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Mandarin Chinese Real Estate Agent NYC-Eileen Hsu

I am a bilingual, Mandarin-Chinese speaking Real Estate agents here in Manhattan New York, I have worked with many international students in Manhattan New York in buying their NYC condo during their study or work duration in Manhattan New York. Before we begin home search, I make sure that both the parents and the children has a good general idea about the local Real Estate market, purchase procedure and the help them find the most suitable condo for their needs.

We work with many parents buying for children in Manhattan New York, not just Chinese buyers. Whether if you are looking for a Mandarin Speaking agent or NYC Condo agents that have experiences helping parents Buying a Manhattan New York Condo for children, we are the experienced Manhattan Condo specialists that can guide you through this process and navigate through the Manhattan Real Estate maze.

It is common that many of parents we have work with have purchased properties in other parts of the world or United States, but keep in mind that Real Estate is unique and local, each area has their own set of procedures when it comes to buying Real Estate.  Understanding the local market with the market expert can maximize your investment goal and eliminate any possible issues that may occur.

We thoroughly explain the process and prepare our buyers before begin home search, we have a team of attorneys, accountants, financial advisers and/or other parties to assist the purchase. If you are looking to have a smooth Manhattan Condo purchase, we can help. contact us now at (646)644-6929.下面是其他重要的文章中的信息:

Parents Buying NYC condos near NYU- New York University

International students’ parents buy Manhattan NYC Condos




大家好, 我是Eileen Hsu 許雅嵐, 你也可以稱呼 我Eileen. 我是在曼哈頓做地產的經紀人 (Chinese Speaking Real Estate Agent). 今天我們談一談父母親幫孩子買房子有什麼幾點要注意的.

第 一點是, 紐約這邊的房員有百分之八十五是合作公寓, 如果您在網上看到的話就是叫做coop. 另外一種是condo. 那condo是什麼呢? Condo的話,就是有產權的房子. 有產權的房子對我們華人來講是比較方便的, 因為可以自由的出租或者說是轉賣, 不需要委員會的同意或者批准, 只是有些表格要填, 讓他們通過而已. 那如果我們今天要來買房子, 幫孩子買, 大部分的華人是買condo的. 因為這樣子如果孩子以後就職在別州或者是離開紐約, 可以當作一個投資的機會來出租.

還 有,第二點是時間上的關係, 如果說今天您是, 現金買 成交最快也是要四十五到六十天, 四十五天是最快的, 如果你們今天錢已經準備好了在銀行在美國的戶頭. 如果說今天是要貸款, 貸款的話時間就不能掌握了! 因為現在紐約貸款是非常非常的麻煩, 除了貸款人自己要有資格, 第二點銀行還要審核每棟樓,每棟樓都要經過銀行的同意,或者是批准才能借錢. 像過去兩三年前,  只要是您要借款, 你要借錢 ,銀行就願意借給你.

今天您如果要在這裡投資, 或著說幫孩子買房子, 請您跟我來電, 我們可以詳細的談, 我的電話是646-644-6929. 也可以麻煩您打個 e-mail 給我 我會馬上給你們回電好嗎 謝謝!

Condominiums near Central Park on the Upper East Side

Condominiums near Central Park on the Upper East Side is a specific and focused search.  The overwhelming majority of the apartment buildings both on Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue and Park Avenue are all cooperative buildingCondos near Central Park in the Upper East Side is going to look at a select group of buildings.

A question may be, why purchase a condominium near Central Park when I could buy a co-op apartment when there are so many more of them available? The answer is usually quite simple, that the co-op purchase process for an apartment on Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue or Park Avenue is going to be quite specific as to the financial and personal documentation including the board interview and approval process that will be necessary to buy into those buildings and if you buy into a condo near Central park in the Upper East Side you will be able to circumnavigate the board interview and approval along with much of the more intensive documentation requirements.

Along Fifth Avenue on Central Park, the condominium buildings include 923 Fifth Avenue, 817 Fifth Avenue, 1049 Fifth Ave-(by address, building entrance located on 86th Street), 995 Fifth-(condop building, The Stanhope Hotel), 1280 Fifth Avenue, just to name a few.

There are a number of mid-block condominium buildings in what were once mansions now converted to condominium buildings. These condominium buildings are typically smaller more intimate, often with no doorman, yet usually have all of the pre-war characteristics that are highly desired.

