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Park Avenue (South) Condos Part three located in Downtown (32nd St to 17th Street)

We are introducing Park Avenue condominiums, this is a Part 3 of 3, Park Avenue (South) Condos Part three located in Downtown (32nd St to 17th Street).

The Third Part of our series on Park Avenue Condominium Buildings in New York City focuses on the southern most portion of Park Avenue, commonly known as Park Avenue South.  Running from 32nd St to 17th Street, Park Avenue South has seen a lot of gentrification and home to a number of new condominium buildings in the past 5-10 years. Park Avenue South runs through the Flatiron District and ends at what would be described as the Union Square neighborhood.  Park Avenue South is desired as a location for many established and new restaurants and in very close proximity to transportation and downtown Manhattan amenities.

There are four main condominium buildings on the stretch of Park Avenue South, they include 240 Park Avenue South, 254 Park Avenue South, 260 Park Avenue South and 280 Park Avenue South.

One of the new condominium buildings along Park Avenue South was 240 Park Avenue South.  Located at 19th Street and Park Avenue South, 240 Park Avenue South is a new luxury full service condominium building with a plethora of every amenity and convenience that a discerning buyer might want in a luxury condominium in downtown Manhattan.  A total of approximately 50 apartments make up 240 Park Avenue South Condominium.  Some of the more identifiable features of the apartments in the building include 10-11 foot tall ceilings, generously sized layouts, washer/dryer combinations, among luxury appointed kitchens and bathrooms, and double curved exposures on the South Eastern corner of the building.  Designed by Gwathmey Siegel, 240 Park Avenue South definitely brings luxury residences home to a Park Avenue South address.

One Bedroom apartments are priced around $1,250,000.  Two bedrooms start in pricing around $1,850,000.  Three Bedrooms start in pricing around $3,250,000.  Prices will vary depending on size and which floor the apartment is on, call to receive an updated list of current availability in the building.

The next Park Avenue South Condominium is 254 Park Avenue South. 254 Park Avenue South is a recent condominium conversion.  Originally built in 1913, this 13 story condominium, was converted and still selling units from the sponsor developer.  Apartments range in size from studio to 3 bedroom in this pre-war Park Avenue South Condominium building. Setting itself apart from the other condominium buildings along Park Avenue South is the fact that this is a pre-war condominium conversion.  Many of the characteristics of a prewar building are going to be present here, characteristics that are unique and often not duplicated in new construction buildings.  Many of the apartments in the building have high ceilings, lots of windows, a loft-like feel inside these unique condominium apartments.

Pricing at 254 Park Avenue South is typically a little bit lower than the other Park Avenue condominium buildings that are of new construction or condominium conversion.  Studio pricing has ranged around $700,000.  One Bedroom pricing has ranged starting at $1,100,000.  Two Bedrooms start around $1,500,000.

The condominium known as 260 Park Avenue South is a luxury pre-war boutique condominium building.  Behind the pre-war Neo-Classical facade you will find a blend of loft like layouts combined with interiors that are as sophisticated and well appointed than any expertly renovated apartment in a new construction condominium building in Manhattan.  A combination of several buildings, this development built originally in 1913 and converted in the mid 20, with multiple setbacks, the views of the Manhattan Skyline and Gramercy/Flatiron neighborhoods can be taken well advantage of in many of the apartments.  This pre-war condominium has a full time doorman, concierge and all of the amenities that you would expect for a luxury building.

Pricing at 260 Park Avenue South varies but here is a typical range for condominium residences at this Park Avenue Condominium location at 21st Street and Park Avenue South.

One Bedroom Condominium residences at 260 Park Avenue South range in price when available around $1,200,000 and up.
Two Bedroom 260 Park Avenue South condos for sale range in price when available around $2,000,000 and up.
Three Bedroom condos at 260 Park Avenue South for sale are typically priced in the range of $6,000,000.
There are even some penthouse residences with asking prices north of $10,000,000.

