a unique opportunity. A Green New Construction Condo building in this area is extremely unique.  New Construction condos for sale in this neighborhood are rare.  The West Village neighborhood is typically characterized by pre-war building architecture and very few condominium buildings.  So having a condominium building that is also a Green New Construction condo building for sale in the West Village area makes One Jackson Square an opportunity.

The West Village neighborhood speaks for itself.  Being so close to the Meat Packing District, Greenwich Village and all of the neighborhood restaurants, shopping and amenities make One Jackson Square an ideal building to purchase in.  If you are looking for Condos for Sale in the West Village we encourage you to see what is available at One Jackson Square and contact us today, at (917) 837-8869.

If you are looking for West Village Condos for sale call us at (917) 837 8869 for all current availability.

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Greenwich Village Condo Sale Report Spring 2012

What’s the Greenwich Village apartments for sale market like right now?
Being in the middle of the spring selling season, we are seeing peak levels of volume activity.  Well priced apartments when they come on the market are selling extremely quickly.  Greenwich Village apartments for sale are some of the most desired types of apartments in all of Manhattan.

A few factors influencing the Greenwich Village New York Real Estate market specifically the condominium market:

1. Tight Control of Supply- Very few new condominium projects are built in the neighborhood and those that do are typically not high rise buildings.  The last project at 130 west 12th Street sold out very quickly, a very successful project.  Mainly re-sale condominiums are what comes available and those when priced well are selling at a fast pace.

2. Near Multiple Universities-Within the Greenwich Village area there are multiple universities including the ever present NYU and Stern Business School, Parsons and the near by Cooper Union and School of Visual Arts or SVA.  The close proximity to multiple universities brings with it a demand for housing.  We work with many parents who decide to purchase apartments while their children go to school and start working while in New York City.  Purchasing condominiums in the area as an investment unit is highly sought after because the built in demand and high rental prices are very advantageous for landlords.

Pricing in the Spring of 2012 for a Greenwich Village Apartments for sale in New York City:

Studio’s-Range from $550,000-$800,000
One Bedroom’s-Range from $850,000-$1,500,000
Two Bedroom’s- Range from $1,350,000 – $3,000,000
Three Bedroom-$2,500,000 and up
Penthouse Condominiums for sale in Greenwich Village – call us at (917) 837 8869

If you are interested to know about specific price ranges for a certain type of Greenwich Village condo for sale, call us today at (917) 837-8869 or email at
us here:

NYC Condos near Central Park on the Upper East Side MARKET REPORT

NYC Condos near Central Park on the Upper East Side MARKET REPORT. Condominiums near Central Park on the Upper East Side is a specific and focused search.

The overwhelming majority of the apartment buildings both on Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue and Park Avenue are all cooperative building.  Condos near Central Park in the Upper East Side is going to look at a select group of buildings.

A question may be, why purchase a condominium near Central Park when I could buy a co-op apartment when there are so many more of them available? The answer is usually quite simple, that the co-op purchase process for an apartment on Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue or Park Avenue is going to be quite specific as to the financial and personal documentation including the board interview and approval process that will be necessary to buy into those buildings and if you buy into a condo near Central park in the Upper East Side you will be able to circumnavigate the board interview and approval along with much of the more intensive documentation requirements.

Along Fifth Avenue on Central Park, the condominium buildings include 923 Fifth Avenue, 817 Fifth Avenue, 1049 Fifth Ave-(by address, building entrance located on 86th Street), 995 Fifth-(condop building, The Stanhope Hotel), 1280 Fifth Avenue, just to name a few.

There are a number of mid-block condominium buildings in what were once mansions now converted to condominium buildings. These condominium buildings are typically smaller more intimate, often with no doorman, yet usually have all of the pre-war characteristics that are highly desired.

Along Park Avenue, still close walking distance to Central Park a number of condominium buildings are available.The other feature that is typically unique to these buildings is that you will have a few that are a lot taller than their surrounding buildings, giving the higher floor apartments tremendous views of both Central Park and the city skyline, buildings such as 900 Park Avenue or 502 Park Avenue both have Central Park views from the higher floor apartments.

Condos near Central Park on the Upper East Side Pricing:

Except the price to start in the $2,500 sq/ft range and go up from there depending on the unit. Central Park facing units will be commanding a premium along with certain Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue buildings that will also be priced at a premium.  For the fully renovated, higher floor, optimum views, outdoor space you could be looking at a range of $4,000 sq/ft+ for certain apartments that have truly unique characteristics.

Since September of this year, there have been approximately Seven (7) closed condominium/condop sales between Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue.  The average price per sq ft for those apartments was approximately $3,700 sq/ft.  The price range was from $3,850,000 to over $23,500,000.

With these types of sales and the range being so wide it’s extremely important to recognize the most relative comparable’s often found in the same building if you have any, the same type of view, size and condition.

If you are interested in knowing more about what is available for a condominium near Central Park on the Upper East Side, call us today at (917)837-8869 so we can discuss your interest and find the suitable Condominium near Central park on the Upper East Side for you.