Along Park Avenue, still close walking distance to Central Park a number of condominium buildings are available. The other feature that is typically unique to these buildings is that you will have a few that are a lot taller than their surrounding buildings, giving the higher floor apartments tremendous views of both Central Park and the city skyline, buildings such as 900 Park Avenue or 502 Park Avenue both have Central Park views from the higher floor apartments.

Condos near Central Park on the Upper East Side Pricing:

Except the price to start in the $2,500 sq/ft range and go up from there depending on the unit. Central Park facing units will be commanding a premium along with certain Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue buildings that will also be priced at a premium.  For the fully renovated, higher floor, optimum views, outdoor space you could be looking at a range of $4,000 sq/ft+ for certain apartments that have truly unique characteristics.

Since September of this year, there have been approximately Seven (7) closed condominium/condop sales between Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue.  The average price per sq ft for those apartments was approximately $3,700 sq/ft.  The price range was from $3,850,000 to over $23,500,000.

With these types of sales and the range being so wide it’s extremely important to recognize the most relative comparable’s often found in the same building if you have any, the same type of view, size and condition.

If you are interested in knowing more about what is available for a condominium near Central Park on the Upper East Side, call us today at (917)837-8869 so we can discuss your interest and find the suitable Condominium near Central park on the Upper East Side for you.

Park Avenue Condos Upper East Side-UPDATE

Park Avenue Condos located in the Upper East Side is one of those focused searches, specific to just the few prized condominium buildings. The Park Avenue condominium Real Estate market is always under a limited supply because the demand always outweighs the supply.  Below is going to be an overview of what is going on in the Park Avenue Condominium for sale market right now.

What’s New to the Park Avenue Condo Market?

The answer is not much, a Two Bedroom Condo came available at 900 Park Avenue Condominium asking approximately $2,500,000 in late November. Other than the apartment at 900 Park Avenue Condominium there have not been any noticeable new listings to come on the market.  There have been a number of price drops for a couple of different apartments.

The total inventory for condominiums with a Park Avenue address still lingers around 20-25 apartments.  The price range starts a little over $1,000,000 for 1 Bedroom Condos and tops out over $30,000,000 for the penthouse full floor residence with tremendous panoramic views and outdoor terraces at Trump Park Avenue at 502 Park Avenue.

Always interesting to follow are the Park Avenue Condominiums for Sale that have contracts signed, the pending apartments waiting to close.  There are currently 10 different apartments and this could change at any time due to them actually closing or coming back available to the market.

Five of the apartments are located at 949 Park Avenue.  That was a new construction condominium building.  It was a boutique building built between two larger apartment houses.  949 Park Avenue was made up of mainly duplex residences in the 2 and 3 bedroom range.  The price range for the 949 Park Avenue Condominium residences is approximately $4,000,000-$6,000,000.  Until they actually close the final closing price will not be known.

The other Park Avenue Condos for sale that are in contract range from a One (1) Bedroom condo at 502 Park Ave-The Trump Park Avenue in contract at $999,000 to a Two Bedroom, Two and a Half Bathroom Condo at 500 Park Avenue asking $5,700,000.  Again the final closing price will not be known until the apartment closes and the prices become public information.

If you are interested in knowing what any of these apartments actually close for, email us by clicking here:

In the last 60 days there have been 4 Sold and Closed Properties along Park Avenue in the Upper East Side.  If you would like that list of apartments, call us at (917) 837-8869.

Even though there have not been that many new apartments on the market along Park Avenue, there are a couple of new condominium projects in the works that are going to be noteworthy.

737 Park Avenue is in the process of a condominium conversion and planned to start selling sometime in 2012, this will be an opportunity to purchase in a highly desirable location along Park Avenue in a full service fully renovated condominium building.

The old site of the Drake Hotel is plans for a new construction condominium building, planned to have towering views this is going to be a different type of opportunity along Park Avenue to live in a high rise building.

If you are interested in receiving any information or updates about the sales of these two buildings along Park Avenue or other new construction Upper East Side condominium buildings call us at (917) 837-8869.

Or if you are interested in purchasing a condominium on Park Avenue in the Upper East Side, call us today at (917) 837-8869 as we always have the most updated inventory availability and current market condition of the neighborhood.