The final Park Avenue condominium residence that we will feature is 280 Park Avenue South. 280 Park Avenue South commonly known as the Gramercy Place Condominium was the original condominium building located on Park Avenue South.  Made into condominium in 1988 this is one of the tallest condominium buildings along Park Avenue South at 25 stories and 280+ condominium residences.  280 Park Avenue South is a full time doorman building, with a roof top pool, health club and outdoor deck.  280 Park Avenue South is the anchor condominium building along Park Avenue South so it’s residences are going to have more variation in renovation and updates as each condominium owner over the last 20 years will have differing degrees of renovations that might have occurred.  If you are looking for a new construction condominium look and feel, then 280 Park Avenue South as a general rule may not be the building for you, but if you are looking at a more value oriented purchase, taking advantage of the neighborhood location, well run building, then 280 Park Avenue South has a lot of value proposition.

Apartment pricing starts for a 1 bedroom condominium residence at 280 Park Avenue South around $900,000 to $1,500,000.
Two bedrooms condos for sale at 280 Park Avenue South are priced in the range of $1,250,000 and up.

This concludes part 3 of our series on Park Avenue Condominiums for sale in New York City.  Taking you from the Flatiron District and Park Avenue South all the way to the Upper East Side and the highly desirable and rare condominium residences of various buildings.  If you are shopping for a Park Avenue Condominium residence, call us today and we can discuss current availability, pricing, trends and what may work best for you.  Or if you have a condominium along Park Avenue that you are interested in selling or renting, contact us today for a confidential consultation.

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Park Avenue Condos Part Two Midtown(32nd Street to 59th Street)

We are introducing Park Avenue condominiums, this is a Part 2 of 3, Park Avenue Condos located in Midtown (32nd Street to 59th Street).

The Midtown Area of Park Avenue Condominiums
is focused on just a few buildings as this stretch of Park Avenue is almost entirely made up of office and commercial real estate.  The condominium buildings that are located along the stretch of Park Avenue are located in what would be considered the Murray Hill section, very close to Grand Central Station.  These buildings have a very convenient location near the Midtown business district along with ease of transportation.

The Two (2) Park Avenue condominium buildings in the Midtown area are 80 Park Avenue and 45 Park Avenue. There is also a planned new construction condominium building at the site of the old Drake Hotel, located at 56th and Park Avenue.

80 Park Avenue is located at the southwest corner of 39th Street and Park Avenue. It is one of the more distinguished post-war Park Avenue condominium buildings in the Murray Hill neighborhood.  Originally built in the 1950’s and converted into condominiums in the early 1980’s, this 20 story, 220+ unit building has become a mainstay for anybody looking for a condominium apartment along Park Avenue in the Midtown area.

80 Park Avenue is a full time doorman building, some of the features include a roof deck, multiple elevators, garage, on site laundry facilities, and additional storage. A unique feature that has made 80 Park Avenue very attractive is the way that the facade of the building was set back in multiple steps, creating combination views of the Park Avenue and Midtown Manhattan skyline for many of the residents in the building. Located at 39th Street, you are within walking distance to Grand Central Station, shopping along Fifth Avenue, and close to lots of transportation options.

At 80 Park Avenue, studio condominiums will start in the $500,000 range. One Bedrooms will range in price from $800,000-$950,000.  And Two Bedrooms are typically priced around $1,350,000-$1,700,000.

Another very sought after Park Avenue condominium in the Midtown area is 45 Park Avenue.  45 Park Avenue is a new condominium building, a very rare type of condominium building anywhere along Park Avenue.

45 Park Avenue is a 21 story newly constructed building as of 2006.  Originally a hotel, it was purchased and a brand new condominium building was built in it’s place. Costas Kondylis was the architect for 45 Park Avenue Condominium. You will be greeted by a full time doorman and concierge in a 2 story lobby.

Apartment features include 9 foot to 10 foot tall ceilings, 9 foot tall windows, hardwood floors, washer/dryers, and luxury appointed bathrooms and kitchens.The building also has a fitness room/health club, a garage and residents’ lounge with accompanying outdoor terrace.

One Bedrooms at 45 Park Avenue are priced from $1,200,000-$1,650,000.
Two Bedrooms at 45 Park Avenue Condominiums are priced from $2,350,000-$2,400,000.