Financial District (FiDi)-Manhattan New York neighborhood

Commonly known as “FiDi” the Financial District has recently become not just predominately a business district but also a neighborhood on the rise with a tremendous amount of Real Estate development of new condominium projects and high end rental buildings. The neighborhood feel of FiDi has improved as farmer markets such as the New Amsterdam Market, both grocery and school districts are some of the best in the city.  High end shopping such as Hermes, Thomas Pink, Tiffany’s and Tumi can now be found in the area.

The Financial District is found on the southernmost tip of Manhattan. Home to the original New Amsterdam settlement in the 17th Century, there is much history and time honored tradition.  Home to the financial centers of Manhattan, Wall Street remains an ever present engine of energy and commerce in the neighborhood.  With the development of the World Trade Center Site, you can depend on a tremendous amount of commerce and demand for residential real estate in the area.

The Financial District is home to a number of new development condominium and rental projects.  Converted office buildings into luxury residential condominiums is a mainstay in the area. New rental projects like the Frank Gehry designed 8 Spruce Street or Beekman Tower are giving the area some of most significant development projects in Manhattan.

The South Street Seaport and Brooklyn Bridge continue to be cultural attractions and the World Trade Center Site will be a focus in the neighborhood for decades to come.  Subways and transportation are plentiful as most of the city’s subway lines run directly through the Financial District giving its residents lots of options.

Discover other vibrant neighborhoods in Manhattan New York:

NoLiTa- a sassy and trendy Manhattan New York neighborhood

Once a part of Little Italy, in the mid-1990’s the neighborhood was rebranded and the catchy name that stuck was Nolita, following the naming trend of its neighbors Soho(SOuth of HOuston Street), and Tribeca, (TRIangle BElow CAnal Street). Nolita, an abbreviation for ‘NOrth of Little ITAly, is a relatively new neighborhood.

Nolita, in the 1990’s experienced a large influx of young urban professionals escaping the high rents of SoHo. This, in turn, inspired the blossoming of fancy boutiques and establishments along it’s quaint cobblestone streets. With a new energy in the neighborhood, distinct from the old charm of Little Italy, NoLita was born. Currently considered an extremely fancy and expensive neighborhood, NoLita is especially desired for its convenient access to the surrounding neighborhoods of NoHo, Lower East Side, and SoHo.

NoLita is south of NoHo, bounded on the north by Houston Street, on the east by the Bowery, on the south roughly by Broome Street, and on the west roughly by Lafayette Street.

Nolita apartments for sale are dominated by condominiums with a few co-ops mixed in.
The Nolita real estate market is often seen as an offshoot of its neighbor Soho, but is still a product of its more relaxed roots.  New Construction buildings have entered the market place with varying reflections of the neighborhood character.

Pricing for Nolita apartments for sale tends to fluctuate closer to Soho and Noho than it does the Lower East Side, but ultimately the variations depend on building quality, building amenities, exposure and renovations.

Some of Nolita’s greatest appeal is that it has relatively everything you would be looking for in the downtown Manhattan experience, great boutique shopping, close proximity to Soho, eclectic mix of restaurants, cafes and entertainment.

We are very experienced & active Manhattan New York Real Estate agents, we have helped many buyers and sellers in different neighborhoods of Manhattan New York not just in NoLiTa New York. Please contact us at (917)837-8869 to find your perfect Manhattan New York apartment.

You can contact us today if you are looking to purchase a condo in NYC, or thinking about investing in this vibrant big city.
Other Exciting Manhattan New York Neighborhoods:

Please contact us at (917)837-8869 to find your perfect Manhattan New York apartment.

Old Rail tracks turned Park-High Line Park Manhattan New York

On the Westside of Downtown Chelsea Manhattan, the High Line was built in the 1930s, as part of a massive public-private infrastructure project called the West Side Improvement. The highline carried freight 30 feet in the air, this way, it removes dangerous trains from Manhattan streets.

High Line has not been used since 1980, in 1999, this historic structure was under threat of demolition. Friends of the High Line, a community-based non-profit group then was formed to preserve and developed an idea to keep this structure as an elevated public park.

High Line park look from the street, it is raised above the street level.

Cafe on the high line park that is a fantastic place to have some afternoon snack.

New and ultra chic condo developments near and along the High line park.

Today, the park is open to public with many seasonal blooms, visitors come to High line park to enjoy the sunshine, admire the landscape, the neighborhood has become one of the trendiest place to live in Downtown Manhattan with unique architecture of new condos. The High line park is now one of favorite park among New Yorkers.

If you would like to know more about condos near High line Park, there are many options and availabilities based on your specific requirement. Call us today at (917)837-8869 and we can discuss in private in what will work best for you.