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80 John Street-South Star Condo Financial District New York

80 John Street commonly known as the South Star Condominium is a condominium building located in the Financial District. Located on John Street between Gold and William Street, it is conveniently located in the emerging residential neighborhood that is the Financial District.  80 John Street was originally built 1927 in the art deco architectural style.  It was converted from an office building to a residential rental building in the late 1990’s and then converted from rental to a condominium building in 2007.

This combination of pre-war architecture with today’s high end conversion style has created a very desirable building. The South Star is a full time doorman building, there is a fitness room, live-in super, and garage facilities within the building.  The building has 5 set backs creating a unique exposure and layout characteristic for many of the residences.

The apartments themselves have a lot of unique characteristics including high ceilings, typically ranging in size around 10 feet 6 inches, various layouts that are extremely spacious, along with high end finishes.

The apartments in 80 John Street South Star Condo have wide planked Brazilian hardwoods, individual climate controls, large windows, and luxury appointed kitchens and bathrooms.  The kitchens have cherry cabinetry with granite counter tops.  The appliance package includes Sub Zero, Bosch and GE stainless steel appliances. The bathrooms include custom designed vanities, floor to ceiling imported tile, under mounted sinks and interior designs.

The building was converted in 2007 and there are some re-sale units on the market with a combination of different layouts.

Pricing for condominium residences at 80 John Street the South Star:

  • Studio apartments with separate sleeping areas are priced around $625,000
  • One bedroom condos for sale range in price from $695,000-$895,000
  • Two Bedroom condominiums for sale at 80 John Street are in the range of $899,000-$999,000
  • Three Bedroom apartments for sale at the South Star range from $1,350,000 to $1,450,000

Other than this condo building in Financial District, we also have other condo available in different buildings in Financial District or other neighborhoods of Manhattan New York. Call us at (917)837-8869 to discuss what condo building may work out for you best.

Other helpful and useful blog posts about Manhattan New York Real Estate market:

Mandarin-Chinese Speaking Agent specialize in Parents Buying for Children

Here in Manhattan New York, we work with both sellers and buyers depending on their motivation. We have different strategies and plans for sellers and for buyers to maximize their profit and finding the best home for them in this unique market place.

One of our special niche is working with parents buying for children, as Chinese-Mandarin speaking Real Estate agent, we are seeing many Chinese parents coming to Manhattan New York buying condos for their son or daughter that is either current in New York city or planning on coming to New York city in the near future.

As Chinese-Mandarin Speaking Real Estate agent here in NYC, when we work with buyers from out of town, we educate them about the market place and set the right expectation before we go out and see properties. Here are some some unique difference of Manhattan New York Real Estate that is different than other parts of U.S. and other parts of the world.
Housing inventory, we have condo, coops, some condops. For Chinese-Mandarin speaking buyers, it is hard to grasp the concept of cooperative. Each coop building has very different rules in terms of approving the buyers, if the parents would like to use the property as eventual rental investment properties, it may be more ideal to look at condos over coops.
All Cash with No financing offers, many of Manhattan New York buyers are All Cash buyers whether they are from New York, another state, another part of the world, it is very common to be competing with another buyer that is also all cash. All cash offer is more desirable than mortgage offers, but presenting an offer at fair market price and all cash will ensure you secure the property. We have completed all cash transactions at all range of price range from $500,000-$10,000,000 or more.
45 Days is the quickest timeframe to close if it is a standard re-sale condo if all parties prepare the documents in a timely fashion (other than New construction condo that is ready to be move in). This is a market place that there are condo board in place, there will be required application from the purchaser, and it takes usually 30 days or so for the board to approve it. So, if there is a specific timeframe or rental lease for the current son or daughter, it is important to plan early. If financing, the timeframe is conservatively 90 days – 120 days or more.
No offer is binding until both buyers and sellers SIGN and FULLY EXECUTE the contract, 10% deposit is clear. Here in Manhattan New York, the SELLER’S ATTORNEY draft the contract to BUYER’S ATTORNEY, buyer’s attorney complete his/her review, then BUYER signs the contract with deposit, then return to SELLER’S ATTORNEY and seller will counter sign. This takes 7-10 days if all parties are available and responsive. Anytime between there, another (#2)buyer can appear and present a higher/better offer, first buyer’s offer can be overbid and there is NO DEAL.