The development site at 56th and Park Avenue, where the Drake Hotel was located at, is considered one of the most desirable development sites in Manhattan.  Right now there are plans for a mainly residential tower, supposedly 70 stories tall to be designed by Rafael Vinoly.  This site is still in development but if and when it comes to completion will be extremely desirable Park Avenue Condominium real estate.

Call us (917)837-8869 today to find your perfect Park Avenue Condos. We sell Manhattan New York condos in many other fantastic neighborhoods and we are very well versed in different condo buildings. If you are looking to buy a condo for yourself as second home, for your children, or for investment, we have many years of experiences in finding the right condo for each person’s needs. Call us today, so we can discuss in detail of how to achieve your goals, (917)837-8869.

Tenant Qualification for a Manhattan NY investment condo

We work with many out of towner and international clienteles who purchase a Manhattan New York as investment and retain our service to rent out their condo once they closed on the apartment.

We do extensive qualifying and ensure the perspective tenant have good financial security and excellent credit history. To rent an NYC apartment, the application process can be very different than the rest of the country or world, here are some guidelines for perspective tenants and also for potential condo owners to know what is the rental process so they can be at ease once the condo investment is purchased.

Here is the check list for the perspective tenant:

  1. Financial verification documents and letter, including:
    • Letter of employment and salary verification (include start date if not yet employed)
    • Bank account numbers (checking and savings), credit card numbers
    • Names, addresses and phone numbers of previous landlords
    • Names, addresses and phone numbers of accountant and attorney, if applicable
    • Names, addresses and phone numbers of personal and business references
    • Tax returns- previous three years will be ideal
    • Pay stubs
    • Expected bonus (verification from employer)
    • Additional sources of income with verification
    • Personal identification with photograph – driver’s license or passport
  2. If relocating from a different state or country, prepare the necessary funds before coming to New York. Landlords will not accept personal or out-of-state checks. They require certified funds. Anyone renting or relocating must:
    • Establish a New York bank account. If this is not possible, we require all is pay upfront.
    • Bring enough traveler’s checks to cover the cost of two (2) month’s rent (which must be converted into CERTIFIED CHECKS). This comprises the first month’s rent and one (1) month’s security deposit.
    • Bring funds to cover the broker’s fees if tenant’s employer company is not paying covering that expense. Majority of the time, Brokerage fees are paid by the tenant in New York City. These fees are due upon signing of the lease unless your employer is paying the real estate commission for which they will be billed directly.
    • Bring funds to cover a Credit Check: $50-$100+, can be credit card, it varies.
    • Bring funds to cover possible move-in/move-out fees (See Co-op/Condo Funds Needed).

If you are an investor that is seeking a Manhattan New York condo, we can help you find the perfect investment and then find the perfect tenant for you. Contact us today at (917)837-8869 to find your perfect apartment. Or email us for a quick response.

Financial District (FiDi)-Manhattan New York neighborhood

Commonly known as “FiDi” the Financial District has recently become not just predominately a business district but also a neighborhood on the rise with a tremendous amount of Real Estate development of new condominium projects and high end rental buildings. The neighborhood feel of FiDi has improved as farmer markets such as the New Amsterdam Market, both grocery and school districts are some of the best in the city.  High end shopping such as Hermes, Thomas Pink, Tiffany’s and Tumi can now be found in the area.

The Financial District is found on the southernmost tip of Manhattan. Home to the original New Amsterdam settlement in the 17th Century, there is much history and time honored tradition.  Home to the financial centers of Manhattan, Wall Street remains an ever present engine of energy and commerce in the neighborhood.  With the development of the World Trade Center Site, you can depend on a tremendous amount of commerce and demand for residential real estate in the area.

The Financial District is home to a number of new development condominium and rental projects.  Converted office buildings into luxury residential condominiums is a mainstay in the area. New rental projects like the Frank Gehry designed 8 Spruce Street or Beekman Tower are giving the area some of most significant development projects in Manhattan.

