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What NYC neighborhoods are good to invest?

What NYC neighborhoods are good to invest?

New York city (NYC) has many vibrant neighborhoods that cater different lifestyle and people. Many buyers call us and like to own a piece of Manhattan New York, they either have been here before or have a family member currently live here and would like to diversify their investment portfolio and include a NYC condo in it.

We often get the question What NYC neighborhoods are good to invest, there is no one answer for everyone.

Before we can answer this question or for the buyer to determine, they have to consider several points as outline below:

Price Range (investment dollar amount) : What is the price amount that you are thinking of invest? We work with buyers that have invested $850,000 USD price range on a one bedroom condo and that can rent anywhere from $3,500-$4,000 USD per month unfurnished depending location and season. We also have work with buyers that invested $3,500,000,000 USD sales price and rented the three bedroom condo for $17,000 USD per month. Depending on your projected price range then we can narrow down the neighborhood.

Culture and Lifestyle:
Do you intend on staying at this condo at all when you visit New York city? Perhaps you planning to live there one day in the near future? Or this is for sole investment purpose? If you plan on living in the condo, then it is best to look at the area and neighborhoods that you like and socialize when you are in New York.

Amenities: Do you prefer a condo with a pool? How about fitness center and spa?
Buildings with lots of amenities sometimes are newer buildings, these buildings are usually built after 1980s or some older building have added the amenities to suit residents interest.

There are other factors to determine which neighborhood is best suited for each person’s preference. We specialize in working with buyers looking for condo investment in New York city, we are seasoned Real Estate agents that can help you in finding the right investment.

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Does the furniture come with NYC condos?

Does the furniture come with NYC condos?

Many of the website photos of the condos will have furnitures and fully furnished units. However, the furniture DOES NOT convey in a Manhattan condominium purchase unless it is specifically mentioned in the property description or discussed prior to the negotiation. If there is  an option to purchase the furniture there will often be two prices, one with the furniture and one without.  The spread between the two prices, may or may not reflect the actual replacement costs of the furniture and will include a convenience premium of being able to move right into the apartment without spending the time to furnish it yourself.

At rare occasion, our buyers may want to purchase the owner’s furniture, there is often a disconnect between what the buyer is willing to pay and the emotional attachment the owner may have for the piece.

Many savvy sellers in Manhattan New York will hire staging services to custom design and place the furniture pieces to ensure property maximize its value. This is with help of a team of interior designers and architects, when every square inch of the apartment has been well thought out, what it does is to show you as the buyer the potential for the space.

A part of owning an apartment is making your own personal design decisions, putting your own personal touches on how you would like to live in the apartment, but it’s helpful to see the size and scope of how certain combinations of furniture can work in certain rooms and areas.

If you prefer to purchase seller’s furniture together with the apartment, we can discuss it in detail to best protect your interest. We also team up with very experienced Real Estate attorney that can put the specifics in the contract so all parties are in agreement.

We are very experienced and knowledgeable Real Estate agents in Manhattan NY condominium market, team up with us today so you can be well advised on your Real Estate purchase and avoid any unneccessary stress or cost.

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