Here are just short list of important points of our unique market place, and this information may vary based on your individual scenario, you can contact us for a complimentary consultation today (646)644-6929.

If you are a Chinese-Mandarin Speaking parent that have young adult children living, working or moving to Manhattan New York, and you are thinking of buying a condo for them, we can help and work with you in an very efficient matter if you have a specific timeframe. Call today at (646)644-6929 to discuss your thoughts on buying a condo investment in Manhattan New York.



許雅嵐 地產新聞

Manhattan Condo Tour: We are Chinese speaking Real Estate Agents in NYC!

56 Pine Street New York New York 10005 Financial District Condominium

56 Pine Street is a condominium building located in the Financial District in Manhattan. 56 Pine Street is a pre-war full time doorman condominium building.  Pine Street is located one block North of Wall Street, giving 56 Pine Street a very central Financial District location.  The building was originally built in 1894 and converted into condominium in 2005.  The building itself has a very distinctive pre-war facade with ornamental and architectural characteristics.

56 Pine Street in 2005 was one of the first condo-conversions that took place in the Financial District. Like most condo-conversions in the Financial District the building was office space, then turned into residential condominiums.  The building has a full time doorman, and an amenity rich second floor common area.  The amenities include a 24/7 fitness room, game room, media room, billiards and conference room. All of these amenities are located on the 2nd floor and accessible to all the residents in the building.

Laundry facilities are located throughout the building which is a very nice feature. The apartments themselves have many of the features characteristic of the pre-war history of the building.  The condominium residences at 56 Pine Street have tall ceilings, hardwood flooring, spacious layouts, were completely renovated and outfitted with modern cabinets and appliances in 2005.  The building is made up of about 90 apartments and is 16 stories tall.

Pricing of apartments at 56 Pine Street I would categorize as somewhat on the entry level for Financial District condominiums.  Many of the more recent condominium conversions in the Financial District are very much more expensive than what you may find at 56 Pine Street.

  • Studio’s for Sale at 56 Pine Street are priced in a range of $429,000-$548,000.  In 2011 One Studio has sold at the price of $380,000.
  • One Bedrooms for sale at 56 Pine Street are priced in a range of $650,000.  In 2011 Three One Bedrooms have sold in the range of $505,000-$545,000
  • Two Bedrooms for sale at 56 Pine Street are usually priced in the range of $875,000-$1,000,000.  Currently there are no Two Bedrooms available and none have sold in 2011.

Pricing apartments at 56 Pine Street is dependent on a number of factors as there are multiple layout configurations and exposures.  To determine the fair market value of a condominium for sale at 56 Pine Street you need to understand what size, exposure and floor the apartment is on and what has sold recently.

Contact us directly at (917)837-8869 for immediate availability in 56 Pine Street or any other Financial District Condo.

450 West 17th Street New York NY 10011(the Caledonia Condominium)

450 West 17th Street-The Caledonia Condominium) is located in the heart of the Meat Packing District of West Chelsea and literally right next to the High Line Park. If you are looking for a condo near the High Line Park you couldn’t get any closer as there is access from the park into the building.  The Caledonia is one of the most prime West Chelsea Condominium buildings for a number of reasons.

The location of the Caledonia is in the most prime section of the Meat Packing and West Chelsea neighborhood at 450 West 17th Street. Just a few years old, with occupancy in the later half of 2008, the Caledonia is a 24 story, 180 unit condominium building with a large mix of apartments.  The Caledonia also has a rental building attached to it on the lower Eight Story tall northern section of the building.  The building sold out very quickly, made up of a variety of sized condos, from studio’s to 3 Bedrooms and larger combination units.  Some condos for sale at the Caledonia have outdoor terraces, taking advantage of the beautiful and mainly unobstructed views of the Hudson River, downtown Manhattan skyline and High Line Park.

Many people looking for a condo near the High Line Park decided to purchase at the Caledonia. The developer’s of the building, The Related Group, are one of the most well established and respected real estate development companies in Manhattan.  They consistently develop many successful condominium buildings all over Manhattan.  On this project Related was in co-development with Taconic Investment Partners.   The location, quality of construction, views from the apartments were all very desired, but adding to that is a wealth of amenities that the building gives it’s residents.  Starting off with a full time doorman and concierge there is a Culture Lounge by Assouline, a Zen Meditation Garden, for the fitness lovers a Equinox Gym within the building, a landscaped roof deck, an entertainment lounge with private accessible terrace, children’s playroom, a business center, bike storage and garage in the building.