The South Street Seaport and Brooklyn Bridge continue to be cultural attractions and the World Trade Center Site will be a focus in the neighborhood for decades to come.  Subways and transportation are plentiful as most of the city’s subway lines run directly through the Financial District giving its residents lots of options.

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NoLiTa- a sassy and trendy Manhattan New York neighborhood

Once a part of Little Italy, in the mid-1990’s the neighborhood was rebranded and the catchy name that stuck was Nolita, following the naming trend of its neighbors Soho(SOuth of HOuston Street), and Tribeca, (TRIangle BElow CAnal Street). Nolita, an abbreviation for ‘NOrth of Little ITAly, is a relatively new neighborhood.

Nolita, in the 1990’s experienced a large influx of young urban professionals escaping the high rents of SoHo. This, in turn, inspired the blossoming of fancy boutiques and establishments along it’s quaint cobblestone streets. With a new energy in the neighborhood, distinct from the old charm of Little Italy, NoLita was born. Currently considered an extremely fancy and expensive neighborhood, NoLita is especially desired for its convenient access to the surrounding neighborhoods of NoHo, Lower East Side, and SoHo.

NoLita is south of NoHo, bounded on the north by Houston Street, on the east by the Bowery, on the south roughly by Broome Street, and on the west roughly by Lafayette Street.

Nolita apartments for sale are dominated by condominiums with a few co-ops mixed in.
The Nolita real estate market is often seen as an offshoot of its neighbor Soho, but is still a product of its more relaxed roots.  New Construction buildings have entered the market place with varying reflections of the neighborhood character.

Pricing for Nolita apartments for sale tends to fluctuate closer to Soho and Noho than it does the Lower East Side, but ultimately the variations depend on building quality, building amenities, exposure and renovations.

Some of Nolita’s greatest appeal is that it has relatively everything you would be looking for in the downtown Manhattan experience, great boutique shopping, close proximity to Soho, eclectic mix of restaurants, cafes and entertainment.

We are very experienced & active Manhattan New York Real Estate agents, we have helped many buyers and sellers in different neighborhoods of Manhattan New York not just in NoLiTa New York. Please contact us at (917)837-8869 to find your perfect Manhattan New York apartment.

You can contact us today if you are looking to purchase a condo in NYC, or thinking about investing in this vibrant big city.
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Koreatown Manhattan New York neighborhood

Koreatown, or commonly referred to as K-Town is a neighborhood in Manhattan generally agreed to be located between Fifth and Six and Avenues from 31st Street to 36th Street. Essentially the location is between the Empire State building and Herald’s Square next to Macy’s in the Midtown Manhattan area. Koreatown is known more as a business district more so than a residential neighborhood.  However there are a number of very popular condominium buildings near the Koreatown neighborhood.  These condominium buildings include 325 Fifth Avenue, 400 Fifth Avenue, 425 Fifth Avenue, 445 Fifth Avenue, 100 West 39th Street, 350 West 42nd Street, just to name a few.

This neighborhood is anchored by what is known as “Korea Way” from 5th to 6th Avenue on 32nd Street. This is the heart of the Koreatown neighborhood.  What this street may lack in cumulative size it more than makes up for in concentration of stores and restaurants.  Known as a 24 hour destination for eating, shopping, relaxation and entertainment you will find Korea Way as a lively and spontaneous destination.  Whether you are looking for both traditional, regional or other combination varieties of Korean food you will find it on Korea Way.  If you are looking for salons, night clubs, bakeries, restaurants, shopping, internet cafes, hotel accommodation, you will find it all on this street.

The Koreatown neighborhood is a neighborhood of close proximity to many of the major tourist attractions in Manhattan, primarily the Empire State building along with the flagship Macy’s store. This combination and general proximity to the Midtown business district and many residential condominiums along with transportation to any location in the city have made the area quite popular.  Very lively with distinct personality, Koreatown is a developing neighborhood as new hotel and condominium buildings continue to be built in the surrounding area.  Whether you are looking for Korean food anytime of day or for hotel and residential accommodations this neighborhood will deliver.

