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Central Park South- a neighborhood that is right next to Central Park!

Central Park South is one of the premiere residential destinations in all of Manhattan.

Only three blocks long and located between Central Park West and Fifth Avenue.  With some of the quintessential views of Central Park, there are many residential real estate choices in some of the best condominium and co-op buildings. You also have 5 star hotel accommodations at the prestigious Plaza Hotel, Ritz Carlton or Jumeirah Essex House.  Central Park South offers more than just world class views, one of the best destinations in all of Manhattan but also one of the most convenient locations in the city.
With Central Park at your doorstep, the shopping of both Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenues along with the shops at Columbus Circle, the arts at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, you will have the best that Manhattan has to offer at your fingertips.

Condominium residences at both the Plaza Hotel and Time Warner Center bookend Central Park South along with the Jumeirah Essex House condominiums whether you are looking for a pied a terre or full time residence, Central Park South is an ideal location.

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Market Report-2011 Sales at Georgetown Plaza at 60 East 8th Street

Overall Thoughts for 2011 Sales at Georgetown Plaza at 60 East 8th Street:
Georgetown Plaza is one of the only cond-op buildings in the Greenwich VillageUnion Square neighborhood.  Because it is investor friendly and has flexible purchase policies, it has become one of the more desirable buildings.  Apartments when priced within the most recent comparable sales, typically sell quickly and at strong prices.

The roof top deck and views are always a major attribute to the building.  Renovated apartments are selling the quickest and at the highest prices, as most buyers do not want to go through a lengthy renovation process.  Because of the close vicinity to NYU (New York University), there is always a consistent demand for rentals, making apartments in the building equally attractive for an investor looking to rent out the apartment.  A very low supply of apartments is expected and we continue to see most apartments go into contract quickly when coming available.

Most apartments sold close to their asking prices, something that we expect to see in 2012.  Georgetown Plaza is one of the most well established buildings in the Greenwich Village neighborhood and we continue to see strong demand in the foreseeable future.

We hope you have found our market report valuable and informative.
In this consumer savvy and an immediate need for information days and age, it is most beneficial to work with a real estate agent who knows the market and understands the subtle differences that can make a big difference.  If you are interested in condops for Sale at Georgetown Plaza or in the Greenwich Village neighborhood call us directly at (917)837-8869 or email us at

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Georgetown Plaza Part 3 – TWO BEDROOM in Manhattan New York

Georgetown Plaza Part 2- One Bedroom apartments

Georgetown Plaza Part 1- Studio Size Apartment Market Report

995 Fifth Avenue The Stanhope Hotel

995 Fifth Avenue, New York NY 10028-The Stanhope Hotel

995 Fifth Avenue Condop located across from Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Originally built in 1926, as the Stanhope Hotel, and designed by famous pre-war architect Rosario Candela.  Rosario Candela designed some of the most prestigious buildings in the Upper East Side most notably 740 Park Avenue, 1040 Fifth Avenue, and 834 Fifth Avenue.  995 Fifth located at 81st and Fifth Avenue is a boutique building, made up of approximately 26 residences and sits positioned as one of the most prestigious and desirable condops near and next to Central Park located on Fifth Avenue. (photo from:
Originally designed as a hotel, the Stanhope Hotel was one of the top hotels in the Upper East Side right beside the Carlyle Hotel in desirability.  A historically significant building, 995 Fifth Avenue, sits across on the south end of the Metropolitan Museum, with direct Central Park and Museum views.  This condop conversion started in 2007, the pre-war building was meticulously renovated keeping it’s pre-war architectural details, but renovated with a keen sense of modern conveniences and luxury buyer’s in mind.

One of the most notable features of the residences at 995 Fifth Avenue is the size of the apartments found in the building.  Most residences at 995 Fifth Avenue, this condop across from Central Park, are in excess of 4,000 square feet.  Upgraded infrastructures include individually controlled 4 Pipe HVAC systems, state of the art building wiring for all audio/visual needs.  995 Fifth Avenue has a 2500 square foot La Palestra fitness and spa, 24 hour doorman, concierge, resident manager, and additional storage.

Apartment features take on the pre-war aesthetic characteristics of the building.  Spacious and comfortable layouts, gracious apartment entrances, service entrances, Small Bone designed eat in kitchens, libraries, formal dining rooms, and all within the design elements of a Rosario Candela building.  995 Fifth Avenue continues to be one of the most in demand pre war condop buildings along Fifth Avenue in the Upper East Side.  995 Fifth Avenue is a condop, meaning that it is a co-op structure but with condo by-laws, creating more flexibility with purchase.  It also is on a landlease, which has an estimated 150 years left on it.  Sitting right along Fifth Avenue, many of the apartments have direct Central Park Views.