The Caledonia was the first big new condominium built along the High Line Park.  It acts as one of the southern anchors for condos near the High Line.  Almost all of the more recent development of condos near the High Line have been built north of where the Caledonia sits at 17th Street.  The apartments themselves at the Caledonia are going to be everything that you would expect and want from a new construction condominium in this West Chelsea Meat Packing District neighborhood.

The apartment interiors were all designed by New York based and world renowned Clodagh Design.  Kitchens are equipped with top of the line appliances, Sub-Zero refrigerators with double freezer drawers, Viking ovens, Wolf cook tops, Miele dishwashers.  You couldn’t ask for better equipped chef caliber kitchens.  The bathrooms will feature soaking tubs, separate shower stalls, custom double vessel sinks in the larger sized apartments.

Even thought the Caledonia is a large building there are not that many apartments currently available on the market. This low amount of supply is evidence of the highly desirable nature of the building and this West Chelsea neighborhood.  Art galleries, the High Line Park, Chelsea Market, shopping, restaurants, and nightlife area all close by in the Meat Packing District.

So far in 2011 there have been over 15 closed sales for condominiums at The Caledonia at 450 West 17th Street:

  • Junior 1 Bedroom Sales at the Caledonia Condominium: From $735,000-$830,000
  • 1 Bedroom Sales at the Caledonia Condominium: From $922,000 – $1,325,000
  • 2 Bedroom Sales at the Caledonia Condominium: From $1,550,000 – $3,200,000
  • 3 Bedroom Sales at the Caledonia Condominium: From $2,800,000 – $4,575,000

The Caledonia is a building with a variety of layouts and differently sized apartments even within each bedroom category.  Higher floor apartments with better exposures are going to command higher pricing.  If you want specific information about a certain type of apartment, contact us and we will provide you with the breakdown of pricing for that size of apartment.

Call us directly today at (917)837-8869 or email us by completing the form below.

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20 West 64th Street One Lincoln Plaza New York NY 10023

20 West 64th Street also known as ONE LINCOLN Plaza is one of the condo buildings in the Lincoln Square neighborhood. Located directly across from Lincoln Center, 20 West 64th Street is a well established large full time doorman condominium building.

Originally built in 1971 by the New York based Milstein real estate family, One Lincoln Plaza was one of the first large newly built residential buildings in the Lincoln Square area at the time. One Lincoln Plaza, is made up of over 650 residences and is over 40 stories tall.  The building itself has a tremendous frontage on Broadway and sits in the block between Central Park West and Broadway.  This location combined with the size and height of over 40 stories gives many of the apartments at One Lincoln Plaza tremendous views of both Central Park, the Manhattan city skyline, and the Hudson River.  

20 West 64th Street has commercial space facing Broadway including a number of restaurants and service oriented businesses.  The base of the building is office space with the V-shaped tower and entrance to the lobby mid-block on 64th Street between Broadway and Central Park West.

The lobby at 20 West 64th Street was renovated with a hotel-like feel, with doorman, concierge and multiple elevators to service the towers. The 44th Floor of One Lincoln Plaza is where you will find the building’s private fitness center, pool and roof deck.  The amenity package is one of the nicest for the Lincoln Square neighborhood when you combine the tremendous views from the 44th floor with the work out facilities.  The amenity package at One Lincoln Plaza is a major attribute for the building.

Pricing at 20 West 64th Street, One Lincoln Plaza for Condominium Residences for Sale:

So far in 2011: (4) One Bedroom Condominium Residences have sold at One Lincoln Plaza in a range of $675,000-$1,375,000.

Obviously that is a very wide range and that is because the 1 Bedroom residences in the building range in size dramatically and some have 1.5 Bathrooms and can be converted to a small two bedroom apartment.  Because the building is tall and some apartments have views of Central Park, there is going to be a wide variation in pricing.

One (1) Three Bedroom Two Bathroom residence sold in 2011 for $2,850,000. It was nicely renovated had open views from the 32nd Floor and was approximately 1750 sq ft.