Midtown West- a vibrant Manhattan New York neighborhood

Midtown West also known as Clinton, the Theatre District, or originally as Hell’s Kitchen. Manhattan Midtown West has a distinct personality and history all to itself in Manhattan.
Located generally between 59th Street to the North, 34th Street to the South and from the Hudson River to approximately 8th Avenue.  This is a diverse and large neighborhood with a multitude of landmarks and certain neighborhood characteristics.
Hell’s Kitchen is quite a name. There are many theories and stories about how the area was given this name, but to make a long story short, there has been much transition and gentrification in the last 20 years.  Certain area’s of Midtown West are quite residential with a lot of restaurants, shopping and entertainment options.
The Theatre District area of Midtown West is one of the most trafficked and lively areas for both tourists and resident New Yorker’s.
There have been a number of big development condominium construction in the last 20 years, the anchor being Worldwide Plaza.  This mix used building is one of the most popular condominium buildings in the entire Midtown area.
Midtown West has a distinct feel as zoning laws have kept almost all building heights maxed out at 6 floors. This has given the area a number of smaller more affordable rental and sale options for the residents of this neighborhood.  The taller buildings have typically been found on the avenues, while walk-up buildings are located predominantly between the avenues.
Recently there have been a number of new construction projects in Midtown West including the Link at 310 West 52nd Street, the Dillon at 425 West 53rd St, the Hudson Hill Condominiums at 462 West 58th Street, the Atelier at 635 West 42nd St, the Orion at 350 West 42nd Street, Griffin Court at 800 Tenth Avenue, the Hit Factory at 421 West 54th St, to name a few.  This area has seen these new construction buildings because it’s still possible for developers to purchase the land necessary for these types of buildings.
There are still areas south of 42nd St that are still relatively industrial, where you don’t see as much residential apartments available, but there is a huge project planned for the Hudson Yards redevelopment.  Essentially a brand new neighborhood will be built in this area and it will definitely improve the infrastructure of the Midtown West neighborhood as more retail, schools, and development money will come into this area.
If you are looking to purchase a condominium in Midtown West, we are very familiar with what is available, call us today at (917) 837-8869 or read about other vibrant Manhattan New York neighborhood in our blogs below.
A fantastic Midtown West Condo is 247 West 46th Street, to know more about this Midtown West Condo, click on this link:

Lincoln Square Upper West Side 1 Bedroom Condominium Market Report

Lincoln Square Upper West Side 1 Bedroom Condominium market
The Lincoln Square neighborhood surrounding the famous arts and entertainment center that is Lincoln Center is home to a number of very desirable condominium buildings.
The One (1) Bedroom Condo Market in the Lincoln Square area of the Upper West Side is very sought after and has a very small amount of supply of condos for sale.
The Lincoln Square area is approximately described as from 59th Street to 72nd St and from Central Park to the Hudson River.
In total there are approximately 85 One Bedroom Condos for sale in the Lincoln Square area of the Upper West Side. However if we put our Western Boundary at West End Avenue and exclude the Trump and Extell Buildings on Riverside Blvd, the amount of inventory decreases extremely significantly to 36 One Bedroom Condos for sale in the Lincoln Square Upper West Side.

The One Bedroom Condo in Lincoln Square Upper West Side for sale price range is significant, it starts around $600,000 and goes up to approximately $1,350,000.

A breakdown of the price range for 1 Bedroom Condos for sale in Lincoln Square Upper West Side is:

$550,000-$700,000: Only 2 Condos currently available.  This segment of the market, condos priced in the $600,000 to $700,000 price point is where you consistently see apartments only stay on the market for a very short time.  Certain buildings in the Lincoln Center neighborhood have 1 bed condos for sale periodically, most typically Dorchester Towers at 155 West 68th St.  Dorchester Towers is a full-time doorman condo building that has 1 bed condos in the $600,000-700,000 price range, and they sell very quickly. The size will be anywhere from 575 sq ft to maybe 700 sq ft, do not expect a new renovation in this price range.

$700,000-$1,000,000: The majority of the 1 bedroom condos for sale in Lincoln Square Upper West are in this price range, approximately 24 Lincoln Center One Bedroom Condos are currently for sale.  You will see a variety of types of buildings in this price range.  You will find new construction or recently built condos like 10 West End Avenue or 555 West 59th Street.  You will find some of the more established full time doorman condos like The Coronada at 155 W 70th St or One Lincoln Plaza at 20 West 64th St.  The larger one bedroom Lincoln center for sale condos will be in this range, approximately from 700 to 900 sq ft.  Condition will vary, some very nice and renovated others not so much but the trade off may be a higher floor or larger space.

$1,000,000+ : About 10 Condos are currently for sale in the $1,000,000+ price range in the Lincoln Square Upper West Side condo market.  Above a million dollars you will be looking at condos typically concentrated in a few buildings such as 1965 Broadway-The Grand Millennium, 101 West 67th St and 111 West 67th Street – The Millennium Tower or Park Millennium, 160 West 66th St, 2000 Broadway-The Copley and 150 Columbus, 200 West End Avenue, to name a few.  In this price point you will typically be in these more luxurious buildings, often with 800+ sq ft, views, and some apartments will be renovated.

Overall, the 1 bedroom condo for sale in Lincoln Square Upper West Side is a very desirable market.  A variety of buyer’s seek these apartments out, some for end use, others for pied a terre residences and as investment properties.  The location near Central and Riverside Parks, along with the transportation and subway lines, combined with the residential ambiance the neighborhood posses make it a very desirable location.

If you are interested in buying, selling or renting a One Bedroom Condo in the Lincoln Square Upper West Side area, contact us today, at (917) 837-8869.