If you are looking for a condominium for sale in the area the anchor buildings along Fifth Avenue or closer to Times Square are very popular. These Fifth Avenue Condominiums for sale include 325 Fifth Avenue, the newly built 400 Fifth Avenue, 425 Fifth Avenue and 445 Fifth Avenue.  These buildings all possess condos for sale that have tremendous views of the Empire State building and Manhattan skyline from their higher floors.  The newer condominium buildings such as 400 Fifth Avenue and 325 Fifth Avenue have a combination of amenities and high end finishes that are highly desired. 

Contact us today (917)837-8869 if you are looking to purchase a Manhattan New York condo near Koreatown.

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The Alexandria 201 West 72nd Street New York NY 10023

Located at 72nd and Broadway the Alexandria at 201 West 72nd Street is one of the more prominent Upper West Side condominium buildings.Originally built in 1990, The Alexandria Condominium is a 200+ unit 25 story tall full time doorman condominium.  At the time that it was built, it established itself as one of the more desirable condominium buildings in the Upper West Side.  Centrally located at 72nd Broadway, a convenient location next to the subway and multiple bus stops and just blocks away from both Central Park and Riverside Park.
A number of features distinguish the Alexandria Condominium at 201 West 72nd Street from some of the other post-war condominium buildings in the Lincoln Square neighborhood. These features include an extensive amenity package including a health club and pool, sundeck, laundry on every floor. A number of the apartments in the building include outdoor space, extremely tall ceilings, duplex apartments, and spacious layouts including various floor plans which is unique for a post war condominium building.

Located at the northern border of what would be described as the Lincoln Square neighborhood of the Upper West Side.  The Alexandria commonly is perfectly located for somebody looking to be in the Upper West Side neighborhood.  Even though this is a fairly sizable building at a little over 200 apartments, there isn’t that much turnover of apartments in the building every year.

In 2010, approximately 8 apartments sold, a sign of the building’s desirability. That is a turnover rate of approximately, 4%.

A range of pricing for condos for sale in the Alexandria at 201 West 72nd Street include:

  • Studios typically sell from $475,000-$600,000
  • 1 Bedrooms typically sell from $850,000-1,250,000
  • 2 Bedrooms typically start around $1,350,000-$1,750,000
  • 3 Bedrooms start around $2,250,000 and go up from there

If you are looking for a full time doorman condominium in the Upper West Side or Lincoln Square neighborhood you should definitely consider the Alexandria for any availabilities. Contact us at (917)837-8869 today to find the perfect home in Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan New York or email us (

Park Avenue New York Condos located in the Upper East Side Part 1 of 3

Park Avenue New York Condos located in the Upper East Side Part 1 of 3

A Park Avenue address is one of the most distinguished and desirable places to live not just in Manhattan, but arguably the entire United States.

What makes a Park Avenue Condominium so desirable is that this street is almost entirely dominated by co-operative apartments.  On Park Avenue within the Upper East Side,there are literally just a handful of condominium buildings and there will continue to be as new condominium projects are quite rare. So if you do not want to gothrough the somewhat intimidating and arduous process of getting approval from a cooperative board and want to live on Park Avenue in the Upper East Side,then a condominium will be your only choice.  If you are looking to purchase an apartment as investment and want to buy on Park Avenue in the Upper East Side then a condominium will be your only option.

Looking at Park Avenue Condominiums in the Upper East Side is going to be fairly focused and directed, simply because the inventory is limited to certain buildings.  As of right now, I see approximately Twenty Five (25) different condominium apartments ranging in size from studio to Seven Bedroom Penthouses; Priced from $895,000 for a studio, to $35,000,000 for a Full Floor Seven Bedroom Penthouse atop 502 Park Avenue.  These Twenty Five (25) apartments are located in Ten (10) different Park Avenue condominium buildings.

The total number of Park Avenue Condominiums for sale at any one time will fluctuate give or take 5 to 10 apartments, but the number of condominium buildings on Park Avenue is going to remain more constrained.  In the last couple of years, there have been a couple of new condominium buildings that have come up along Park Avenue.  These have not been large developments, rather boutique condominiums, examples being 949 Park Avenue, 1055 Park Avenue, and 985 Park Avenue.  The next big project that has been publicized is a condo conversion at 737 Park Avenue.  Currently a rental building, this project is just at it’s infancy, but stated for possible completion in 2013.  737 Park Avenue will be very unique as this pre-war building located at 71st St opposite the famous 740 Park Avenue Cooperative Building.