Other great Upper West Side condo buildings that you may want to look into as well:

Call us today at (917)837-8869 or complete the form below for the most updated availability or a home in Upper West Side Manhattan New York.

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The Vanderbilt Condominium at 235 East 40th Street Market Report

235 East 40th Street also known as The Vanderbilt condominium is one of the most desired full service condominium buildings in the Midtown East near Grand Central Station neighborhood.  Conveniently located on East 40th Street between Second and Third Avenue, within a very short distance to both Grand Central Station and the United Nations.  The Vanderbilt Condominium is one of the most conveniently located condominium buildings with close proximity to the midtown business district but also a number of neighborhood establishments.

The Vanderbilt Condominium is a full service building, with 24 hour hour attended lobby with doorman and concierge, attended package room and live-in super.  There is a full size laundry room and garage that can be accessed from within the building.

The Vanderbilt Condominium is one of the most desirable condo buildings in the Murray Hill neighborhood
for a number of reasons.  The location near both Grand Central Station and the United Nations makes this highly valuable for the owners in the building  Located at 235 E 40th Street, this is one of the premiere Grand Central Station Condo buildings.

And because of the desirability of the Vanderbilt Condominium there is always a healthy number of sales occurring every year.  As the end of 2011 is right around the corner here is a market report of what has sold in the building this past year and what is available.

Currently for sale on the market there are Four(4) One Bedroom Apartments asking a range of $675,000-829,000.  The size of most of the apartments and different degrees of renovation along with lower to higher floors accounts for the fluctuation in pricing.  The higher floor One Bedroom apartments for sale at 235 East 40th St, typically have 1.5 bathrooms also increasing their value.

There are a number of apartments in contract right now that will probably close in the next couple of months.

So far in 2011 there have been approximately 13 closed sales.  There is a possibility that there were more sales than that between individual owner’s or properties that never came on the sales market, but we will get a good evaluation of pricing for 2011.

  • Studio’s-Two Studio’s sold so far in 2011 ranging in price of $385,000-$390,000.  Those prices reflected original condition apartments that needed renovation, lower floor units.
  • One Bedroom’s-Nine (9) One Bedroom apartments have sold so far in 2011.  The price range was wide, ranging from $585,000-$875,000.  The wide range is accounted for because of a varying degree of size, view and condition for each apartment.
  • Two Bedroom’s-Two (2) Two Bedroom apartments have sold in 2011.  The price range was $1,235,000-$1,370,000.

For such a big building as the Vanderbilt Condominium, having 12-15 apartments sell in 2011 is a healthy number.  That only makes up about 4% of the total inventory.  All in all that is fairly low.

Something to consider is how long each apartment stays on the market, typically once it is priced within a fair market range it will sell very quickly.

For a comprehensive and up to date list of the condos for sale at 235 East 40th Street contact us today.  We have sold a number of apartments at The Vanderbilt Condominium so far in 2011 and can help you finding an apartment for sale in the building or helping you sell it.  Call us at (917) 837-8869 if you would like to find a condo unit in this building or other comparable condo buildings in Manhattan New York.

Manhattan New York condo Buyers Must Read:

Vanderbilt Condos at 235 East 40th Street is one of the most desired Grand Central Station condos buildings. Whether you are looking to invest, rent, or live Vanderbilt Condos could be the location for you. Contact us (917)837-8869 today to see the building.

New York Central Park New Construction Condos

New York Central Park is one of Manhattan’s most popular destinations and for good reason. Designated a National Historic Landmark, Central Park provides some of the most iconic New York City views available.  Lining Central Park are arguably Manhattan’s most coveted and prestigious residential buildings.  Living right on Central Park is never easy, first is the pricing and second is that the majority of the buildings with Central Park frontage are co-operative in structure.  For those looking for that ease of purchase and flexible style of ownership a condominium is the primary choice.  Very few condos are located on Central Park, and even fewer are new construction condos.  Every new construction condominium on or near Central Park has sold out very quickly and that looks to continue that trend.  Some of the most recent successful new construction or condo conversion apartment buildings have been 15 Central Park West, The Plaza Hotel, and the Time Warner Center-25 Columbus Circle and 80 Columbus Circle.  These buildings sold well and continue to do so.