Typical Price Range for 995 Fifth Avenue Apartment for Sale:

  • Three Bedrooms:  $6,500,000+
  • Four Bedroom, Five Bedroom and Larger: $12,000,000 – $22,500,000
Contact us if you would like to schedule an appointment or want specific information regarding current availability of condos for sale at 995 Fifth Avenue.
For more information about 995 Fifth Avenue or other Condos for Sale near and along Central Park:
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Penthouse Condo for sale in Manhattan New York

A Manhattan NY penthouse for sale is often regarded as the essence of luxury living in New York City.
A city full of skyscrapers a penthouse apartment allows you the ability to live at the top. A New York City Condominium penthouse possesses a variety of distinctive characteristics which set them apart from a traditional apartment.   Looking out from your Manhattan penthouse you  will  see the iconic Manhattan  landmarks such as Central Park, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Hudson River to East River views and the Manhattan city skyline.

What is a NYC Manhattan Penthouse?
A Manhattan Penthouse is typically found on the top floor of an apartment building. In new construction condominiums you will typically have a series of the top floors in the building with the “Penthouse” or “PH” designation.

A penthouse typically shares a certain number of common characteristics:
  • A NYC Penthouse usually is much larger in size than the other apartments in the same building
  • Outdoor space is common including a private roof top garden, setback terraces, or large balconies.  In Manhattan having your own private outdoor space is a true luxury and epitome of a luxurious lifestyle
  • Panoramic Views are quite common.  Living in one of the top floors if not the top floor will allow you the best views Manhattan has to offer but with the peace and quiet of a top floor apartment
  • Unique Layouts-Duplex(Two Floor), Triplex(Three Floor), or Full Floor Apartments are typically found on the penthouse level of a building.  Now your apartment is like a home, but on top of a luxury condominium building.
  • The most sought after and rare penthouses will have features such as a Penthouse with a private pool or hot tub, penthouse with a wood or gas burning fireplace, private elevator access, full floor penthouses.
  • A New Construction condominium Penthouse offers the finest in today’s modern convenience?

Why Purchase a Manhattan NYC Penthouse Condominium?
If you find yourself in the position to buying your own piece of Manhattan, a penthouse condominium offers a luxury lifestyle of New York City.

  • Living in the top floor of a condominium will provide you with breathtaking views of Manhattan.  Looking out towards Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building or river views will all be at your fingertips.
  • Some of the most exclusive and unique apartments will be penthouses, living in one will allow you a truly unique one of a kind Manhattan experience.
  • Manhattan New York view is better from the top. After a busy day you will be able to come back to your penthouse apartment and look out quietly  on Manhattan from your penthouse condominium
  • Penthouses represent the best Manhattan Real Estate has to offer.  Extraordinary views, personalized layouts with an attention to detail, and outdoor space that is truly desirable.
Where do I go to buy a Manhattan Penthouse Condominium?
We offer our penthouse buyers a level of service that is centered in having a detailed understanding of the condominium penthouse market in Manhattan.  The Manhattan condominium market is specialized for penthouse sales.   We know that a penthouse buyer has many specific needs when it comes to the penthouse unit they will call home.  Whether they are looking for a unique exposure, outdoor space spacious enough to entertain, private and exclusive entrances to the building, we accommodate all these needs through our understanding of the market.

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One Bedroom Condo Penthouse-Manhattan New York

One Bedroom Condo Penthouse-Manhattan New York

The One Bedroom Penthouse Condominium is going to make up the smallest percentage of penthouse condominiums for sale in Manhattan New York.  Most penthouse condominiums in New York City are quite simply more spacious in size.  A penthouse is usually going to start out in the two bedroom category and increase in size from there.  Reason being is that the demand for these types of trophy apartments are for larger spaces.

You can find a One Bedroom Penthouse Condominium for Sale in Manhattan typically in a new development condominium building.  Most new development condominium buildings are being built and marketed to have multiple “Penthouse” Floors.  It could be the top 2 floors or maybe as generous as the top 4 floors are designated penthouse levels.

The condo units on these “Penthouse Floors” are usually larger, more unique layouts, more outdoor space, optimal views and exposures than the standard floors in the same building. You can usually spot a building that has multiple penthouse floors by the way the apartments themselves are numbered.

These condo units are usually named PH1-A, PH2-A, PH3-A. The PH represents the Penthouse Designation, the 1,2,3 represent the penthouse floor it is on and the last Letter represents the individual apartment unit.   If you are looking for a One Bedroom Penthouse for sale in Manhattan New York more than likely the apartment itself won’t be on the very top penthouse floor as those will be for the larger apartments. However your penthouse apartment will more than likely be larger, have distinguishable characteristics that other apartments in the building do not have.
Expect pricing for a One Bedroom Penthouse Condominium to start at $1,000,000 USD, but pricing can easily reach $2,000,000-$3,000,000 for a luxury new development condominium with exceptional features including large amounts of outdoor space, panoramic views, loft like proportions.

We are very experienced in the luxury Manhattan condo market, therefore we understand and know penthouse buyers’ needs and have successful working experiences in catering to our buyers needs.

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