If you are looking to purchase a Park Avenue Condominum within the Upper East Side and want to have some idea of the pricing, here is a very approximate range of pricing.  Keep in mind that pricing can vary tremendously depending on what you are looking for; For example a standard two bedroom condominium and a two bedroom condo fully renovated on a high floor with open views could be twice the price or more as the lower floor not renovated apartment.
Studio Price Range- A studio condominium is extremely rare on Park Avenue. You will probably only see a couple come up for sale every year, the studio condo on Park Avenue that sold in 2011 so far sold for $590,000.

  • One Bedroom Price Range-As of October 2011 so far approximately Eight (8) One Bedroom Park Avenue condominiums have sold in a price range of $900,000-$1,500,000.
  • Two Bedroom Price Range-As of October 2011, the price range for sold Two Bedroom Park Avenue Condos has been in the range of $2,000,000 – $5,300,000.
  • Three Bedroom Price Range- As of October 2011, the price range for sold Three Bedroom Park Avenue Condos has been in the range of $3,800,000 – $6,675,000.
  • Four Bedroom Range- The sold range for 2011 has been $3,850,000 – $15,000,000.
  • Five Bedroom Condo- A penthouse 5 bedroom at 610 Park Avenue sold for over $23,000,000 in 2011.

If you are interested in purchasing or selling a Park Avenue Condominium in the Upper East Side and need help with the purchase or sale, you can contact us at (917) 837-8869 or

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Dorchester Towers Condo (155 West 68th Street) Market Report and Update

Dorchester Towers is located at 155 West 68th Street New York, NY 10023. Dorchester Towers Condominium is located in the heart of the Lincoln Square area of the Upper West Side.

Dorchester Towers is one of the most desirable Lincoln Square Condominium buildings for a number of reasons:

Recently the building changed it’s building pet policy. They now allow dogs in the building.  This change from the perspective of Real Estate sales now opens up the buyer pool to those who have pets.  The dog policy still has certain restrictions based on the breed and number of pets allowed in an apartment. A renter for an apartment in Dorchester Towers Condominium is also now allowed to have a dog in the apartment.  That is the building policy, but naturally it’s every owner’s discretion to decide if pets will be allowed.

Overall this change in policy will lead to a wider buyer pool as pet owners who once would dismiss the building will now come and see if they want to purchase or rent a condominium at Dorchester Towers.  This is an advantage to a current owner in the building who may be looking to rent or to sell in the future.

Another update for the building that there are plans to renovate the hallways and lobby area. The renovation is described as fairly extensive, there is a tentative plan for a children’s playroom and meeting room to be constructed within the current layout of the generously sized lobby sitting area.  This is planned to occur sometime in late 2011 or early 2012 depending on a number of factors.

Updating the hallways is going to be a very aesthetically positive infrastructure for the building. As an active real estate agent, some buyers from time to time comment that a hallway renovation would be worthwhile.  A children’s playroom and meeting room are definite advantages in a real estate perspective.  These added amenities will provide an added value proposition for incoming buyers, as many of the more modern condominium buildings in the neighborhood have these types of amenities.  The building will still not have any gym, fitness or health club area, but there are still a number of gyms in the near vicinity of the building including Reebok Sports Club, Equinox, New York Sports Club, just to name a few.

Overall, we think the renovation of the hallways and the lobby is going to be a major improvement for the building. Many post-war buildings that were built around the same time that Dorchester Towers NYC was in the mid 1960s are all being updated now to stay as competitive with some of the other more modern buildings in their respective neighborhoods.  The renovation was paid for through a capital assessment that is planned to end in August of 2012.

The combination of opening up the building to allowing dogs and the upcoming renovation of the hallways and lobby we can say will increase the desirability of the building to incoming buyers and create a larger value proposition to anybody interested in a Dorchester Towers Condominium apartment.