There are a number of new construction condos near Central Park that are currently being sold or in the process of being constructed. These buildings include the Laureate at 2150 Broadway, just two blocks from Central Park in the Upper West Side, 1212 Fifth Avenue on the northern part of Fifth Avenue along Central Park, One57-a new construction building located across from Carnegie Hall on 57th Street, noteworthy for it’s 90 story plus tower that will have commanding views of Central Park and the entire island of Manhattan.

Being near Central Park in any direction is desirable, Central Park South, Fifth Avenue or Central Park West are all home to a variety of amenities and neighborhood features.  The access to restaurants, museums, shopping and entertainment are all at your fingertips.

Along Central Park West, the new construction condos include 15 Central Park West and Time Warner Center- buildings. Expect pricing for any of these apartments to start in the $6,000,000 and up range, with the Park Facing units to be priced considerably higher.

The building known as One57, is being built by the real estate development company Extell and marketed as a premiere luxury condominium building.  Designed by Christian de Portzamparc and located on 57th Street between 8th Avenue and 7th Avenue, this building is scheduled to be 90 stories.  Pricing is planned to start at approximately $5,000 sq/ft and increase from there for the higher floor units.  The views from this building are going to be spectacular.
New Construction condos near Central Park do not come available that often as the development for them is scarce and quite competitive.  Every condominium built in the last decade near Central Park has done well.  If you are interested in a new construction condominium near Central Park and would like to discuss what you are looking for, contact us directly today at (917)837-8869.

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Greenwich Village Condos-How much is one bedroom in Greenwich Village?

Greenwich Village Condos for Sale are highly desired for a number of reasons.  First being that Greenwich Village is in the heart of downtown Manhattan.  A central location with a long established neighborhood community.  Greenwich Village is commonly the quintessential neighborhood when people think of New York City.  Greenwich Village Condos for sale are also highly desired because they are hard to come by.

The neighborhood itself is made up mainly of pre-war cooperative type buildings, meaning that the supply of Greenwich Village condos for sale is always limited.  This low supply of condominium buildings and consistent and high demand for condominium buildings has created one of the best long term investment purchases you can find in all of Manhattan.

One of the common questions we receive is “How much is a one bedroom Greenwich Village Condo for sale Cost?” It’s a fairly simple answer as there aren’t that many 1 bedroom condos for sale in Greenwich Village, however depending on what you are looking for the prices will vary.

If you are looking for a new construction or recently renovated building in Greenwich Village you are in luck.  New construction condominium and Greenwich Village is not something that comes up too often as it’s extremely rare.  But there are some recent buildings that have come available.  The two buildings that come to mind are 28 East 10th St-The Devonshire House and 130 West 12th Street-a recent condominium building.  Both buildings are going to have a distinct pre-war feel.  They are full time doorman buildings with top to bottom renovations.

One Bedrooms at 130 West 12th Street which just started selling are priced starting at $1,400,000 and went up from there.  Every single 1 bedroom condo for sale at 130 West 12th St that was made available by the sponsor is already in contract.  In fact most of the apartments made available by the sponsor have already gone into contract.

One Bedrooms at 28 East 10th Street-The Devonshire House, all sold out very quickly much like 130 West 12th Street.  At the time they came on the market the price range was approximately $1,150,000-$1,600,000.

If you are looking for a typical re-sale condominium 1 bedroom condo that is where you are going to find the majority of the inventory.   A number of factors make a lot of difference for pricing in a Greenwich Village condominium building.  The factors include condition-there is a large premium and demand for renovated apartments, pre-war or post-war buildings- Pre-War buildings are quite rare and the 1 bedrooms for sale in those buildings sell at a premium because of the built in scarcity, and always size and exposure of the apartment.  Higher floor apartments are always going to sell for more because of the quality views and light that comes with it.  Every square foot matters a lot in Manhattan, the larger the apartment the more expensive it’s going to be.

Pricing for a one Bedroom Condo in Greenwich Village is typically going to start around $800,000 and easily approaches $1,500,000 for the larger more renovated pre-war apartments.  The average price is going to be around $1,150,000 and will start to go up or down depending on what exactly you are looking for.

If you are looking to purchase a One Bedroom Greenwich Village Condo either for yourself, a child attending one of the near-by universities, as a pied a terre or investment property, you can contact me today at (917) 837-8869.  We are very familiar with the real estate market in Greenwich Village for condominium apartments and can help you with your search.

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