Dorchester Towers Sold Condominiums since June 1st, 2011:

Apartment 509, 1 Bedroom sold for $645,000
Apartment 1509, 1 Bedroom sold for $625,000
Apartment 1701, Junior 1 bed(alcove studio with converted wall for bedroom area) sold for $582,000
Apartment 1512, Junior 4(1 Bedroom with dining alcove in living room that could be converted to 2nd bedroom), sold for $860,000
Apartment 907, Alcove Studio, sold for $575,000

In Contract Apartments at Dorchester Towers:

Apartment 428, Junior 1 Bedroom apartment, last asking price was $725,000

Condos for Sale at Dorchester Towers as of October 24, 2011

Apartment 4-20, 1 Bedroom, asking $625,000
Apartment 18-15, 1 Bedroom, asking $799,000
Apartment 29-C, Junior 4(1 Bedroom with dining alcove in living room that could be converted to 2nd bedroom, 1.5 Bathroom, asking $1,175,000

We are Dorchester Towers condo (155 West 68th Street New York NY 10023) sales and rental specialists. If you are interested in finding more about this condo, call us today at (917) 837-8869, or if you are an owner that would like to receive a fair market estimate of your unit, call us (917)837-8869 and we can discuss in details.

900 Park Avenue Condominium 2011 Market Report

900 Park Avenue Condominium 2011 Market Report

900 Park Avenue known as the Park 900 is one of the few Park Avenue Condominium buildings located in the Upper East Side. This full time doorman building was originally built in 1973 and is made up of approximately 120+ apartments.

The most notable feature of the building 900 Park Avenue is it’s height, at 28 stories tall, this is one of the few Park Avenue buildings over 15 or 16 stories.  This gives many of the upper floor residences with spectacular Central Park and Manhattan skyline views, a true unique feature for a Park Avenue address.

900 Park Avenue Condominium is located on the corner of East 79th Street and Park Avenue. The building is setback from Park Avenue and 79th Street, with a circular driveway that is another unique and desirable feature.  A full time doorman, concierge and elevator operators will greet you at the double height lobby.  A staple feature of the building has been the sculpture that takes center display outside the building’s circular driveway.  The modern artist Fernando Botero had his sculptures outside the building  including his bronze “Gato” that is an attraction itself.

One of the features of 900 Park Avenue Condominium that is so attractive for many buyers is the variety of apartments in the building.  You have a variety of floor plans including alcove studios, 1 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms, and 3 bedroom condominiums for sale at any point in time.  There have been a number of apartments that have been combined into the larger residences.  A number of residences have corner exposures in all directions, providing excellent light and vistas.  The views from the upper floors at 900 Park Avenue are impressive and rare.

In 2011 sales at 900 Park Avenue have been very strong and consistent. There is typically a few apartments on the market at any time, but the supply of availability always is limited as the apartments sell relatively quickly, a testament to the rarity and desirability of this Park Avenue condominium building.

Currently on the market, as of October 24, 2011, at 900 Park Avenue Condominium there are two condominium for sale:

A 14th floor Two Bedroom condo for sale asking, $2,645,000.
A 15th Floor Two Bedroom condo for sale asking, $2,445,000.

Both apartments are approximately 1,290 sq ft and have 2.5 bathrooms.

In 2011, at 900 Park Avenue Condominium there have been approximately Six (6) sold condominium apartments:

One (1) Alcove Studio on the 8th Floor sold for $590,000
Two (2) One Bedroom, 1.5 Bath, sold on the 14th and 15th floors in a range of $1,250,000-$1,373,000
One (1) Two Bedroom, 2.5 Bath, sold on the 6th floor for $1,995,000
Two (2) Three Bedroom, 3.5 Bath, sold for over $4,000,000 on different floors

Because layout, condition, size and floor will have a large impact on what something sells for, call or email us for more specific details on the sold apartments at 900 Park Avenue Condominium.

Call us at (917)837 8869 today to find your perfect home in 900 Park Avenue or other Manhattan New York neighborhoods.

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